What If The Man Of Steel Wilts???

As I was sitting at the desk today and checking out the amazing set photos that surfaced today from Thor: The Dark World, I could not help but wonder how much DC has riding on next June’s Superman reboot “The Man Of Steel.” You see, DC is scrambling to try and coax some form of continuity in it’s movie universe but the issue is that the movie that was supposed to open that door, “Green Lantern,” was not well received at the box office.

If “The Man Of Steel” mis-steps as badly as “Green Lantern” did, what options does DC have at that point? Would it effectively shut the door on a “Justice League” movie? This is a real possibility as the only viable film universe that DC has been able to craft successfully is that of The Batman. If their flagship character is spurned by the critics and at the box office, DC will have tremendous issues getting a team film off the ground.

Warner Brothers and DC would have a tremendous catastrophe to deal with if the new Superman stumbles at all. It will be interesting to see if The Man Of Steel will take flight and challenge Marvel’s God Of Thunder (notice Superman’s cape is based off of the design used by Thor) or if he will join his fellow JL member Green Lantern on the way to a reboot.


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