The Fallen Angel Part 3

As the two brothers stood a few feet apart in the partially rebuilt Overbrook, formerly known as Faultline, a cool crisp wind blew around them. Their gaze locked on to each other’s with such conviction and intensity that the energy that powered them caused their eyes to glow like hot embers in a fire. The Ruinous Angel had knew this day was coming, it was inevitable. He knew that one day he would have to face down his brother. Chuckling softly from under a large, black hood, The Decadent Angel twitched with excitement and anticipation of what was at hand.

“You know brother….fate decreed this would happen….there is no avoiding it…” said Adam Trentz softly “I think we both knew it would come down to just you and me one day…..and that day has come to pass.”

Aaron clenched his right fist in anger as he brother continued to laugh. The soft chuckle had now evolved into hysterical laughter. He did not want to do this, this fight did not need to happen and should not happen. He took a small step forward to show his brother that he was not backing down.

“You are a mad man Adam…a complete and utter psychopath, “said Aaron defiantly.

“Oh Bubby….!!!!! Compliments will get you everywhere dear boy,” sneered the younger brother “That was the vibe I was going for.”

As he finished the sentence, Adam lunged forward and grabbed his brother by the back of the head. Using his momentum, he guided his head down into his right knee with a sickening thud. Aaron stumbled back but was able to maintain his balance. Shaking away the cobwebs in his mind, Aaron waited as Adam lunged forward again, this time he used his brother’s momentum to his advantage and tossed Adam into the ground.

“Oh my my my my,” shrieked The Decadent Angel excitedly “This is going to be ever so much fun!!!!”

The brothers exchanged multiple blows as a small crowd started to gather. One of the people that had an interest in the outcome of this battle was Twylight Eclypse. Aaron was a mentor of sorts to a girl that did not want one. She watched on as the two men landed many blows and attacked each other with such intensity. She worked her way to the front of the group, as she needed to see what was transpiring.

Adam took notice of this and did recognize her from his personal surveillance of his brother and the group that he belonged to. Adam started to walk in a counter clock wise position, towards the spot where she was standing. Aaron slowly followed his brother’s movement with his eyes, and felt sudden urgency when he recognized the situation.

“My brother….lookie here….isn’t this your girl ?” asked Adam mockingly as he grabbed her by the wrist, this caused her sharp katana to fall to the ground. Adam noticed this and kicked it away from her reach. “Now my dear…why would such an enchanting young woman feel the need to carry such a dangerous weapon.”

Aaron watched on as Twylight tried to strike Adam with her free hand. Adam caught the attempted blow and spun her around to face him. She looked into the hood but the shadows prohibited her from seeing his face, but his eyes did glow an eerie blue as he moved in closer. Talking in a loud whisper, Adam position himself just inches from her.

“He said I took everything from him….but… my my cutie….I do not think I have….”said the hooded mad man softly “I haven’t taken you……LOOK AT ME WHEN I TALK YO YOU!”

As Adam yanked on Twylight’s hair to force her gaze to meet his own, a small tear rolled down her cheek. Aaron who did not interject in fear of Adam hurting her, felt a hot rage fill his soul. He dove at his bother quickly, while grabbing Twylight around the waist with his left arm. As he felt her in his grasp, Aaron landed a solid punch that crackled with energy on the jaw of his brother.

He then took to the air, as he manipulated the energy surrounding his body to elevate him. As he flew with her, he glanced down to see if she was ok. Her eyes were closed tightly but he did noticed that she clenched his leather garment tightly in her hands. He then landed on top of an apartment complex.

“Twylight …..stay here….please,” he said desperately “I can not have you hurt, and he will hurt you.”

The young girl had always displayed a stubborn streak. She did not want to be someone who ever had to listen to anyone. She did not like or need authority and felt that Angel as a mentor was there to baby-sit her more than anything else. She did however, have an underlying respect for him. She slowly let go of his upper garment and lowered his hood. His long, dark hair blew about in the wind as he shifted his gaze downward.

“Come back from this…..the …er…team needs you,” she said softly.

He then raised his gaze until he was locked eye to eye with her. She tried to hide the feelings that she felt as she had done many times before, but something she could not hide was the fear that this may be the last time the two talk. Aaron slowly raised his hood as his eyes shone brightly, white energy seemed to lick at the air around him. His gaze distant, as hers averted to a latch on her glove.

“I can not say Twylight how this will end,” he said softly but defiantly “But I do know that this ends tonight.”

With that he took to the air as loud explosion erupt from the low rental housing units in Overbrook. Knowing his brother was at fault, Aaron took to the air again and shot towards the location that the explosions happened. Sky leaned forward and watched as he quickly traversed the city.

Adam had grown bored while waiting for his brother to return and started to randomly target innocent people. To him it was a lark and also something to kill time until his brother returned. He knew that he would come back, he had to as he was the mighty hero. Chuckling softly, Adam readied another blast when he feels pain shoot up his right side. Turning quickly, he saw Aaron firing a beam of white energy that hit him square in the side.

Trying to regain his composure, Adam lobbed a volley of small energy attacks at Aaron that exploded on impact. Aaron groaned as he was sent through the wall of a building, that collapsed on him once he weakened the foundation of the structure. He hurt, hurt very badly. He watched as his brother collected a huge amount of energy into a large sphere and tossed it at his location. Diving to the right, Aaron narrowly escaped the blast. He then conjured two large energy blasts of his own to erupt from his hands and into his brother.

Adam screamed loudly as his fleshed was ripe with pain. The intensity of the blast had shredded parts of his costume and burned him. Breathing heavy, he fired another blast that brought down another building on his brother. Aaron was still in the midst of freeing himself and blasted as much of the rubble as he could before it hit him. Aaron struggled to get his bearings as he was able to deflect some of the force of the attack by shielding himself with energy. He was struggling to maintain the shield and knew he had to find a way out.

He thrashed about and was able to get his arms free. As he dug himself out, he felt his arms grow weak. He knew he was in trouble and may not be able to free himself. Grunting loudly, he positioned his arms behind a large slab that had him pinned in place. He could lift it a few feet but could not shift his weight to roll free. As he felt his arms weaken again and the slab start to settle back on top of him, a large pair of armored hands seized the side of the slab.

“Come on Angel,” came the deep and familiar voice of Sir Judgement “I can’t hold this forever. Grab him.”

Aaron went limp as Twylight pulled him out from the rubble. She shook her head as Aaron was injured, but pulled himself up to his full height. Adam saw this and became enraged. His brother always had people helping him, just because he was different. Just as he has people helping him now. Adam slammed his fist into the wall of a building and tossed his head back.

“YOU! You always have help Aaron…..fight your battles yourself….you damn coward…. “ screamed Adam angrily “Do not hide behind a woman and a has been….FIGHT ME !!!!!”

Aaron tried to pull himself to his feet but the energy and strength he so needed was nowhere to be found. Sir Judgement tossed the slab of concrete with a loud grunt of effort and turned to Twylight and Ruinous. She kneeled and used her lap to support his head as Adam started to bellow for his worthless brother to finish this. Ruinous opened his eyes and slowly sat up as a beam of energy glances his shoulder. This drove him back a couple feet and into another pile of rubble. Sir Judgement quickly made his way to the fallen hero as she started to shake in anger. Closing her eyes, she exhaled deeply and then thrust forward to engage the dangerous villain.

Decadent Angel chuckled in amusement and smiled wide under his hood. He knew of the temper in this girl. How she was hot headed, hated authority and thought she could fight the world. He also knew this was the ticket to his brother and breaking him mentally before he crushed him physically. Adam veered left as Twylight threw a right hand that would have dropped a heavyweight boxer. Adam spun to the left and delivered a blow to her back that drove her to her knees.

“You are not ready girl….not for the likes of me….my brother may have been a good teacher but he knows nothing of me,” stated the mad man coldly “My dear….why are you throwing your live away….so recklessly….so sadly…I can see the anger…..come to me….join me….at my side…you and I could over take Lord Recluse….and make Arachnos our own.”

She struggled to stand and delivered a stiff kick to the jaw that sent Adam sprawling back into the group that had remained to watch the fight. Embarrassed and angry, he reached behind him and ran forward, dodging another of her attacks, he struck her quickly which caused her to scream in pain.

Jumping to his feet, Aaron watched in horror as he saw Twylight gripping her side and blood trickling out of a wound caused by her own sword that Adam held in the air. Her blood stained the blade as well. He looked to his brother and laughed loudly as he ran a gloved index finger down the blade. He then tilted his head to the left as he ran his index finger and thumb together and then licked the blood from his hand.

“Ooohhhhh little one…..oh my…you taste so good….so sweet… very sweet,” said Decadent Angel as he raised the word over his head in a chopping position “However my dear, since you will not join me…you will be an example of….what a waste….may you find the peace and honor you seek in death….buh bye cutie!”

As he brought the blade forward with tremendous force, a loud clang echoed throughout the immediate area. Looking up in surprise, Adam growled as he saw a shiny and large broadsword blade resting across her neck. Sir Judgement stood between Decadent Angel and Twylight Eclypse as his blade prevented the blow from striking.

“This day vile vermin. She will not die by your hand. Not this day, as I shall accept her place. You want to play with a blade, then come taste the cold steel of justice,” said the honorable knight as Ruinous Angel grabbed Twylight and pulled her to safety “Let us do this with honor.”

As the two men stared at each other, Adam was nervous for the first time this day. He was not dueling a young girl who was mad at the world and the weaknesses that it caused. Oh no, now he was going to fight a man who seemingly born with a broadsword in his hand. Lunging forward, Adam stabbed at the knight and was met with a heavy left hand to the jaw. This drove him back a step or two and caused him to lose the grip on Twylight’s katana. Sir Judgement slid his blade under the hilt of the sword and flicked it in the air towards Adam. The evil warrior grasped it in the air and looked on confused.

“There is no honor is besting an unarmed man,” spoke the man from inside the suit of armor “If we are to do this, we do it with pride, honor and respect. I know you do not hold those values yourself but I will not cheapen myself for the likes of you.”

Both men stare each other down as Aaron leaned over her, inspecting the wound that she has suffered on her side. Grimacing in pain she pushed him away, trying to shy away from his concern. He sighed loudly and then removed the large hood that covered his face. Shaking his head in disbelief at her stubbornness and her unwillingness to accept assistance, he forced her hands away from the wound.

“It’s nothing….I am fine…Leave me be!!” she growled as Aaron inspects the wound much to her displeasure. He recognized it is just a surface wound and is not deep.

“This is not a game! You have been injured. Maybe you do not realize that you are bleeding…but I do,” said The Ruinous Angel sternly “You WILL be ok Twylight. Here…take this…”

Gripping the hood tightly in his hands, Aaron grunted softly as he tore the hood in half. Placing a piece on the bleeding wound, he takes her hand in his own. He did not look her in the eye as he placed it on the makeshift bandage as she looked on with concern. He then placed a hand on her cheek lightly. Perplexed, she watched as he leaned in close and kissed her forehead. Closing his eyes, he stood tall and tensed the muscles in his body, causing energy to slowly gather over him. She watched as he turned and walked to the battle and she clamored to grab the second piece of the hood that he dropped to the ground.

Decadent Angel and Sir Judgement fought tirelessly, with the master of the broadsword gaining the upper hand. Desperate, Adam allowed the heroic knight to get close to him thinking he had only one chance. He quickly reached for the face of the knight’s helmet and grabbed it with his free hand. Laughing loudly hire a fired a beam of dark energy into the opening and blinded the swordsman. Flailing around in confusion, Sir Judgement had no idea Adam was readying the killing blow. Laughing hysterically, he forcefully brought the blade down towards the helmet of the hero when a black leather hand caught the blade.

“Why in the hell am I always being deprived of my chance to kill someone!!!” screamed Adam angrily “It’s like……you guys are heroes or something!”

The energy that surrounded Aaron allowed him to not just hold the blade but prevent it from cutting him as well. Adam watched in amazement and horror as Aaron stood between him and Sir Judgement, who had now had Twylight guiding him away from the fight so he could recover his vision without threat.

“You were right Adam….you said today this would be the end….one of us shall stand….one shall fall….”said Aaron solemnly “Now we end this……..”

Aaron then screamed loudly as he clenched his fist together, shattering the blade of the katana. The hilt fell at Adam’s feet, while the top part of the blade was laying at his brother’s. Twylight and Sir Judgement looked on as the two started landing blows that seemed to shake the very earth around them. During the battle Adam ripped his hood from his head and tossed it at his brother. For the first time sicne that fateful day many years ago, the two men were face to face.

“You know Aaron… of us will die this day… is fated…..has been……” said Adam softly as he circled his brother, stalking him “Mumsy and Pappy would be proud no…???…their two freakish boys battling to the death….and what about Clarise… remember her…???…the love of your life….dear Aaron…she despised you…my god when she came to me that evening….she said she could not marry someone like you…an anomaly ….so she asked I give her what she knew she would never have… night….one passionate night….as my dear brother…I looked like you and was normal…she wanted a normal night with you…and begged me to give it to her….and oh I did…..she screamed your name Aaron….but….it was for me…..”

Aaron felt rage and unimaginable hate fill him. Could this be true, could his brother have slept with his fiancée the day before she broke up with him. Twylight and Sir watched on from a mere ten feet away. They both heard what was said. Under his breath Sir muttered “My god” while she was fixated on Aaron’s face. She saw it. For the first time since he mentioned it to her. He had fallen into the abyss. She saw the change and knew this is what he had warned off. She crept closer but felt a firm grip on her shoulder as Sir Judgement stopped her.

“Lass,” he said calmly “This is now going to be messy. You need not get involved and give him another worry. He has hit that place. The one he warned you off. All I can say, is watch and see. See what you could become.”

She watched with wide eyes as Aaron started to breathe heavily. His eyes burning brightly with white energy, his body started to follow suit. Adam mocked his brother by mouthing the word Clarise over and over. He also blasted a beam of energy at his brother, that Aaron swatted away easily. His mouth dropped open somewhat in awe as he could not believe his attack was brushed away so easily.

“YOU…..YOU MONSTER!!!!” yelled Aaron “You are the reason that my life ….was taken from me….any possible happiness I had was lost….I could not help what I am…but you could…you always had a damn choice….and now your choices have damned you!!!”

Aaron let loose a powerful blast that hit Adam square in the chest and sent him into a building that was being constructed. Aaron walked slowly to the spot while Twylight and Sir followed but at a safe distance. Adam laughed mockingly at his brother although he could not stand. Aaron picked him up by the collar and deliver a body blow in which bones could be cracking under the impact.

“Oh …b….bub…bubby,” spat Adam in-between labored breaths “You…….are hur….ouch…”

She watched in amazement at how Aaron devastated his brother with many blows. Sir Judgement had removed his helmet at this point and tucked it under his left arm. He was murmuring a prayer in Old English, with his eyes not leaving the fight. Twylight Eclypse felt unknown sadness as she watched Aaron land a punch to his brother’s face that drove him back to the area where this whole fight started.

“This is done Adam. You are done. I am not proud of what I have done, but I do have regrets. Not like you. You are heartless, soulless and dead inside,” said Aaron as he approached his brother who lay in a heap. “I loved you once Adam. ONCE!”

“A……Aaron,” gasped Adam as he pulled himself to his full height “I have to tell you. Something……I am sorry brother…. For all this….for your life…forgive me”

Adam then lunged at Aaron with the remains of Twylight’s sword. Aaron was able to push him back enough to hold him off. Under his breath as the two men were eye to eye Adam whispered to Aaron that “The bitch called me Aaron. When I was working in Paragon. She had news. She fathered a son. My son. Guess what she did. She named him Aaron. The bitch named her son after a god damn freak.”

Aaron instinctively wrestled the blade from his brother and screamed in anger. He dropped to his knees and saw the body of his brother laying before him. The long, sharp remains of Twylight’s katana was lodged in his chest. Aaron felt tears run down his face as pounded his fists into the dirt. Sir Judgement checked the body and then removed the blade. As he tossed the blade away, Twylight dropped to her knees beside Aaron and held his head to her chest as he broke down. She was very unsure how to comfort someone, this was all foreign to her. Nervously, she glanced about not sure if she wanted people to see her in this way. She ran her fingers through his hair until he passed out from exhaustion.

Aaron awoke in a familiar site. He could see nothing but white around him and realized he was once again in the hospital. This time there was no Freedom Phalanx or Sister Psyche waiting for him when he came to. Instead he found Sir Judgement sleeping in a a chair in his street clothes. He also saw Mister Mojo walk by the open door to his room, as he had noticed a nurse walk by that caught his eye. He then heard the sound of someone yawning. Sitting up slightly, he saw she had her head on the side of the bed as she sat in a chair. She must have fell asleep waiting for him to come too. He slumped back down and exhaled deeply.


He could not see, could not open his eyes. He could hear the sounds of people around him, their voices, the noises of the activities they were conducting but could not see them. He tried to struggle but could not move. He then felt a warm sensation throughout his body and heard a very familiar voice.

“Rise my pet,” said the voice.

Sitting up, he could see familiar surroundings as well. Turning to his left he saw the lifeless eyes of Ghost Widow. Looking down he was confused, upset and very angry. As a Fortunata approached him, he reached out and crushed her throat. She fell lifelessly to the floor. Ghost Widow stepped in front of him as he was prepared to attack another, and he slowly dropped his fists to his side.

“Adam….you have joined me….on this plane….you have passed on….but not completely….you still exist in this plane…there are many reason as to why you could be,” said the beautiful ghostly visage “You are anchored to this zone Adam….due to your brother…and will be….until he is dead.”

Adam looks at himself in the mirror, he now saw what she was referring to. He was devoid of emotions but still had his memories. He knew what he had to do to pass on. He would take much enjoyment in it.


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