A Letter………

Tuomas Holopainen

Dear Mr. Holopainen,

My name is Jason and I am from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been a Nightwish fan for almost 9 years and have amassed quite the catalog of the band’s music through  CD and CD singles during that time. I discovered Nightwish during a time that the music scene in North America had me very jaded and disenchanted. I was searching for something fresh and real, and while I was streaming an internet radio station and my life changed forever.

It was during that listening session that DJ Jester played a song that not just caught my ears but also my heart and imagination. It was the first time I heard Nightwish and what would be a greater introduction than “Wish I Had An Angel.” The song was nothing like I had ever heard before and it truly moved me. That evening I researched everything I could about Nightwish and from that day forward I have been a huge fan of the band.

I felt compelled to write this letter Sir, due to the recent change in lead vocalist. When I started listening to the band, Tarja Turunen was fronting the band and it was her vocal style that I was introduced too. When the band and Tarja parted ways I was shocked but recognized that there was an opportunity present as well. Tarja had such a unique voice and style but lacked the stage presence to push the band further.

The hiring of Anette Olzon was something that intrigued me and I welcomed it with open arms. The band finally had a lead singer who could engage the crowd and had the rock n roll front man vibe. I admit that her vocals were not as strong as Tarja’s, but she delivered a unique performance and one that made the band a bit more mainstream. The fans of Nightwish split into factions at this point as it seemed half of us wanted Tarja back in the band and the other half wanted Anette.

If I was shocked when the band and Tarja parted ways, I was almost knocked off of my chair when Anette and the band did the same. It was so surreal to me that this would happen during the Imaginaerum World tour, as the new CD is one of my favorite Nightwish albums and one of my favorite albums period. I thought perhaps the band was done. Boy, was I wrong.

Floor Janesen

From the moment when Floor Jansen joined the band on an interm basis to finish the tour, I noticed something magical was happening. The two factions of Nightwish fans were melding back into one. The band seemed re-energized and Floor appears to be the perfect hybrid in what Tarja and Anette brought to the band.

Although her voice may not be as strong as Tarja’s, Floor has the range to sing the older Nightwish songs and do them justice. She also has a strong strange presence and it showed right away as she interacted with the fans in the crowd as Nightwish played. You could see her gradually easing herself into a comfort zone and by the end of the United States leg of the tour it was “her” band and “her” crowd.

So Mr. Holopainen I am begging you, please Sir, please do whatever you need to do to keep Floor in the band. Nightwish has a chance to push forward with a vocalist that is an extension of the two previous performers but just in different ways. Offer her as much money as you need to, as many perks as she wants but you need to keep Floor in the band.

I love Tarja and I love Anette but if there were issues in the band in which they were a part of, I would rather see the band push forward and try to become whole again. Floor presents this opportunity. You are a musical genuis Sir. You have crafted some of the most amazing songs I have ever heard, so I am not telling you how to do your job of course.

I just see a real unique opportunity to have Nightwish to finally be reborn.

One Of Your Biggest Fans.


Marco Hietala and Floor Jansen of Nightwish


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