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Klaryssa Korolenkov

Breaking into the music industry can be an experience full or rewards, fame and presents the artist an opportunity to have their body of work reach a greater number of people, but what about the other side of the coin? What about the artist who is working hard to not just get a foot in the door of the music industry but also break through the glass ceiling that is holding them back?

I have personally grown very weary of the music industry and scene as it stands right now in North America and feel I am at the same place I was back in 2004, when I started to look overseas for a chance to find some exciting music. The scene in North America is full of quantity and not quality, and they have also made it very difficult for any “fresh blood” to enter the industry.

I look to a North American band as an example of this, Chamber of Echoes, as they are currently in the process of recording their debut CD “World of Silence” and gain the attention of the music industry. This may seem easy but it is a process that is contrived and ultimately very frustrating.

The music industry as it stands right now, is not looking to invest into a band with a unique sound, a unique style and a strong work ethic. It has become fixated on cranking out over produced, teen-age, cookie cutter artists that will pander to one section of the music buying public. These artists tend to have a short career and are recycled for the younger, newer and cuter version. As these kids are given music to sing and choreography to learn, they do not notice the label is already on the look-out for their replacement for when their “career” is over.

There is a very sterile approach to artists that grace our radio stations and television at this time. Very few stand out on their own and there are well known examples of a wealthy family member thinking that their relative, “cute kid #1,” can sing and finances for them to record a single and use the internet to push it to the world. These artists do not have to “pay their dues” as others did in the 1970’s, 1980’s and the 1990’s. Bands from those eras had to tour tirelessly to gain a following and recognition. They had to struggle to gain a foothold, work very hard to keep it and would grow that experience.

I was fortunate enough to have been added by Klaryssa Korolenkov on Facebook as a friend. She is the lead singer and artistic vision behind Chamber Of Echoes.  As we spent a bit of time discussing the reluctance of the music industry to accept artists outside of their tunnel vision, I could see how hard she has worked and how passionate is about not just Chamber of Echoes but also music itself.  I do not sense she is just a musical artist. She is an artist in the grandest scope. She has an eye for what is visually interesting, will look at things with a “think outside the box” mindset and is not afraid to go down the road less travelled.

The art of knowing the right person seems to be what drives the door open in the music industry in this current age. You need to find the right person to take interest in you, they need to have the money and resources to push you into the limelight and they need to have the right connections. Seems like a pipe dream right? Not really but it is difficult. One reason why the cookie cutter artists are found  so easily is that “the right person” is already looking for them and them only.

To try to get past this, I believe that artists really need to focus on networking, especially in the age of social media. You never know who may also know the person you are networking with. That is why a show like NAMM, even though it is not geared towards showcasing artists, is so important as it is the people present that know the right people. They have the connections and could put the artists in contact with the people who can help them.

One thing I will say is, Klaryssa and the band work extremely hard to grow the band’s name and ability to have their music reach new listeners. I have watched  as they have announced free concerts at various locations in Los Angeles and this way of putting yourself out there follows the same path as the bands from the eras listed above. They are cutting their teeth, perfecting their stage presence and are taking the music to the people instead of waiting for the people to find their music.

She knows that Chamber of Echoes will need to put themselves out there and that self promoting, although a more intensive process, is also a guaranteed and rewarding avenue to channel their time and energy. As a vocalist, songwriter, musician and producer, she wears many hats when it comes to this band. Although it is a bit more taxing to be so involved, she has direct input into every facet of what the vision of the band should be and she will not compromise that vision. That is something I respect greatly.

I never hide my appreciation or love of a musical artist or band, and will actually do everything I can to spread their name and music to the masses. My musical palette is quite diverse as I truly believe that a great song, is a great song. No matter the artist, the genre or the amount of money backing the artist. A great song will transcend all those facets and be recognized for what it is……..a great song.

I have tried to categorize Chamber of Echoes but I find the best way to describe their musical style and vibe is unique. They stand out not just in appearance from what is going on in the musical scene today but they are not like anything you else you will hear. You do not simply listen to their music, but you experience it as it is something that attacks you in different ways.

I am a fan of the band and have asked Klaryssa to inform me of when “World of Silence” is available for sale. The band will have a supporter in “some blogger” in Nova Scotia, Canada and I will do all I can to initiate as many as I can into their world.

Chamber Of Echoes

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