My Hellsing Screenplay Soundtrack

I have just completed the first 22 pages of the screenplay and wanted to celebrate it and also that I have recently hit 75,000 all time views on The Random Rants Blog. So I thought, what would be a great way to do that? The answer I have come up with is to list the top 10 songs that I want on the official movie soundtrack for the Hellsing movie based on my screenplay.

The qualifications for these songs are rather simple. They need to: 1) Fit the theme and vibe of the Hellsing universe, 2) The music has to be from artists that I felt would be welcomed by the Hellsing fans 3) the lyrics had to inspire me as I listened to them as I wrote the screenplay and 4) the song was the soundtrack to the movie playing out in my head.

When possible, I used animated music videos containing Hellsing material from the anime and the OVAs. Some of the songs may surprise people and one should be expected.


1. Whisper In The Dark – Skillet

2. Would You Love A Monsterman – Lordi

3. Blood Red Sandman – Lordi

4. Indestructible- Disturbed

5. Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

6. Snuff – Slipknot

7. Unholy – KISS

8. Planet Hell – Nightwish

9. I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin

10. Shine – Mr. Big (Originally closing credits song for the Hellsing anime)


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