My Take: Marvel Now

I am a little torn about the whole “Marvel NOW!” non reboot relaunch. While I do understand the thought process of having a moment when new fans can jump on to a title and start fresh. The ability to also allow the characters a chance to have a fresh look with their costumes and perhaps a fresh start story wise is important, and I totally get it. For some reason it just screams gimmick to me, just like when DC had the idea of the New 52.

I am really hoping that it gives my favorite comic book character, The Mighty Thor, a chance to shake off the residue of an uninspired and lackluster run by writer Matt Fraction. I am not an immediate fan of the hybrid classic/Coipel costume that Thor but I am sure that at some point it will grow on me. There are very few costumes that Thor has had that I have strongly disliked and I do not have that strong and immediate reaction with his new Marvel NOW! costume.

I am willing to give the event a chance and I am truly hoping that I will buy into it a bit more as time goes on but I am scared of suffering from “Event Burnout.” Marvel has kind of thrown us from one event into another the last few years and even though I enjoy them all, it does become a little overwhelming when you are purchasing comics on a budget.

This non-reboot re-launch could lead to some great stories and also give us the potential to see some character ( i.e. Thor) shake off the bad showings and writing that he has had on his own book, to once again take his place as one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe.


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