The Fallen Angel Part 4

A few years had passed since the that fateful day. The day that a brother had to cross the unthinkable line and put an end to a monster. Someone so utterly evil, hideous and full of hate. Someone who preyed on the innocent and found enjoyment in bestowing pain on them. Someone who was a son to a man and woman… a brother to another. The days did not make it any easier for Aaron Trentz to deal with what happened. His brother was struck down and killed by his own hands. Although he knew it was justified in the eyes of the law and his super powered peers, it was not justified in his mind. Yes, Adam hurt him and those he loved badly but it was still his brother after all. He had secluded himself from his peers and from society in general the last little while. His apartment in Founder’s Falls has not been lived in since then as Aaron did what he knew best. He ran. He found himself living in the area known as Croatoa where evil magicks work on a daily basis against the good people who call the place home.

Aaron was now a bartender at one of the seediest bars in Paragon City. He had forsaken the life of a hero and hung up his black hood the day that he killed his brother in battle. Many tried to talk him out of it. Manticore has been footing the bill for his apartment in Founder’s, Sister Psyche tried for months to get him to let her in his mind but he flat out refused. He already felt violated for what has happened to him in his lifetime and did not need any more people intruding. Sir Judgement said that he knew he needed to walk away for awhile and said that he would wish him well and asked that if he felt the need to return to the Super Hero Registration program for new heroes that he was more than welcome.

He did not see Twylight Eclypse again after he packed up his belongings from The Proctector’s Of Paragon base camp. She was always so withdrawn from everyone but for one moment he saw past her defences and saw someone who he felt needed to find herself and her spot in this crazy world. She did not say a word to him as he packed his costume into a large duffel bag. She did however watch very closely and intently with no indication of what she was feeling. He felt different around her but the feeling scared him. He worked so hard to make himself devoid of all emotion that he did not know how to deal with these feelings. Except do what he does best…

As Aaron was walking from work one evening in the cool and dark fall weather of Croatoa, he noticed a young lady being harassed by Arachnos soldiers. She begged them to just let her be on her way, that she did not do anything wrong and that she would go right home. The two men chuckled under the their coal black helmets and menacingly teased her with their weapons. Quietly, Aaron made his way closer without tipping anyone off that he was close by. The girl was only sixteen years old it appeared. Tears ran down her cheek as she tried to play on the sympathies of the two soldiers.

“Please… Dad is really sick. You have to let me take this medicine to him. He was bitten by a Tuatha de Dannan and he is really sick and needs this medicine that the old lady in bog made for me. It is the only cure. Please !” the young girl tried to reason.

The two men look at her and laughed. She was frightened and shook terribly out of that fear. The two men walked towards her slowly as she clutched the paper bag with the medicine in it as if it were her newborn child. Aaron decided it was not his problem and began to walk away. Then he heard a scream and turned on his heels quickly. Peering from the shadows he watched as one of the soldiers pinned her against the wall, while the other took his club like weapon and lifted her skirt a few inches in the front.

“Oh my miss. I dunno ’bout your old man but I sure as hell got something to fix you up nice,” said the heartless man “I gots something that will take all your problems away.”

She screamed as the soldier who was pinning her against her will began to lick her cheek. The other soldier took the opportunity to lift her skirt higher which caused her to kick out at him as best she could. Her cries for help seemed to get lost in the thick fog that engulfed the eerie town. As she struggled her clothing began to tear away from her body as the two mean wolf whistled in delight. Then a glowing red ball of energy struck one of the men in the back and drove him through a stone wall. The other turned to see Aaron Trentz, his hands glowing, with a rather menacing look on his face.

“I think the lady wants to be left alone,” said Aaron as he slowly walked towards the solider “And I think you would be smart to do just that.”

The solider awkwardly fidgeted with his weapon, trying to turn it on, as Aaron stalked towards him. His breathing ragged, the man tossed the weapon in Aaron’s general direction as he activated a self teleportation device. The stench of the fumes emitted from the device hung in the air as Aaron picked up the baton like weapon and broke it over his knee. The girl nervously watched as the stranger tossed the debris into a garbage can and walked over to her. Without saying a word he reached down and picked up the package that she was carrying and handed it to her. She wiped away a few tears and muttered a very ragged “Thank You.” Aaron smiled and gave her 50.00, as he called Paragon Taxi to come take her home. He waited with her until the driver arrived, not a word said between them. As she entered the car, the young girl turned and waived thanking him again. Aaron smiled and nodded to her as she waived goodbye.


She watched as he sat there in the large chair, not moving or saying a word. She did not understand why she was concerned or even thinking about this man. He was her protégé, the one she was grooming for her Lord….the one that was destined to lead them all to greatness. Maybe it was the transformation he had to undergo, the one that she had to over see and make sure it was a success. He was now on the same plane of existence as her. They shared more than before and we almost equals, but he has alot to learn. She turned her lifeless eyes to the man dressed in the white Arachnos Arbiter armour, his face hidden by a large white hood. She smiled as his eyes pulsated a red glow that seemed to light up the dark corner he had barricaded himself in.

As she lost herself in her thoughts, the doors to the room were pushed open with great force. A Night Widow quickly entered the room and ran up to her Mistress. Leaning down to hear the whispers of her minion, Ghost Widow nodded slowly as listened to the words that were being shared with her. Her gaze would shift up to the hooded man, as the Night Widow finished her whispered conversation and left the room immediately. Turning to face him, her long white hair billowed out from behind her and settled in front of her face, masking her pale white skin and eyes. He seemed to pay no attention to the conversation as his mind seemed elsewhere. Smiling, she parted the hair from her face and leaned in close to the hooded man.

“Adam my pet. I have just received word. We knew that if you still existed on this plan that he was still here as well. He thought he could hide from you…..from us. However that is not the case pet. The arms of Arachnos reach to every corner of the world” she leaned in even closer and placed her lips on the spot of the hood where his ear would be. His posture remained un changed as she began to whisper “We found him. We HAVE him. Croatoa my pet.”

With those words the man began to laugh softly. It was soft at first but seemed to escalate with each minute until it was at such a feverish pitch it echoed throughout not just the room in Widow’s Tower in Mercy Island but the entire building itself. She stepped back a few steps as he jumped to his feet, his laughter subsiding somewhat as he seems to get his bearings. She stood with a proud smile on her face as the man walked up to her and kneeled at her feet. His shoulders slouched and his hooded head hanging in respect and obedience.

“Mistress…..Can….May….Please…..if he is there…..I Need to see for myself…..,” said the figure softly “This is mine… moment….my battle… life…..”

She looked own at him and felt the passion burn within him for this but she also knew she needed to be sure that Aaron Trentz was the man that the Night Widow spoke of. That battled two of Black Scorpion’s men in Croatoa. The powers displayed sounded like him but the men knew not what he looked like under the hood. She did not want to send this one out on the hunt and not have the prey be what it craves so badly. She then touched his left shoulder lightly.

“Adam I know you want this badly but I need to make sure. Our Lord Recluse wants this badly as well. Your brother embarrassed him in battle and bested him in front of his own men. I want nothing more than for you to rend him limb from limb my pet, but……I am going to send out a group of Fortunatas led by Kalinda to cause some havoc in Croatoa. I want to see if he emerges from his self imposed exile,” Ghost Widow said softly as she ran her hand up the rim of his hood. She then slowly reached in and cupped the side of his face as his posture drooped in disappointment. “You see Adam, I do not want you to be cheated. You deserve to face him now. We need to draw him out.”

Adam Trentz reached up and held her hand to his face as he slowly rose to his full height. Her gaze never leaves his as he leans in close, his eyes burning bright red with energy. She should feel the excitement in his touch as he brushed a leather gloved hand across her cheek. His head tilting to the side almost inquisitively as he chuckled softly and began to speak in a hushed ableit forceful tone.

“Mistress…..I will concede this time….I will stay my hand…..and wait for you too lure him out….make sure he is there….make sure he is ready and fit for battle…..I will not have my victory tainted….” she watched with an unknown excitement that she had not felt since the days she felt life flow through her. She has not felt this way since she was alive as Belladonna Vetrano and had her heart taken by Paolo Marino now known as the Wretch. “But to lure out this dog Mistress…you need to have a bone….but this time I will not be just decadent in my pursuit of him….I will be truly nefarious……”


Aaron removed his ruby red sunglasses as the seemingly ever present fog once again rolled through the streets of Croatoa. The place scared away potential residents and have the current residents too scared to leave their buildings to even try to leave to another area, but Aaron loved it. He loved that he seemed to always be the only soul walking the streets at midnight. His co-workers at the bar told him he was crazy to even attempt it and begged him if he was stubborn enough to do it that he atleast get a hand gun. Aaron re-assured him he would be fine but did not tell them that he already had a weapon, one more deadly than a hand gun and he already has the license for it. Himself.

As he was closing up the bar on a an unusually chilly night in March, Aaron found the odd cold and the sombre mood that had washed over Croatoa quite unsettling. He felt a chill run through his body as the key turned in the old lock with a loud click. The sound seemed to cut through him as harshly as the cold wind that had whipped up as the fog came in more quickly and much thicker than before. The sounds of something moaning off in the distance was clearly audible as Aaron chalked it up to either a group of Fir Bolgs that had wandered in from the farm lands or perhaps one of the other magical groups that caused havoc and inflicted pain on this city. Pulling the collar of his trenchcoat up higher around his neck to not only cover his face from the cold wind but also from the eyes of anybody with a prying eye, Aaron headed off towards his apartment by the University.

He had the feeling he was being watched but paid not much mind to it as he felt sorry for anyone who would dare try to mug him. As he reached his apartment door he searched the multiple pockets for his keys but could not find any except for those that he used to lock up the bar. Cursing under his breathe, he did not notice the group of shadows emerging from the fog behind him. Again he began the time consuming, increasingly frustrating and ultimately pointless process of searching for the keys that he now knew he did not have in his possession. Leaving a sigh escape from his lips, he turned to the left and fell back against the wall of the building. He pounded his closed fist against the cold, brick structure and shook his head in disbelief. At this point he was debating if he needed to leave Paragon City altogether, maybe leave Rhode Island and just find someplace he could go where he could be left alone.

The sound of a twig snapping jarred Aaron out of this thought as he watched seven shadowy figures approach him slowly. Sighing in both disbelief that these jokers were going to try to mug him and that he had to then break into his apartment after he was done scaring these punks off, Aaron removed his sunglasses that he wore all times of day and night and tucked them gently in his pocket. He squinted at the figures approaching but could not see any details of their identity as the fog made it almost impossible to determine anything about them.

“Aaron Trentz?” asked a female voice “Are you the man known as Aaron Trentz?”

Aaron could now see that all seven people were women. He could also see that something was not right about the situation. There were no female muggers in Croatoa and these women were not dressed in a manner befitting a woman, let alone one who lived in Croatoa. Sensing that he might as well be honest and try to figure out what was going on, Aaron answered yes to her question.

“Well, It seems that The Fallen Angel who tried so hard to lose himself has now been found. We are here to deliver a message to you from our Mistress Ghost Widow. I am Kalinda, and these are my Night Widows. Our Mistress wants to make sure that you are the one that has been a thorn in the side of our Lord Recluse. So prepare to be tested,” stated Kalinda in a matter of fact tone as she and the other six Night Widows emerged from the fog completely.

Aaron watched as two of the Night Widows broke flank and shot through the air and dove towards him. Dodging to the right, he took a quick glance to assure that he would not have to deal with any others as these two struck out at him. The first blow was predictable by Arachnos standards and he easily blocked it but the second caught him unaware behind the left knee. Dropping to the ground, he pushed up from his kneeling position and delivered a sickening blow to the abdomen with a loud and sickening crack. She fell quickly and could not stand when she tried to continue the assault. The second of the two circled for another attack but Aaron fired a concentrated beam of energy that would not kill the woman but render her unconscious. As she fell Kalinda called Ghost Widow and uttered the words that she had been waiting to hear for years, that The Fallen Angel had been found. As this message was relayed, the other four Night Widows jumped into battle and swarmed the former hero. He battled valiantly but was finding it tough to keep up with the four women as he had not maintained his training and was feeling the toll that the battle was taking. Still he fought on and landed many blows that were weaker with each hit as he felt his energy leaving him. As the women landed blow after blow, Aaron dropped to his hands and knees and tasted blood as a blow dealt to his face seemed to echo through his entire soul.

Kalinda smiled under her mask and felt that maybe she could eliminate this threat and be rewarded handsomely by her Mistress and her Lord. Kalinda raised her right hand defiantly and instructed her minions to attack and finish the job. As the four women lunged into the fray, another figure emerged from the shadows of the fog and struck swiftly with precision. The first widow that engaged the unknown person was dealt a bone shattering kick to the head, followed by a hard left punch that knocked her forcibly up against the wall nearby. The second and third widows attacked together hoping to overwhelm their target, but they were the ones who were in fact overwhelmed. With lightning fast strikes and reflexes the mysterious figure dodged the attacks of the widows and then were met with a barrage of martial arts strikes that pummelled the two women until they were knocked through a large plate glass window. The last Night Widow looked to Kalinda nervously, as Kalinda beckoned for them to attack. This last attempt would allow Kalinda to escape to deliver her intelligence of the situation to her Mistress. The last widow tried to use intimidation tactics by hurling a smoke grenade at her foe, but was shocked when a katana blade sliced the device in two halves. The widow turned to run when the figure tossed the blade through the air and hit the women between the shoulder blades.

Aaron watched all this unfold and was worried. Yes, he was saved but what if this person also knew who he was and was someone looking to make a name for themselves by taking them out or was someone looking to settle a score from his past. Weakly he stood, his entire body shook with fatigue and pain but he knew he had to atleast go down with a fight. As he clenched his fists tightly to launch what he was sure to be his final stand, his mouth opened in shock and amazement as the figure came to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Twylight Eclypse stood before him and smiled at the man who she once called mentor. Aaron sighed in relief and dropped to his knees in a kneeling position as the fatigure swept seeped to his bones.

“Geez Angel, how out of shape are you?” asked the beautiful and deadly heroine “A few years ago you could have easily beaten them. Hell, remember the time you took out a whole platoon of Arachnos when they attacked Sister Psyche?”

Bending forward, she placed her arm around his waist and dropped the other one over her neck and shoulder as she helped him to his feet. She could not believe that this was the same man who went toe to toe with Lord Recluse and turned the tide of that battle, that this was the same man who battled his brother relentlessly in a bloody war that saw the death of his sibling and that this was the same man who took her under his wing and tried to reach her even though she made it incredibly difficult for him to do that. The lessons he taught her were ones she did not take for granted and did appreciate even if she did not show it at the time.

Grunting with effort, he finally could get the door to his apartment building open and Twylight grunted with effort as she assisted him up the stairs to his apartment itself. As the door opened, she was surprised to see it in such immaculate condition. If she did not see the remnants of someone living in the apartment she would have swore it was empty. He eased himself from her grip and found the sanctuary of the black, leather couch. She sat down beside him and watched as he grimaced as he removed his sunglasses.

“What happened to you Angel,” she asked as she saw the bruises on his arms and face and the dry blood that encrusted his lip.

“I just got the shit kicked out of me,” he said bluntly as he avoided her gaze “I can’t fight those types of odds.”

She watched perplexed as the man she saw battle ten times those odds sit beaten both physically and mentally. As he lay back on the couch, she went into his bedroom and looked for something to tend to his wounds. She rummaged through his room but could not find anything of use. Turning her attention to the washroom, she searched in vain through the medicine cabinet as he groaned in pain. She had never heard him in such pain, well since the time he battled Decadent. As she made her way back to the living room, she noticed a large duffle bag sitting in the storage room. She opened it slowly and saw the familiar black hood that he once wore with pride and made his name with. The bag contained both his leather costume that he wore when he went by the name of The Fallen Angel and the Metallic exo armour that Ruinous Angel waged war in.

“Get out of that!” Aaron remarked in a blunt, and forceful tone “There is no need to drudge up the past and that…..that….monster.”

She dropped the metallic arm casing that he used to heal his shattered arm when Lord Recluse tried to take over Portal Corp. She then turned to him and shook her head slowly in much disbelief. He sighed and rolled his eyes as he returned back to the living room and told her to sit. She sat in a large, leather chair across form him and studied his face, his body language and she listened closely to him as she spoke.

“I know what happened back there Angel…but what happened to you? You were once someone who could not openly take care of himself but also had no trouble or issue with fending off The Kraken in Perez Park when it ran amok. You battled Requiem and pushed him back into hiding in Striga Isle and you looked Lord Recluse in the eye and beat him senseless with one arm,” she said as she watched his brow furrow as he began to look at his hands “Look, what happened with Decadent….you had to do what you did. Sir Judgement and I tried but we couldn’t stop him. It took you. So you have to look at it this way. Either you did what you did and saved not only yourself, the people of Overbrook that day, his potential victims and both Sir Judgement and myself or you let him walk away and destroy lives randomly. He would have killed them all. He would have killed Judgement……he would have killed me.”

She stood and grabbed her sheathed katanna. As she slung it over her back and buckled the strap tightly, he shifted his gaze to his feet as she placed her hand on his shoulder. When he would not acknowledge the gesture she sighed loudly and uttered a “Fine, whatever” as she left. Aaron turned off all the lights in the room and made his way to the couch again. Laying down, he tried to force the memories from tonight from his mind as he tried to go to sleep. Tossing and turning he sat up in frustration and disgust that he could not sleep. Walking to the bathroom, he passed the duffle bag and noticed the black hood peeking out from the bag.


Kalinda hurried through the twisting hallways of Ghost Widow’s tower in Mercy Island. She needed to inform her mistress of what she had learned and what she had saw. Composing herself, she rapped on the door three times to announce her arrival. With a loud squeak, the door eased open and exposed a her mistress hovering above the floor by a foot or so. She was studying various reports on the large computer system in front of her. In the back ground was the man that seemed to have become her focus. He decided that Decadent did not truly describe him, that he was now Nefarious and would use that word to spread fear and destruction in his wake. He was sitting on a large throne like chair with his eyes burning brightly.

“Mistress, I have word on the Croatoa situation,” said Kalinda in a hushed tone as she did not want to catch the attention of the hooded man who seemed to be staring off into space “The mission was a success.”

Ghost Widow spun about quickly as the leathery textured long tailed jacket enveloped her for a moment. Kalinda kneeled in front of the one she eagerly serves and waits for her Mistress to speak. Ghost Widow nodded softly and with the greatest of ease, reached out and tapped her trusted minion on the shoulder to permit her to proceed.

“It was him Mistress. He is in Croatoa. He did take out two of the Night Widows but could not defeat the other four. A girl showed up with a katnna and saved him. From my past experience with him and this current encounter I can say with certainty that although he still posses great power, he has gone soft in suing it. If I did not know any better it appears that he has not used it regularly in some time.”

Ghost Widow nodded and dismissed Kalinda with a wave of the hand. She weighed out the options before her in her mind before approaching him. With a soft thud, she landed on the cold floor as she ceased hovering and walked to him. He turned his gaze to meet hers as she approached. He enjoyed watching her do this, the excitement overwhelmed him at times and causes his mind to race. She sits down beside him on the arm rest of the chair. He watches as she turns to face him, her eyes studying the pulsating glow of his.

“It is him my pet,” she said softly as she handed the hooded man a few photos “Kalinda has confirmed it. She brought back these photos. He still has his gifts but he does not seem to be in fighting form. You will be able to strike him down with ease.”

Nefarious Angel stared intently at the photos and then crinkled them in his leather clad hand. Dropping them on the floor he shakes his head no in disagreement with his Mistress. A look of confusion appears over the usual emotionless face of Ghost Widow. Slowly he raises his gaze until his eyes lock on to hers. This did not intimidate her in the least but it did excite her. if he knew this he did not show it or give any things that he did.

“No Mistress…I will not fight him if he is unfit…..I will not soil my hands with him until he is ready….I DO NOT WANT A HOLLOW VICTORY!!!!!!!!” he said with much conviction as he points to a photo that lay on the floor in which a girl brandishing a katanna was still recognizable even though the photo was crushed “You see my Mistress…physically he is in form…but mentally he is weak….there is a way to force him to prepare…..we need to strike HER……he has a weakness….and she is it….if we strike against her… will cause him to release the shackles that oppress his willingness to fight….”


As she entered the base she still had him on her mind. She may have not thought about him as much as she could have but she had never forgotten him. It pained her somewhat to see what he has become as she did look up to him and did value what he had bestowed upon her. As she passed through the now familiar surroundings. She never thought she would have called this place home, but like it or not that is what it is. Project Spanish Inquisition did not end when Angel left. Sir Judgement saw that she was given more responsibility and she grew into a leadership capacity for this team. She managed a weak wave as Delphian Opaque passed her in the hallway. Turning the corner she saw the coat of arms that adjourned the door to his room. Knocking sternly she could hear him say “Enter.”

When the door slid open, she could see him sitting in navy blue sweat suit and his armour compiled in a way that it appeared to be standing on it’s own. His trusted broadsword hung on the wall above the armour. She knew she could trust him even if she did not like that he was strictly “by the book.” She did respect the battles he has fought in and his valour and bravery but she would never disclose that to him. He saw her as a vital member of the team that was constantly testing his limits and the boundaries.

“What is Twylight?” Sir Judgement asked as he scanned a few papers in a file folder.

“I was in Croatoa today. Tracking a group of Night Widows that were under Kalinda’s command. They were attacking a man but I did not know why. He dispatched of two of them but four more put a pretty good pounding on him,” she said as she fiddled with the buckle on her belt.

“Well that is an accomplishment for any mere man,” said Sir Judgement with a thick english accent “As Night Widows are top of the food chain within Arachnos.”

She then walked to a window and peered outside at a little green alien running an obstacle course. He was constantly knocked down and hit multiple times but he always got back up only to be knocked back down again. Sir Judgement stood behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. He knew something was bothering her and tried as he might to be a father figure to this girl, he hoped one of these days she would open up to him.

“No it isn’t Sir,” she said solemnly “It was Angel. They were attacking him. I did not even know it was him. Physically he looked the same, but he seemed different in how he acted mentally.”

Sir turned and placed his hands behind his back as he walked towards his suit of armour and his legendary broadsword. She slightly turned and followed his every move as she tried to figure out what he could possibly be thinking. She came to him as he has known Angel longer than most, and she also respected his view on things as he has witnessed a lot in his lifetime.

“Something that you have to realize my dear is what he went through. Angel literally has gone through hell and back with his brother,” said the grizzled vet “But there will come a time when he has dealt with what happened and he will return. We can not decide when that will be, that is up to him and him alone.”

She knew he was right but it did not make her feel any better about it. Nodding in agreement she turned and left. Before she could leave though the large man handed her the file folder that he was looking at. She stared at it inquisitively and started to skim through it as he spoke.

“This is your next assignment. Since you know the area well I want you on it. I also feel that the intangibles you bring will be a major asset,” he stated “You will be investigating Baumton. We have tips that someone is plotting the release of The Reichsman and that can not happen.”

She nodded that she understood and then dropped the file folder back on the desk. As she leaves, Sir Judgement sits and thinks of how far she has come since the first day that she joined the program. He then thinks of Angel and wonders how he is old comrade is doing.

The still smoking rubble and remains of Baumton or as the locals have christened the place “Boomtown,” set a very disturbing background to an area that used to thrive with life. He scans the area and smiles under his large white hood as he thinks of the destruction that occurred here. It must have been wonderful.

He watched as his Mistress surveyed the area, her eyes scanning for the mouse that they baited the trap for. He looked at her in amazement, he wanted to be like her…but then become more than her. Her power, her confidence and her ability to inflict the pain. She hovered above the ground as the fires burned brightly in the distance, her eyes finally spotting what she was looking for. Twylight was investigating a mass of smoking rubble about 100 yards away.

“There she is my pet. She came as I knew she would. One thing to remember is that when someone abides by the law they are predictable to a fault. On the other side the only guarantee is chaos,” she said in a hushed tone “This will draw him out and if it does not…..then we will have eliminated one more of our obstacles.”

He felt the excitement growing inside of him as she spoke. His gaze completely focused on the young woman, the lust for battle and chaos starts to fill his mind and his soul. He looks to his mistress in anticipation of the strike, his fingers nervously striking the charred remains of a large building that he was perched upon.

“Now my pet….now is the time to push the first domino,” she said she as took to the air in flight “but I will do this alone. You wait for him to show……”

Twylight again looked at the small wristwatch like computer that she had on her wrist. The mission briefing and coordinates matched what Sir Judgement had given to her previously but she did not seem to find any tampering by either The Council or The Fifth Column in regards to freeing The Reichsman. Kneeling to investigate a something small that was laying amidst some rubble, she felt something wrap itself around her.

“You are the key,” said the hushed voice of Ghost Widow “You came looking for something, and my how you have found it.”

She struggled to free herself as the binds became tighter. The dark energy lifted her skyward as she could not free her arms to grasp her katanna. Nefarious Angel watched as his Mistress dropped the woman into a large pile of rubble. Landing with a loud thud, Twylight took a few moments to collect her thoughts as she finally laid her hand on the hilt of her sword.

“You witch!” Twylight spat angrily “I am not afraid of you.”

With a warrior like scream, she charged at the undead villainess, who quickly side stepped the attack and shot a beam of dark energy into the back. Grimacing in pain, Skye struggled to maintain her balance, as she would not fall to her knees before Ghost Widow again.

“Fear is not something to hinder you my dear,” said Ghost Widow coldly “It is a tool for me to use to assist me. You say you are not afraid, but I can sense it. I can taste it. It eats away at you right now.”

Frustrated with this, Twylight again lunged into the fight head first. She faked attacking Ghost Widow from the left and instead hit her from the right side. Ghost Widow tried to avoid the barrage as she did before but she was not as lucky as the blade sliced at her left arm. Nefarious Angel rose to his feet as his eyes seem to spurt flames of red energy.

“This fight is now over Widow,” said Twylight as she raised her sword above her head, preparing for a lethal blow “I told you….I am not afraid of you !”

As she brought the blade down onto the toppled villain, an white Arbiter armoured arm deflected the blow. Her expression turned from frustration to shock as she saw him for the first time since that day years ago. She saw him die at the hands of his brother. Walking backwards slowly, she tried to reassess the situation quickly as she knew the advantage was lost.

“Well….well….well…..look who we have here….my dear brother’s girlfriend….I would say it was a pleasure to see you again but I see that you do not seem overjoyed to see me,” said Nefarious Angel as he tlted his head to the left slightly, examining the look in the eyes of the girl.

“I saw you ….I saw you die…..I saw you die by my sword,” she said nervously, her voice cracking from the stress of the situation at hand “How the hell did you come back?”

Ghost Widow watched with excitement as Nefarious Angel leaned in close to Twylight, so close he was almost whispering directly into her ear. She could hear what he was saying as a smile grew across her usual lifeless face.

“My dear little girl,” he said almost as if he was talking to a pre school child “I never really left this place.”

With a loud crack he struck out and snapped her head backwards. The force of the blow drove her back into another large pile of debris that was still smoldering from a recent fire. Cackling loudly, Nefarious Angel bowed to Ghost Widow almost as if he was inviting her to dance. Taking her hand, he lead her to the spot where the girl was laying.

She could smell the fire singing her leather outfit and could feel the hot embers burning her flesh. She rummaged for her sword quickly but after failing to locate it, she escaped the hot prison that was causing her so much pain. She reasoned she needed to regroup and needed to either call for back up or make a hasty retreat as there was no way she could win this battle.

As she started to run, she felt something entangle her feet as Ghost Widow again latched onto her with dark energy. The snare tightly yanked her back to the hard ground as Nefarious watched on in delight. His blood lust growing with each moment that passed. She closed her eyes as they both stood over her, for she knew this could very well be her last moment alive.

“Now I lay me down to sleep…..I pray the Lord my soul to keep….” Said Nefarious Angel as he watched the woman lay helpless before him and his Mistress “And if I die before I wake….I pray the Lord my soul to take….”

As the two powerful members of Arachnos prepare to strike, a large blast of white energy struck the ground in front of them, scattering them. Ghost Widow quickly looked about to see what could have dealt the blow, as Nefarious Angel muttered “yes….yes…oh god YES!” constantly under his breath. Twylight Eclypse looked up as she kneeled on the ground and her jaw dropped as he landed beside her from the air.

“Ruinous……” she said as she stared up at the man in the black hood who once again had donned the mantle of hero.

“Well….well….my brother….surprised to see me?” asked Nefarious Angel as he was enjoying the moment that was sure to have shocked his sibling “You did not do a good enough job Aaron, but you are used to that aren’t you?”

Ruinous Angel looked own at her and extended his hand, helping her stand. She muttered a thank you and leaned close to him, instinctively he wrapped his left arm around her and kept her close. She did not dare look at him now but she knew she felt safe with him there and feeling his arm around her made her feel protected.

“Adam… hate what I am. Who I am,but you know what?” asked Ruinous Angel bluntly “You created this. If you would have left me alone years ago, I never would have moved to Paragon. I never would have registered as a hero. I would have just disappeared into the shadows and stayed there. Like I tried to do this time. But you……YOU drive me out. I am sick of this.”

Twylight looked to the man that had tried to mentor her and she was concerned. She knew that he was not prepared for this battle. Using her peripheral vision, she could see Ghost Widow focused on the two hooded men and she took advantage of the situation. Reaching into her belt she flicked on a small teleport beacon and palmed it to keep it out of sight.

“Oh my bubby….you see what I am?” asked Nefarious Angel in jest as he flicked his wrists and razor sharp blades emerged from his hands “This is what you created….aye my Mistress allowed me to become a widow of sorts but you….you created this!”

Nefarious Angel pointed to his head as Ghost Widow floated over to his left enjoying the moment as he spoke in such a way. She could feel the excitement burning inside of her which shocked her as she had not felt anything since she was alive.

“Not today freaks,” said Twylight as she hit the button on the teleporter and zapped herself and The Ruinous Angel to her apartment in King’s Row. Ruinous looked about confused and then when he realized what had happened her sighed loudly. She tossed the small beacon on her end table and dropped her sheathed Katana on the floor as Aaron removed the hood that covered his face. She could see the uncertainty in his eyes.

“Angel….Aaron…..”she said softly “Stay here with me. Train with me. Let’s be smart about this. They will not look for you here. We will both be safe and we can prepare for this fight…..together.”

He looked down at her and lost himself in her eyes as she smiled up at him. His mind raced as he felt something awaken inside of himself he thought he was devoid of years ago. She winked and then kicked off her boots as she turned and walked towards the bathroom.

“I don’t know about you but I am going to grab a shower and then we’ll get some grub,” she said as she walked in the bathroom. He could see her back as she removed her leather shirt and the scars that covered her skin before she closed the door “I don’t wanna kill ya by cooking for ya but we can see what is around here or order in.”

“Ok…..sounds good,” he stammered as he tried to digest the feelings that he had swimming in his head and heart “Maybe ordering in is good. I will call up Mexicano and get them to bring something over.”

As he found a menu from the restaurant and made the call, he did not see her emerge from the bathroom with only a towel draped around her body as she dried her hair with another towel. She leaned over his shoulder quietly and brushed his ear which startled him. She giggled softly as she eyed the menu.

“Number two for me please,” she said as he turned and caught a glimpse of her “Get me a spring water too k?”

He began to realize that he was in trouble as he watched her walk away. His eyes following her every movement. He recognized that he was falling in love with her. He was scared as he never loved anyone for many years. Love complicated his and never seemed to work out for him. He used to think it was a joke, but now…..she filled his mind.

He slammed his fist into the wall with a loud bang that seemed to rock the entire tower. She looked on in disappointment as she knew he wanted that moment….needed that moment. Her lifeless eyes were drawn to his as he walked up to her. Their gaze not shifting, as they stopped when they when their faces were just an inch apart.

“This will NOT do,” she said firmly “Your time will come my pet. Do not see it as a missed opportunity. Use what you learned. He is ripe for the picking.”

“Mistress…..all due respect……BUT DO NOT TELL ME WHAT TO OR NOT TO DO!” bellowed Nefarious Angel as his breathing became loud and ragged in anger “This is MY fight. MY destiny. MY BROTHER!”

He watched as she reached out and placed her index and middle fingers under his chin. Smiling slightly she lifted him off of the ground with ease. He struggled to fight it but felt that he was entangled with some unknown force and could not move.

“Choose your words more carefully Adam,” she said coldly as she removed his hood with her other hand “I made you. You are mine. Your will, your powers and your body are mine.”

She lowered him back to the ground and he looked at her with anger burning in his eyes. However he lowered his gaze and dropped to one knee in front of her as she looked on in approval. Kneeling in front of him she lifted his head to look into his eyes.

“The time will come. It is meant to be. He will die Adam. When he does you will have peace,” she said softly “But…do not wish it so soon. Remember when your brother dies you cross over. I have grown to……ah……care for you.”

She then turned and walked towards the her chambers as she was embarrassed and relieved to say the words. It did confuse her however as she never had feelings since she ceased to exist and since she loved Pablo when she was alive.

Nefarious Angel rose and tilted his head to the side slightly as if trying to understand what had just happened. Did she just say she loved him? Confusion ran rampant in his twisted mind as he slowly raised his white hood over his scarred face. This was not something he saw happening. He slammed the door as he left to return to his room in her tower.

They stood nose to nose, their eyes staring deep into each others as they circled each other slowly. Aaron found it difficult to concentrate as he found his thoughts wander and seeing an opening was something she took advantage of, as she swept his legs out from under him. Laying on the floor, Aaron slammed his fist on the hardwood floor in disgust at what just happened.

“Man Angel,” she said bluntly as she helped him to his feet “What happened to you?”

Grasping her wrist firmly he pulled her forward and ducked under her momentum as she hurdled forward. Surprised she tried to change her forward motion but Aaron shifted his weight and pinned her to the floor. Their noses touched as they were breathing heavy. He fought the urge to kiss her and tried to not look her in the eye.

“About damn time you showed up this sparring session!” she said as he let her up “It ahs been weeks and you finally show some spark.”

She chuckled as she towelled the sweat away from her forehead. He nodded and smirked as he picked up a pair of dumbbells and started to count reps. Watching without drawing attention to herself, she shook her head as he pushed himself again hard with the weights. She could not help but notice the feelings and the connection with him. Maybe it was always there but they never did get to spend this much time alone.

“Do you think that you can do it Aaron?” asked Twylight as she sipped from a bottle of water “Do you think you can finally beat him?”

Sighing loudly he ran the thoughts through his mind as she watched with much interest. She found him easy to read with his body language and expressions. He dropped the weights to the floor and slumped forward. He kept his gaze low as tears rolled down his cheeks, forming a puddle on the floor. She walked over and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his head to her chest. She cuddled him like a mother would her newborn baby.

“I have to Twylight …..”he said as he held her tight “I thought I did….already….why couldn’t he just stay dead….why would God torture me like this…..”

She leaned forward and kissed his forehead as he averted her gaze. Placing her hands on the side of his head she forced his gaze upwards, forcing him to look into her eyes. Leaning in closely they kissed for the first time. Standing to his full height he held her close, their lip lock not breaking.

“I….I am sorry….” He said awkwardly as her expression did not change “I am gonna go to bed….I am just so rattled….”

As she watched him slunk off to the spare room where she had made him up a bed, Aaron quietly opened the door and crawled into bed. Laying on his back he outstretched his arms as if he was trying to embrace the world. As he started to fall asleep he felt a weight on his arm, instinctively shifted his weight and wrapped his arms around the object that awoke him. Opening his eyes slowly he saw that Twylight was in his arms, she ran her fingertips along his arms softly.

“Twylight?” he asked in confusion “I…..I…..”

She turned and faced him. His eyes automatically drawn to her beautiful eyes and smile. Again their lips found each other as his mind raced with thousands of thoughts it seemed. He then stopped thinking and lost himself in their embrace, knowing that for the first time in many years he felt something for someone. She pulled back and asked what he was thinking.

“I am thinking…..” he stammered “that I have fallen in love with you….”

The surprised look on her face worried him somewhat as she seemed to not be able to digest the words. She smiled softly and kissed him again, placing his hands on her body. The night found themselves sharing more than just a kiss, and the morning found them asleep in each other’s arms.

He cackled as he flicked his wrists and watched the blades slide out from his own arms. The noise seemed to be music to his ears and he loved it. He wondered when his brother would show his face again. It was bound to happen. He always had an annoying way to show and be a thorn in his side.

She stared at him with those emotionless eyes, her thoughts full of excitement and confusion. She never imagined that he would grow so much as a warrior and powerful weapon….let alone grow on her as well. She toiled over the feelings she felt inside her, after all is dead.

“My pet,” she said softly as she hovered over to him “We must strike soon. Draw him out while he is unprepared.”

Nefarious Angel raised his gaze to meet hers, his eyes glowing a bright yellow. She hit the floor with a soft thud and sat herself in his lap. He pulled back somewhat almost as if he was disgusted, but he then tilted his head to the side almost as if he was processing the situation.

“I worry about you…..Adam……” she said softly as he continued to stare into her eyes as she never ever called him by his first name.

“There is no need to worry My Mistress,” he said as he ran a gloved finger down her cheek “I will not cease to exist. I will not kill My brother….but I sure as well make sure he wished I did!!!!”

She smiled and reached inside the large white hood and touched the side of his face gently. He whispered under his breath as the thunder started to crash loud outside. He promised tomorrow he will draw him out and have him regret the day he ever put on the hood.

Sunlight peeked around the edge of the dark curtains as he squirmed to avoid it’s prying eagerness to wake him. Turning to his side he felt her laying on his arm. Smiling, he pulled her in closer to him and relished in the feeling her soft skin against his. She slept soundly as he very softly kissed the back of her neck. Then a loud, shrill beeping awoke her. Panicking, she rushed out of the bed not worrying about covering herself. He watched with interest as he wondered what was going on. She picked up a small mobile phone like device and the beeping stopped.

“What is it?” she asked as he watched her, thinking of how beautiful she was “What? WHAT!?!?! Ok. Ok. I will be right there. Ummmmmm, yeah I think I can find Angel. No worries there.”

She clicked the device off and turned to face him. He could tell that something was wrong as her face was like an open book. She quickly began to get dressed as he watched her put on her costume. Sliding on a pair of shorts, he stood to face her.

“What is it Twylight?” he asked “What is going on?”

He was surprised that she turned away from him when he tried to hold her. After last night, this seemed very strange and he began to worry what was said on the device. As she was about to leave when he grabbed her arm firmly and stood in her way.

“I want to know now what is going on,” Aaron said as he watched her eyes “Who called you and what did they say?”

Sighing softly she forced his hand off of her arm and took a step back to create some room between them. She picks up the small device and presses some buttons.

“It was Sir Judgement Aaron. I am needed to help him. Something terrible has happened,” her voice was hushed and there was pain in her eyes “An Orphanage in Kings Row was destroyed today. All the children dead. It was where I lived off and on for many years when I was younger. The reports Sir has tells us that …..that….Nefarious slaughtered the children Aaron. He slaughtered them like cattle.”

She rushed to get her costume on and he clicked on the television to the local new station. What he saw disgusted him as the orphanage lay in ruins, smouldering from the vicious attacks. The scene of rescue workers trying to get to the hurt and the dying brought a tear to Aaron’s eye. He then saw the cameraman focus on someone dressed in white Arachnos arbiter armor. Aaron felt his blood boil as he saw the figure wore a white hood and slaughtered policeman after policeman with his razor sharp widow blades.

“You stay here,” said Twylight as she pecked him on the cheek softly “You are not ready yet.”

With that she climbed out through the balcony window and hit the small handheld teleportation device which instantly made her disappear. Aaron got out of bed and open the bag that held his Ruinous Angel armour and hood. He whispered softly about how he couldn’t do this as he tossed it across the room.

Cackling gleefully, The Nefarious Angel sliced the throat of a SWAT team member and watched with delight as the blood flowed freely from the wound. As he was about to deal the killing blow to a lady Paragon Police Department officer, he saw a large shadow emerge from behind him. Spinning around he saw Sir Judgement unsheath his broadsword.

“Vile Vermin,” he said with such eloquence “Thou hath shed enough blood this day. Pit thyself against a warrior true.”

Nefarious seemed to find great enjoyment in this as he tossed back his head and laughed hysterically. Sir gripped the hilt of the sword tightly as he tried to gauge the villain’s next move. Twylight appeared 15 feet away from the battle as the teleporter brought her into the war zone. She watched as the two men circled each other.

“Geez man….dontcha ever get tired of talking like Shakespeare?” asked Nefarious Angel as he wiped the blood of his victims from the blades protruding from his arms onto the white arbiter armour “I mean….doesn’t it get old…and tiresome that no matter what ya say… else can ever figure you out…”

With that Sir Judgement swiftly levelled a strike that if Nefarious Angel would not have twisted away from surely would have left him in bad shape. The man bent on causing such destruction fired a psychic blast that seemed to incapacitate the knight as he grabbed his medieval helmet and screamed in pain. Using this to his advantage, Nefarious Angel lunged at the larger man and started to shred away pieces of the armour that protected him.

Twylight stepped to the forefront and watched on anxiously as the brave knight screamed in pain again as another blast of psychic energy ripped through his mind, while the cold hearted killer ripped wounds into his flesh. She knew she had to do something and she knew she had to do it now or Sir would die.

Lunging into the fray she struck quickly as she landed a solid kick into the chest off the evil murderer. He fell back into a brick wall with a loud thud as she kneeled beside the man that she learned to respect as a comrade. His helmet was damaged to the point that his left side of his face was exposed. Coughing loudly, fresh blood spattered over his chest as he tried to regulate his breathing.

“Sir,” she whispered softly “Are you ok?”

Moaning loudly in pain, he shifted his weight to look at her. She could see the pain in his eyes and she knew that he would not survive this battle if she did not step in. Struggling to lift him, she barely got him into a fireman’s carry and slowly carried him to a safe spot where an off duty nurse was tending to people. She helped Twylight lower Sir Judgement to the ground and started to tend to his wounds.

“T…..Tw….. Twylight …” the deep voice pleaded “Be….Be…safe……smart…..”

She looked down at him and smiled as she nodded that she would be fine. Unsheathing her katana from it’s case she returned to the scene where she attacked the hooded villain. Blocking out the noise and the distractions she focused her eyes and ears for finding the man that has caused pain, destruction and death to many. Without warning he appeared on her left and drove a knee with force into her ribs. Crying out in pain, she dropped to a knee as he flicked his wrists and many razor sharp blades emerge from his hands and wrists. As he readied the blow, she struck quickly and knocked him on his back with a perfectly time leg sweep.

“You Bastard. You kill innocent children!” she screamed as he lifted his head to look her in the eye, a soft cackling emerging from the darkness beneath the hood “I always knew you were despicable, a low life, a sadistic bastard but you are so much more… are a monster!!!”

Again she lunged at the hooded man and landed four solid blows to his chest and neck area. Pushing him back, he looses his footing and again falls to the ground with a loud thud. With expert precision she strikes with her sword, cutting a large gash into his thigh. Smirking as she savours the small victory, her expression quickly turns to shock as the wound regenerates and the Nefarious Angel begins to cackle loudly.

“You are right my pretty,” he said as he slowly walked towards her “I am a monster. I am the boogeyman that has people scared of the dark….I am the monster that is under your bed and closet….I am a force of nature hellbent on spilling blood….creating destruction and fanning the flames of chaos…..I am what you fear….I can see it in your eyes…..smell it on your skin…you reek of it….”

Stepping backwards quickly Twylight tried to formulate her next move. Scanning the immediate area she can not find a safe zone to move the battle as they are innocent people trapped in the area and Paragon Police Department officers trying to secure the area. As she ran a few scenarios through her mind, she cried out in pain. In between ragged breaths she notices a widow blade embedded in her thigh. Blood oozing from the wound. The one once known as Adam Trentz laughs in approval of his accuracy with the blade.

“Ahhhhh….poor baby… didn’t catch it,” he said as he approached her, flicking his wrist again as a single, long blade emerges from the top of his hand “We coulda had something special cutie….we could have been a great couple….but I know the fear in you….I can see it in your soul….your mind is my playground….won’t you let me in to play???”

Trying to crawl away from her attacker, Twylight cried out in pain again as the blade has a coating toxin that causes immense pain. She knows she needs to remove the blade to stop the toxin from affecting her. Gripping it, she tried fruitlessly to pull it free. The Nefarious Angel raises his arm and brings it down swiftly as she closes her eyes waiting for death. A loud KRAK! Echoes in her ears. Opening her eyes she sees someone standing before her dressed in black leather and a large black hood.

“Her mind my be your play ground but your ass is mine!” said The Ruinous Angel who was wearing his Fallen Angel costume. Twylight while happy to see him wondered why he would wear a costume with less protection than his Ruinous Armour. “I am tired of this song and dance Adam. Tired of this battle. Today this WILL end once and for all.”

Turning to check on her he nods to let her know she will be safe. She smiles back and with a little smile winks back at him. A pair of paramedics support her and carry her off to a safe distance. They try to get her to the hospital but she insists on being close enough so she can watch him. Silently she says a prayer for him and for Paragon City.

“We ll…well….well….look who decided to show up….” Said The Nefarious Angel with a smile under his hood “In his good ole duds yet. Having an identity crisis my brother?”

Cackling loudly for his own amusements at his own words, The Nefarious Angel doubles over from the laughter. Aaron feels a deep rooted resentment build within him as he watches his twin try to restrain himself. Clenching his fists tightly The Ruinous Angel grits his teeth as he speaks.

“One thing I can say for sure Adam, one thing I know with all that I am is I have no crisis,” he said as he felt the wind pick up around him “I know who I am. I am the one who stands before you, the one who was fated to face you at this time and I am the one who WILL stop you brother. I have had to fall, to lose it all. Only once I did lose it all did I appreciate what I have and what I found. To fall is not something to dread Adam, sometimes it is necessary. So if I need to fall, then so be it. The Fallen Angel shall rise again.”

Confused by what he was saying Twylight wondered why the costume and name. Why change back now? She glanced at Sir Judgement who was now completely out of his armour and only wearing chain mail bottoms. His wounds were bad but not fatal. She watched as a Doctor from the nearby hospital removed the blade from her thigh, wincing she bit her lip as she watched the battle unfold.

Screaming as he flew forward, The Nefarious Angel lands a solid blow to the side of his brother, throwing him back into a brick wall that tumbles upon his impact. Shaking off the cobwebs, The Fallen Angel unleashes two white energy blasts that nearly miss his target. Cursing under his breath Aaron thought that this may be a lost cause.

“What is wrong kiddo?” asked Nefarious Angel mockingly “Is there something wrong? Have you lost it? Is that why you wear that outfit and use that name? You have devolved as I have evolved into the superior being?”

Standing to his full height and brushing off dust and debris from the wall, Aaron looks to Twylight and notices that she is watching intently. He knows he can not leave her down, leave the city down, hell…leave the world down. Lunging forward his fists crackle with energy as he delivers a massive blow with a double open palm strike to the chest of his brother. The force of the blow propels Adam into a construction side that was building a new skyscraper and force Aaron backwards into a heap. With a loud crash the partially created building fell onto the evil madman, surely killing him thought Aaron.

Watching in disbelief, Adam’s mouth gaped open as he watched his brother emerge from the wreckage, cackling as he did so. Placing his hands on his head, The Nefarious Angel emitted a large beam of psychic energy which burned deep into the mind of his brother. Twylight watched in horror as Aaron clawed at his head and screamed in a way she had not heard another human being scream except when The Decadent Angel killed Lone Arrow years ago in Dark Astoria.

His mind raced with fear and pain. It burned it’s way through him, to his very soul it seemed as his eyes burned and his mind felt like it was being shred into a million pieces. Seizing the opportunity to strike, The Nefarious Angel flicked his wrists and smiled as the razor sharp blades emerged from his wrists and hands. With lightning fast speed and a surgeon’s precision he struck his brother many times.

Dropping to his knees in shock, Aaron almost prayed for death until he heard it. Heard her yelling his name. Even though he had a headache that caused his to almost topple over in pain and blood was spilling from dozens of wounds, he pushed forward towards his foe. Yelling loudly as his body began to glow brightly from a energy that was building around him, he upped his power for that last rush.

“Lass….are you ok?” asked Sir Judgement softly as he wrapped a wound on his arm “How is your leg?”

She looked down to her wound briefly and then returned her gaze to him as a large white energy poured from him. The Nefarious Angel shielded his eyes and his brother generated the largest blast he could muster. The force of the blast sent debris and people scattering as it knocked the hooded villain over ten city blocks away.

Collapsing to his knees, Aaron felt weak and tried to gauge how he hurt he was. His blood stained the immediate ground around him and his mind reeked of sharp throbbing pain. She hobbled to his side and held him as she kissed his forehead. She fought back tears as she watched him struggle to stand.

“My god Aaron,” she said as she tried to stop the bleeding in-between nuzzling him against her “It’s over babe. He is done. No one could survive that blast. Let’s get you to the hospital.”

As they started to leave the battlefield, a loud explosion erupts from the distance in which his brother lay. Both Twylight and Aaron looked on in horror as they watched a white hooded figure streak towards them, cackling as he lands 50 feet from them.

“You don’t get it do you?” asked The Nefarious Angel “I can’t die. I am fated, I am linked to something to keep me here. My brother I will not cease to be on this plane until that thing is destroyed. Wanna know what it is? Well…..I’ll give ya a hint. I can’t kill you or the party is over.”

Twylight gasped as she realized that Adam was linked to Aaron. He would not kill Aaron but hurt him enough to torture him. She held him tightly as The Fallen Angel slowly removed his hood. He understood now. The wounds were not fatal but were enough to make him wish for death. Dropping the hood to the ground he turned to her and pulled her close.

“Go to Sir love. He needs you right now.” He said as she shook her head in disapproval. He leaned in and kissed her with a passion neither have known before “It will be ok. You will be ok babe.”

Nodding softly she limped off to Sir and assisted with tending to his wounds as The Fallen Angel motioned for his brother to unmask. Complying with the request, Aaron saw what his brother had become. His skin and shoulder length hair was pure white and his eyes were encase din darkness. He mirrored his mistress Ghost Widow in appearance.

“So this is the titanic last stand brother?” as Adam as he chuckled “You know this is not the end. I will not kill you boy. You are my own personal play toy.”

Aaron felt his anger and rage build to such depths that he never experienced before. Breathing deeply he closed his eyes and practiced a breathing technique that Twylight taught him to block the pain. Finding an inner peace he opened his eyes and locked his gaze onto his brother’s. Taking flight quickly he delivered a right hand to Adam’s jaw that shattered windows in a five mile radius. Disoriented Aaron grabbed his brother by the scuff of the neck and dragged him towards the construction site. As she stood up to follow him she heard Aaron’s voice over her radio transmitter.

“No. Stay where you are,” he said as he walked to the wreckage of the building “I do not want you to get hurt but you need to know something. You saved me Twylight. From the minute I first met you I felt something. I could never pinpoint it. Maybe I never wanted to really but I knew you were someone special. You re-instilled my faith in people, in life and in love babe. No matter what happens, no matter what I need to do……remember I love you.”

She stood and watched as he disappeared from sight into the wreckage. She yelled his name over the radio countless times but there was never a reply from him. Running as fast as her injured leg will let her, she found the foremen of the sight and asked what was in the area they were in. He replied fuel tanks for the vehicles.

“Aaron….” She said softly into the radio as tears welled in her eyes “I love you too……”

As tears rolled own her face a large explosion erupted from the area where the two brothers were last seen. Collapsing to her knees as she cried openly, she knew what this meant. Sir Judgement crawled towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder as debris fell from the sky. As the rubble settled on the ground, she sprinted off into the direction of where the explosion erupted.

The ground was darkened by the blast and the area was ravaged. Two bodies lay in the midst of it all. The body of The Nefarious Angel crackled with dark energy, where as the body of The Fallen Angel was burned badly. Running to him, she picked him up off of the ground and held him close. His eyes open but his body not moving. Saying his

Name over and over she told him things would be alright, that he would be ok. However these words lost all meaning when the body of his brother disappeared in a cloud of dark energy. Looking down to him, she wiped tears from her eyes as she kissed his forehead and closed his eyes.

Three weeks later the people and heroes of Paragon City still wore the black armbands to commemorate his memory. The Mayor built a large statue of The Fallen Angel in Kings Row where his last stand took place. It gave hope to the slums and made new heroes realize as they continue their journey to becoming powerful just what is at stake.

A solitary figure stood on top of one of the buildings that was near the large statue, sitting on the ledge as the night life of Kings Row kicked into full swing. Over the loud music and drunken stupor arose the cries of a woman in distress. The figure stood up and took a deep breath as their mind raced.

“Tonight is a new page in the story of this city. One of the bravest heroes to walk this earth sacrificed himself selflessly for us all. His loss is tremendous especially to us who loved him. I swear to make sure his death will not be in vain. The weight of pain my heart carries is only succeed by my conviction to do him proud,” said the person is a hushed tone as they reach into their belt and remove something that was tucked into it.

“For you my dearest Aaron I do this with pride and out of love,” said Twylight Eclypse as she placed a large black hood over her head “Heaven help those who oppose me.”

Dropping over the side of the building the sounds of a scuffle echo throughout the alleyway. The cries of a woman saying thank you over and over fill the air as she runs from the area where she was trapped. As the moonlight sweeps through the city a hooded figure of a woman leaps from rooftop to rooftop as a city in turmoil cries out for her.



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