The Art Of Jason Lenox

A few Rants ago I reviewed the work of independent comic book creator Jason Lenox. (Catch the review Mr. Lenox submitted the books to me and asked if I would read them and then give my opinion on what he created.

I was very impressed by his work and especially by the way that he would craft a story that had you looking in one direction but then gives the reader such a twist that you question what you just read. It is a very tricky way to tell a story but can also be one of the most rewarding if done right.

The best way to describe his art style is to call it “organic.” There is always a constant flow from start to finish of the book. He is very confident in the style that he presents and never does it ever come off as forced.

Mr. Lenox has another project on the horizon and it is a collection of his work. He has turned to Kickstarter as an avenue to finance the project that he describes as:

“This book, Art of Jason Lenox- Collection #1, represents the last year of incredible freelance work (violent, sexy and exotic!) that I have completed as well as some personal projects that are being presented here for the first time.  Here is the breakdown on the book: 28 b&w and color interior pages, a wicked front cover, critical commentary from the last year of reviews my work has received is collected on the back cover, a new awesome introduction by my writer and partner at UGLI studios, David Paul, on the inside front cover, and finally an updated biography on the inside back cover.  This is a fun book for people that like my artwork- if you are a fan, be a part of this new project, and get one of the rewards that will get your name in the book at a minimum level, and more rewards if you give a little more!  This is a series I will continue into future volumes as I complete more freelance work over time in between working on comic projects with David and the UGLI gang!   Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider backing this project, and get onboard now for the inaugural collection-!”

Please go to his Kickstarter and help finance a creative mind who is doing things his own way in the massive world of art and comic books. You can find the Kickstarter here:


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