100 000 Individual View Milestone!!!

In the early morning hours of October 30th 2012, I awoke to see that my blog titled “The Random Rants” had broken over 100,000 individual views. The importance of this moment has not been lost on me and I am very humbled by achieving such an amazing milestone. Especially from a project that I never thought would ever be read by individual people, let alone over 100,000.

This blog was created as a way for me to express myself and to help me satisfy my hunger to write. Previously I attempted to write more substantial projects such as novels and screenplays but they always petered out as I came up with more and more ideas I wanted to work on instead. This blog was a way for me to have the opportunity to write about many various topics and give my opinion, hence the name “Random Rants The Blog.” I did not want to be tied down to just one topic, as there is so much to explore and discuss.

I did not understand the impact that this little section of the internet would have on me and how rewarding and fulfilling it would be. This blog has allowed me to network with many tremendous people and to allow me to share my writing with them. The ability to network with musicians, writers, comic book creators and people who have not just read my work but also told me how much they enjoyed it.

I want to take a moment to look at the top moments in the history of this blog. Some of these have been mentioned before but the importance of these moments have not diminished over the past year and thousands of views.

Free Spirit

The project that really put me and this blog on the map was my interaction with the band Free Spirit from Finland. To give you all some background, I first heard of Free Spirit when I saw their music on the Rock Band Network to download. I had never heard of the band but after previewing their music, bought the songs. I wrote a small blurb about the band as a part of multi band sneak peek titled: Good Music Is Always Exciting To Find.

I had noticed the views on my blog had started to grow steadily from dozens to hundreds and could not figure out why. One day I checked the source of some of the hits and it lead me to the Official Free Spirit page, where the band had posted the piece I wrote about them. One of the band members, Sami, left a comment that thanked me for the kind words and a link to buy their debut cd Pale Sister Of Light, as I could not get it anywhere. After the CD arrived I wrote a review of the disc and once again the band posted this on their website to share with it’s fans. I can not tell you how amazing that was…..but the best was yet to come.

After the review of the CD, I drummed up all my courage and asked the band for an exclusive interview. I did not expect them to ever agree but to my surprise not only did they accept but they sent me some fabulous Free Spirit photos to use for the blog. The blog is called Exclusive Interview – Free Spirit and I consider this the project that not just gave me the confidence to push forward with this blog but also realize that I have the opportunity to reach many people and also get to know some amazing artists. To this day, I can not thank the guys in Free Spirit enough and can not wait to review their follow up CD that they are recording now!

Klaryssa Korolenkov

If I had to name a blog as a spiritual successor to what I accomplished with Free Spirit, it would be the project I wrote about the amazingingly talented and beautiful Klaryssa Korolnkov of the band Chamber Of Echoes. The project was titled The Artist and was something that developed as just a conversation between Klaryssa and myself one night in the wee hours of the morning over Facebook.

I can not tell you how I first stumbled on to Chamber of Echoes, but I remember hearing them and thinking that there was something unique and special going on with the band. I liked their Facebook page and noticed that the lead singer, Klaryssa, had a Facebook account and I sent her a friend request. From the moment that she selected to approve the request, this project was crafted.

One night she had been talking about how frustrating it was to not get into music conventions such as NAMM. The conversation then steered into the direction of how difficult it was for her band to break through the glass ceiling set in place by record labels. She expressed her frustration with being told that she was too old, too different and that her band was not what labels were looking for. The truth was, the labels wanted the same cookie cutter artists that they use up and dispose of.

As I got to know Klaryssa better I saw how passionate she is about her music and realized that she has a hand in all creative aspects of the band. She is not just a singer, musician, songwriter, producer, graphic designer and artist….she is a talent that the world deserves to see. So I took it upon myself to help to spread the word of Klaryssa and Chamber Of Echoes, and she shared my written work on the Chamber Of Echoes website. She has promised me an interview soon, I am a lucky guy!

Lady Awa de Paysant

There is something about a band who can play kick ass hard rock / heavy metal and can also put on one hell of a theatrical stage show as well. Lordi is one of those bands and is a band that I fell in love with. The look of the band was something I had never seen before and the music, while heavy metal, was also very accessible and catchy. I started ordering in all of Lordi’s back catalog of CDs and read as much about the band as I could.

Imagine my surprise when I read a few months ago that Lady Awa de Paysant, the keyboardist of the band, was on her way out. She released a statement that informed us that she was walking away from the band due to feeling like she needed a change as the band is a very involving life and while she loved every moment of being in Lordi, her time was done.

I wrote the blog The Vampire Countess Fades Into The Night, as a way to not just say goodbye to one of my favorite musicians but also I wanted to celebrate everything that Lady Awa is and what she contributed to the world of music. She started a Facebook account as a way for the fans of Lordi to reach out to her and I was lucky enough to be accepted to her friend’s list. I posted the blog to her wall and was elated when she commented on the post and said it was one of the sweetest and well worded pieces that she has ever read. I think I was glowing that day.

Brian Metzer

Hockey has always been a deep passion of mine and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been my favorite team since I have been a little boy. When I started to explore getting access to as many Pittsburgh based information about the team, I stumbled across Mr. Brian Metzer. Brian covered the Penguins for From The Point and also wrote a fantasy hockey column on the official website of the National Hockey League.

As with others on this list, I took a chance and sent Brian a friend request on Facebook and once he accepted I realized that he and I had a lot in common, and not just the Pittsburgh Penguins. We share a similar taste in music, movies and even geek out a little over comic book movies. I also look to Brian as a mentor, someone I can learn from and someone who can push me to be a better writer. One of my proudest moments was when Brian stated one of my blogs on the Penguins was a great piece. I smiled for days.

To celebrate the 10,000th view of the blog, Brian graciously accepted my request for a small interview to celebrate the occasion. It was the very first interview that I did and I was as nervous as hell, as I was about to interview someone I hold in a very high regard and I wanted to do a good job. The project was fun and exciting to me and gave me the confidence to approach other people such as Free Spirit, Jason Lenox, Jesse Grillo and Klaryssa Korolenkov for interviews.

Marvel’s The Avengers

The only blog that is not an interview or directly about someone that made this top 5 was my review of Marvel’s The Avengers. I saw the movie in IMAX 3D Experience and it was worth every damn penny. This movie not only set the bar very high for comic book movies, but also for movies period. That is a very, very good thing.

I never thought I would ever see the day that a movie like The Avengers, would ever be created. Just think of all the things that needed to be weighed and adjusted logistically for this film, and that is not just for the effects and cost of them. The characters all needed to be treated as fairly and equally as possible. Even though Hawkeye was the character who suffered the most for lack of screen time, Jeremy Renner made his performance very memorable.

I scored The Avengers not just my first 10/10 but I scored it an unheard of 11/10. Yes, you are seeing this correctly and I stand by it 210%. The Avengers not only ushered in the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase One of films but also signals the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Two of movies. It is a very exciting time to be a fan of comic books and super heroes, as Marvel has taken a huge chance and created something fantastic.

So there you have it, the 5 moments that I feel not only shaped this blog but also are highlights of my blogging career. I can not thank you all enough for reading what I have to say and supporting me as I do it.

See you for 200,000 views!!!!!!!!


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