The Big Three……

I was sitting and thinking about something last night before I crawled into bed. I remember a few years ago when a lot of DC Comic fans I know were talking smack to me about how there is no comparison to DC’s Big Three and Marvel’s Big Three. This was right after Batman Begins was released and the hype for a Superman and Wonder Woman movie was at an all time high.

They went out of their way to painstakingly tell me that DC’s Big Three had the three most important and most popular super heroes in it’s history, where as Marvel had three “B” Level super heroes labeled as their Big Three. He stated that the casual fan does not know Captain America, Thor and Iron Man and that if Marvel attempted an Avengers movie with these characters that it would fail.

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

While I do understand where they are coming from, but they were 100% wrong. You see, while some Marvel fans (and all of DC fans) felt that Captain America, Iron Man and Thor were a tier lower than Spider-Man and Wolverine….Marvel didn’t. That makes all the difference. The Avengers was crafted from a series of films that excelled in making you care about characters that you may not have heard about every day.

Out of all the characters that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only Hulk was thought of as a top player. Isn’t it odd that the Hulk has also suffered the most with his solo films compared to the three that everyone expected to fail. Where as on the other hand, DC has struggled to establish any character other than Batman as a legitimate super hero movie franchise. The only other time was with Christopher Reeves as Superman back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Thor, Iron Man and Captain America

This is the prime difference I can notice with the creative minds behind both Cinematic Universes, well one Cinematic Universe and one Batverse. The folks behind the DC movies, Green Lantern for example, really did not seem to have any idea what story they were trying to tell. The pacing of the film felt rushed and desperate, almost as if they were afraid this was their only chance at establishing the character.

Marvel recognized that they needed to craft stories about characters who have flaws and weaknesses but who could also step up their game when needed. The Avengers was the super success it was due to the fact that the team was greater than the individual and the different egos and personalities needed to co-exist. They were given solo films that established how great they were and it was enhanced when they joined forces.

DC will figure it out and when they do we will be lucky to have two amazing franchises to watch on the big screen, it just may take them a little time to figure out how to pull it off.


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