Looking At Thor: The Dark World

The last few days has been humming with news from the camp of Marvel Comics film “Thor: The Dark World.” Production has just wrapped in Iceland and it appears that the film crew and the movie’s stars are headed to England to resume work on the project. While this is news in itself, there are two other nuggets of information that broke this week that caught my eye.

Each piece of news has me feeling different things however. I have decided that I will address the news that has me more upset and angry first, and then discuss the piece of news that has me extremely excited. What could I have heard or read that has me wanting to write about it?

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

News broke the last few days that Natalie Portman is trying to get out of her contract to appear in Thor: The Dark World. it appears that she is extremely upset that Marvel decided to drop Patty Jenkins as the director for the film and replacing her with Alan Taylor. Apparently she was/is so upset over the situation that she stated she did not want to be in the film but Marvel has other ideas.

Marvel has taken a stance and is said to be “forcing” Portman to honor her contract and appear in the film. This has come to light days after Hugo Weaving stated that he would never play the Red Skull again in a rather unflattering manner

I do not agree with Marvel enforcing the contract that has been signed between the company and Natalie Portman. It is not because I feel that she is being wronged at all or defending her feelings for the switch of directors.

My fear is that if they force her to participate in the film, that she will give a half ass performance just to fulfil the contract. If she does not want to be in the film I think that they need to either recast the part of Jane Foster, have her killed off in the story or write her out of the sequel and focus more on the other 8 Realms.

I would prefer that they have her killed off in some manner. It would serve two immediate purposes. First if the character is killed off in the film, it would give Thor an emotional burden to bear. This could really propel the story forward and give it a weight that it would have been lacking previously. This would also move Sif to the forefront as a possible love interest for Thor, and if not Sif, than Amora The Enchantress could be introduced to fill the role. These two Asgardians could give Thor more of an anchor to Asgard when he is also wanting to be on Migard.

Loki and Thor

The second piece of news that broke, and is much more exciting to me, as Tom Hiddleston does appear to have a major role in the sequel. I was very excited to see that Loki would have a meaningful role and it appears that a scene was shot in Iceland that saw Thor and Loki battling with 500 extras. It is one of the largest film scenes ever shot in Iceland and has Thor fans extremely hyped up about the film.

After being the lead villain in two previous movies, there was doubt that Loki would have an impactful role in the film but this scene may not be completely black and white as it first seems. What if Thor and Loki were not fighting each other with two armies? Are you wondering I am taking this?

Well, what if Thor and Loki were fighting off hordes of Dark Elves or perhaps they are fighting off the fire demons legions of Surtur. As I have been saying all along, Loki is a sympathetic character and one who is redeemable to some degree. What is a better way for the character to continue to evolve, than to have him put aside his differences with Thor and fight side by side to push back a mutual threat. I would love to see that!

Different Costumes For Thor

It is only 383 days until Thor: The Dark World hits theatres in 3D!!!


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