Another Random Thoughts Day

The perfect morning always starts with a freshly brewed pot of coffee and a new “rant” to write. I have a very huge announcement on the horizon and did not want to write about it until I have all the details, so I decided to do a blog of four random thoughts.

If you have never read these types of posts from me before, I will take 4 things I am currently dealing with in some capacity at this time. I have picked from a vast pool of ideas and topics to come up with these 4:

How have I never used before? The site has allowed me to purchase a few things I really have wanted for a few years at low prices. I know that sounds like an ad for the site but I am 100% serious. One item I wanted was the 14 blu ray disc set of “Red vs Blue X”, which retails at the site normally for 229.00. One day I am browsing the site on a whim and found they had it on sale for 89.99 with Free shipping!!! Yeah, so I bought it ASAP.

Another example is the Robert Downey Jr movies “Sherlock Holmes” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows.” I have been trying to find these movies on blu ray and they are retailing at Best Buy for 29.99. I found them at for 9.99 each!

So yeah, I am think I am in love with

Andrew Luck

After many years of sitting on the fence, I have decided to finally become a fan of an NFL team. I am usually drawn to sports teams that are underdogs, young and have that potential franchise player in it’s midst. I finally found the NFL team that hits all those points and at that is the Indianapolis Colts.

Watching the way that Andrew Luck has played this season, makes the Colts look like a genius for trading future hall of famer Peyton Manning. Luck has not just adapted to the level of play in the NFL, he has thrived. After sitting through many other games and listening to all these people tell me who to cheer for, the Colts made the decision for me.

D Piddy aka Deadpool

If you are a fan of comic books, Cosplayers or Deadpool go watch some videos of the man who is taking the internet by storm! He calls himself D Piddy but he is otherwise known as The Merc With A Mouth aka Deadpool. His youtube channel can be found here.

He channels the craziness and unpredictability of the Deadpool character and takes it to different conventions to interact with other Cosplayers. These videos have made me laugh until I have shed tears and I can not recommend them enough. Marvel even picked up on this and had him work with their Deadpool to hype the upcoming Deadpool game. Go check him out!!

Jay And Silent Bob

I can not stress how much of a fan of Jay And Silent Bob I am. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes created two low brow characters that really should not have had a chance to be in one movie, let alone multiple films. There is something about the movies that Smith created that had these characters started off as simple background characters and evolved into main characters.

I know that Kevin Smith has stated on multiple occasions that each new movie that the pair have been in is the last one but I am continuing to hold out hope that there is atleast one more Jay and Silent Bob story to tell on the big screen. I know I would be waiting in line to see it!!!


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