My First Time

I am pretty excited right now. I am still in Halifax for the weekend as my training in Dartmouth resumes on Monday but an unexpected situation presented itself and I am glad it did. I am going to my very first Mooseheads game Sunday 4:00pm. Yes, I am from Nova Scotia and have been to Halifax plenty of times, plus I am a huge hockey fan but I have never been to a game.

The game that I will be lucky to see is against the P.E.I. Rocket and that is kind of ironic as well, since the only other province I have lived in is Prince Edward Island. The Mooseheads have an exciting team this season that is lead by offensive force Nathan Mackinnon and star goalie Zach Fucale.

Nathan Mackinnon

Both Mackinnon and Fucale could be first round picks in this year’s NHL draft and both appear to be the real deal. Mackinnon is going to be a special player. The type of player that you build a franchise around. He will score goals, put up points, sell tickets and help whatever team he is on to win games.

I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to see a player of Nathan Mackinnon’s caliber live at all, but especially if when he is still developing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Everyone I have spoke to about seeing the kid play have all stated that I will be blown away.

Zach Fucale

I guess I will find out on Sunday!!!


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