The Fallen Angel (My COH Fan Fiction)

***All Intellectual Propery presented in this story belongs to Paragon Studios and NCSoft. I wrote this originally a few years ago. It is about two video game characters I created in the MMORPG City Of Heroes. The game allows you to create a short biography but I wanted a true origin to be written for both of the brothers. Please ignore the grammer and spelling mistakes***


In a small Canadian town in Nova Scotia, a happily married couple welcomed their first addition to the family over 25 years ago. They had wanted children for years but could not justify bringing a child into the world due to financial and other reasons. There always seemed to be something that hindered them from having a family. However, they day did come when they would be blessed.

On December 23rd Aaron and Adam Trentz were born into the world. The boys were identical twins in every detail and sense of the words. They also seemed to share some of the same habits and reacted very similar to situations. The boys’ parents were content and saw a bright future for both of their children.

Aaron was the more whimsical of the two boys, while Adam seemed to be on the other end of the spectrum. His temper tantrums dominated his personality and the parents’ time that they were able to spend with the children. They both worked full time jobs and found it difficult to give the boys all the attention that they were seeking.

When the boys turned 7 years old, there was a definite change in Aaron. His father watched in amazement as Aaron waved his hands in the air as sparkles of light seemed to flow from his fingertips. Adam tried to replicate his brother’s movements and results but could not. Amazed and somewhat scared of what they had witnessed, Aaron’s parent’s contacted a family friend who was a science teacher in Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Aaron duplicated the show for the teacher eagerly, while the older gentleman slowly shook his head from side to side in shock. After a few tests, it was determined that Aaron was born with some form of mutation that allowed him to manipulate energy, even in it’s purest form.

From that moment forward, Adam watched in anger as his parents spent more time trying to see what they could do to “fix” his brother. These feelings ate away at the boy every minute of each day. He could not figure out why he was exactly like his brother in every way….but that way. Adam’s mother started calling Aaron her little angel. When the child would cry because of his ability “to make glowies,” his mother would tell him that he was a magician like David Copperfield, BlackStone and Houdini. This would always make the boy smile.

The next few years saw Aaron try to gain control of his “gift” and find a way to keep it under control. Adam watched as Aaron would close his eyes and energy would crackle about his body, lifting him the ground. Adam would be overheard from time to time calling his brother a freak in disgust. Aaron did not pay much attention to his brother, as he felt he was just jealous.

When Aaron and Adam turned 19, the political landscape had changed in Canada. The exploits of Statesman was being heralded on every American news channel and this made the Canadian government nervous. Super powered beings needed to be kept in check, not able to have free reign of a country. The Canadian Government started a volunteer process for beings who displayed evolved abilities to volunteer for testing so the government can try to understand their situation. This allowed the government to seek the information it craved but also allowed the people who volunteered a chance to learn about themselves and their powers. The government would house the volunteers and provide employment so they would not need to live outside the confines of the reserve. More importantly however, it allowed the government the opportunity to keep a close eye on these people. If an evolved being would not volunteer and the government was notified of their existence, they would be brought in by force and be jailed while there.

Adam was watching television one day while his parents were out for groceries. Aaron arrived home from work and quietly thumbed through the mail that was left on the table. Seeing a letter from his fiancée, his jaw dropped as he read that she was leaving him for someone else. The pain of heartbreak and of anger filled Aaron as he clutched the paper in his hand. As tears rolled down his cheek, he felt something build up inside of him. Lashing out, Aaron extended his right arm as a bolt of energy jumped from him and through the wall of the house.

Adam jumped to his feet and shoved his brother, calling him a freak and a threat. Aaron, scared from what just transpired, tried to walk past his brother to go upstairs but Adam shoved him to the floor. Looking up at his brother, Aaron landed a punch on Adam’s jaw, knocking him to the floor. Adam sat on the floor cursing under his breath as an ad for the volunteer reserve played on television. Adam reached for the telephone….

When his mother and father came home, Adam explained in detail what had happened and how Aaron was at fault. His father set about inspecting the hole in the wall while Aaron’s mother started up the stairs. As she reached the top, there was a knock at the door. Standing outside the door were armed members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The commanding officer stated clearly and loudly that they were there for Aaron after a phone call was made form this location. Overhearing this, Aaron believed that his parents were upset about the damage he called and wanted him sent away. Packing a few things, he jumped out his window and left for the place people like him seem to be accepted.

Adam finally had what he wanted, he was the only child and was normal at that. Adam stated that he heard Aaron call the reserve but must have decided against turning himself in and ran. Both mother and father tried to locate Aaron but he seemed to vanish off of the face off the earth.

Adam moved to Paragon City three years later when he received the job offer of his dreams. He would be managing a Radio station that was #1 in the city. He intended to keep it there. His luck seemed to turn for the better and he was on top of the world. He was right where he felt he should be, at the top of the food chain.

One day as he was walking to a Mexican restaurant in Talos Island, he was startled by a battle waging down the street from him. Ms. Liberty was fighting a losing battle against a group of Freakshow led by the powerful Dreck. Adam watched helpless as the monster knocked her to the ground and in a heap. As he raised his right arm to deliver the final blow, a beam of blue energy shot through the air and hit Dreck square in the chest. This caused him to fall onto the Freakshow that were standing behind him.

Adam squinted as he scanned the skyline for what hurled the attack. He then noticed the person who did it. A man dressed in black buckled leather that had red designs swooped in from the sky and landed with a thud next to the fallen heroine. A large black hood shielded his face from view but the bright red glow of his eyes was very visible. Adam watched as the man dispatched of the Freakshow with various energy attacks. Then Adam saw it for the first time in years. The man extended his right arm as a bolt of energy jumped from him and sent Dreck through a building.

Statesman showed up and thanked the hooded hero and also asked him for his name. The man looked at his feet sheepishly and said that he was called The Fallen Angel. Shaking from shock and frustration, Adam recognized the man…he knew who he was… was his brother…..

Filled with rage, Adam quit his job and wanted to live some place where he would not need to hear about heroes everyday. He then caught a ferry to the Rogue Isles where he could hide amongst the down trodden there. Feeling that someway he had to assist in stopping the rampage of these so called heroes, he joined Arachnos. He started as a basic foot soldier under the command of Black Scorpion and was very good at what he did. When the opportunity came up to volunteer to be switched to a unit under Ghost Widow, he jumped at the chance. Once he had been re-assigned, Adam was told that he would have a procedure to make the transition complete.

Laying on a cold table, he watched as Ghost Widow entered and looked the young man over. She said she felt untapped potential and much raw rage in this one. That he may be the first to survive it. Strapping him down, Widow hovered off of the floor and ran her hands over the mans chest softly. He closed his eyes as she used her powers to alter his biological make-up.

Regaining consciousness an hour later, Ghost Widow smiled at the man and handed him a leather outfit. She said that he was the first to live through the process, and that he was now bound to her. Nodding, he felt different, he felt something coursing through him. Ghost Widow explained that she infused him with the ability to manipulate energy both positive and negative in any form. Smiling wide, Ghost Widow slid a hood over his face and asked him what he was to be called. He smiled wide and decreed that he would now be known as The Decadent Angel, and would bring pain and misery to those under the same moniker as his brother.

The story does not end there for both brothers. A few months later, Decadent Angel engaged Sister Psyche in a battle in Independence Port. Feeling more powerful than he ever had in his life, he led a team of Fortunata Mistresses and Night Widows through the area. Sister Psyche fought valiantly but Ghost Widow prepared her newest student well as she enabled a block of the hero’s psychic attacks. A battered and beaten Sister Psyche was hoisted above his head as Decadent Angel screamed to the world that he would break her.

As the younger brother continued to hold her high above his head, his hands started to glow. Cackling out loud, he watched in horror as people watching the assault unfold started to point to the sky. Adam’s jaw hung open with shock as The Fallen Angel landed in front of him, demanding he let her go. Aaron lunged as Adam threw Sister Psyche into the ocean. Changing his momentum, he not only kicked the hooded villain in the chest but he actually pushed off of him. This allowed him to plunge into the cold water and retrieve the heroine. Emerging from the water, he felt a pulse and smiled when she opened her eyes.

His expression would turn to pain as he felt the flesh sear on his left side. Adam was emitting a very high energy charge that push his brother up against the wall of a small building. Slowing raising himself to his full height, Aaron looked at the hooded figure that stood before him. Adam noticed this and asked “Come now……brother…..don’t tell me you don’t recognize me……”

Aaron could not believe his ears and felt an uncontrollable rage fill his heart and soul. He knew it was his twin….his own sibling. Taking flight, he landed a blow into his brother’s stomach as he screamed in frustration. Adam fell to the ground and started to cackle again. He then stopped suddenly and fired a blast of dark energy into the face of his brother, blinding him. The Fallen Angel fell to his knees and started to randomly blast around him, hoping to hit his attacker. Instead he brought down various buildings.

“My my…..The Fallen Angel….has fallen…ironic and iconic…” sarcastically whispered Adam in a harsh tone “Decadence reigns supreme my brother….and I am it’s king!”

His eyes burned and glowed with blue energy , and was the only feature visible from under the large hood. Aaron was in shock, frustrated and hurting. As he continued to kneel, he could hear the footsteps of the Fortunata Mistresses and Night Widows close in on him and surround them. He knew he had one chance, but it was a long shot. Standing to his feet he started to take deep breathes and tighten all the muscles in his body at the same time. He felt a huge charge of energy grow inside him. Still unable to see clearly, he made out the shadow of his brother and spoke softly as energy crackled around his entire body.

“You….you are the cause… cost me everything….brother or not…..if this is the fight you want… got it…” seethed Aaron angrily.

With that he screamed loudly as a huge wave of energy erupted from his body. He watched as it knocked down all those around him, injuring them surely but he did not know to what degree. He had practiced this attack before, Ms. Liberty even code named it Nova, but he never tried it in public before. He then saw his brother laying admist some rubble and took to the air. He quickly flew from the scene, back to a Freedom Corps base that was hidden in Terra Volta.

The Decadent Angel came to and cursed loudly as he saw his team in shambles. Smashing his hand against a large piece of wreckage, he heard Black Scorpion call for them to return to base at once. Breathing heavily, he signaled for the troops to pull out as he left Paragon City one more time, for The Rogue Isles.

Many months passed since that initial encounter, and both brothers knew there would be many more. As the year wore on, they battled constantly with neither getting the upper hand. Adam and Aaron knew each other’s powers were great but Aaron was about to encounter something new.

One day in Peregrine Island, Lord Recluse personally led an invasion force to capture the portal technology so he could travel to different dimensions and rule not just our universe but every universe in existence. Statesman and The Freedom Phalanx stood their ground with the help of The Vindicators and other various registered heroes. Lord Recluse and his minions carved their way through the defenses that the heroes set to repel him. After he dispatched of Statesman by binding him with the same restraints that were used by Tyrant in Praetorian Earth, Lord Recluse made his way to building 113 at Portal Corp.

Confident as his troops raised their hands in victory, the demented over lord addressed his troops on the moment that was at hand. This was a major victory that only his leadership could achieve and he had vanquished any and all of those who dared to step in their way.

“My loyal soldiers, today is the day,” decreed the evil overlord “This day we have crushed the proud and worthless heroes of this city. Statesman, Citadel, Mynx, Synpase….they have all fallen. There is no one left between us and our destiny. These do gooders have tried….AND ALL HAVE FAILED! I have delivered on my promise my minions. Today Arachnos will rule all!!!!!”

Once inside Recluse and his troops watched as an elevator moved up from the portal storage area downstairs. As the door opened, The Fallen Angel emerged from the elevator. Lord Recluse beckoned for his troops to stop as he found this amusing.

“I am giving you a chance boy, a chance of a lifetime. I am on the verge of reigning supreme in all facets of every reality. You have anger and hatred that burns deep inside you. This world rejects you. Makes you an outcast and freak. Join my ranks. Serve me. Take your place. As your brother does,” stated the evil overlord.

Clenching his fists, Aaron looked the Arachnos Leader in the eyes. He took two steps forward, his gaze not leaving the eyes of the evil mad man that stood in front of him. His nervousness and fear seemed to disappear.

“If I am all that is standing between you and the portal…so be it. You underestimate me Recluse. I am not my brother and I thank the heaven’s for that. I know the value of a life, the compassion to protect it and the ability to love other people. My brother is devoid of that and of his soul. As you took that from him devil. I will not make any bargains with you, or your lackeys. If this is my fate, if I am to die by your hand. I can accept that, if my life is the price to pay to save millions. I will gladly pay it. However, I challenge your pride and ego Recluse. I do not think you want to face anyone one on one. Fight me, by yourself.”

Tilting his head to the side slightly, the Arachnos overlord chuckled out loud as he beckoned for his troops to back down. He then turned and nodded at Ghost Widow, Scirocco, Captain Mako and Black Scorpion to stand down. He nods slowly as he speaks.

“I will grant you your wish Angel. I will hurt you, beat you and break you myself. Your name shall truly fit you this day as you will fall, into a hell you never know existed.”

With that Lord Recluse and The Fallen Angel waged an epic war that was talked about for years. At this time, The Decadent Angel saw a commotion at building 113 and entered. His heart burned with hate as he watched his brother and his Lord battling. As he was about to lunge into the fray, he felt his body leave the ground as he was wrapped tight in dark energy.

“This is not your fight my pet. This will require you to be a spectator I am afraid. Even though you lust to be the hand that strikes down your brother. My Lord Recluse shall have that honor,” said Ghost Widow as she hovered beside him.

Adam watched as Lord Recluse landed many blows to the body and head of The Fallen Angel. His leather outfit torn in many places, he continuesd to fight but his blows do not seem to do much damage. Lord Recluse landed a heavy blow to his head that sent Aaron through a nearby wall. As he lay in the rubble, Lord Recluse picked him up with one hand by the collar of his upper garment.

“You are powerful Angel. You have potential, but it is being wasted by Statesman. I know the darkness that fills your heart as it fills mine as well. It is a pity. You could have rose through the ranks of Arachnos and served me. Now instead you will die like the dog that you are.”

Grabbing the large black hood that hid his face, Lord Recluse yanked it away to reveal Aaron’s battered, bloody and swollen face. Lord Recluse mockingly wiped blood of off the battered heroes face and tossed the hood to the side.

“Do you taste it ? Your own blood ? I can smell it Angel. The stench of your existence fills the air. Now is the time, now is the time for you to die.”

Lord Recluse then grabbed the right arm The Fallen Angel and snapped it with force. The sound of bones cracking and Aaron’s screams filled the air as the bones splintered in many places. His right arm was useless now and his body was ravaged with pain. The visciousness of the attack brought Aaron to his knees. Lord Recluse stood above him, chuckling as he watched the hero try to stand back up. Sister Pysche could feel his pain fill her mind. Tears started to streak down her cheek as she saw through Aaron’s eyes that his death was at hand. Panicking she turned and yelled at Manitocre.

“Justin! JUSTIN! We have to hurry,”She yelled loudly as she used her physic powers to push back a horde of villains to make a path for then to traverse “My god Justin, he is going to kill him. I feel it….see it….know it. We need to help him. He is the only one left.”

As they made their way to the fight, Lord Recluse then wrapped his large hands around the throat of The Fallen Angel and began to squeeze, throttling the very life out of him. Aaron gasped and tried to fight but he was hurt and drained. As he felt faint, he started to see his life flash before his eyes. He saw his parents, his first kiss, his girlfriend in high school and then his brother. He then felt his body tighten, the muscles contracted by reflex as he felt a hot fire burn with him. Lord Recluse continued to squeeze the throat of the hero but could not believe he was not dead.

As the build up of energy manifested itself in him, he began to shake and spasm almost as if he was having a seizure. When suddenly a large explosion of pure white energy erupted from his body. It flung Lord Recluse from the inside of the building, through a wall and to the outside. As Lord Recluse lay stunned, he did not notice Positron trying to unlock the bindings that held Statesman. However, he did see The Fallen Angel emerge from the smoke and walk towards him. His eyes a glow with white energy, it seemed it lick that air like flames of a fire. His left arm grasping his limp and broken right limb.

He walked to the Arachnos leader and delivered many devastating blows with his good arm that would have fell almost any other being in existence. He then grabbed Lord Recluse by the collar with his left hand and made him look into his eyes.

“You were right Recluse about one thing. You did kill The Fallen Angel this day. He is no more. For now stands before you something more powerful, something more than he ever could have been. I am the one who will end this fight today. I WILL BE YOUR RUINATION!!!”

Statesman ran to the battle but watched in awe as the newly christened Ruinous Angel’s hand started to glow a very bright white. Energy was manifesting itself quickly and started to crackle loudly in the air. Screaming, Angel let a large blast erupt from the hand that held the Arachnos leader. The effect of the white energy was so bright, it affected the eyes of those around them. With a huge KRACK! The blast landed and dropped Lord Recluse to his knees. As he prepared to land a devastating blow, Aaron felt a strong grip on his good arm.

“He is beaten son,” said Statesman “This fight is over.”

As The Ruinous Angel turned to face Paragon’s greatest hero, he collapsed in his arms. Statesman caught him and then turned to the heroic Sir Judgement and asked him to take Angel to the nearest hospital med bay. Turning to deal with Lord Recluse and the rest of his troops, Statesman watched as they scurried into a nearby Arachnos flyer. The loyal Wretch had Lord Recluse draped over his shoulder and tossed him inside.

Realizing the battle is over, Statesman instructed the remaining heroes who can manage to assist in the clean up effort of the Portal Corps building and surrounding areas. Something caught his eye and when he noticed the blood soaked hood of Angel’s, picked it up from the rubble and tucked in into his belt as he flew off to the hospital.

Aaron could hear voices as he lay in the hospital. Someone was calling to him. He followed the voices and awoke to Sister Psyche holding his hand and whispering into his ear. She smiled and welcomed him back. He sat up slowly and glanced around the room. To his amazement he was not alone. Manticore gave him a thumbs up, Positron nodded in approval and Synapse smiled wide.

He then felt a large shadow loom over him, instinctively he turned to face the person making it. It was Statesman. He handed Aaron his hood, which was cleaned and free of the blood that was crusted on it earlier. Statesman smiled and helped the young man to sit more comfortably.

“You did a great job today Angel. You stepped up when we , Paragon City and the world needed you to. You have earned the respect and thanks of The Freedom Phalanx. I would hate to think what would have happened if you were not there son. You have a reputation of working alone and we respect that. However, you have a spot with us anytime.”

Aaron looked at Phalanx in the room as they saluted the young man. He returned the salute and felt a tear run down his cheek. He wiped it away quickly hoping no one caught it. Altough he heard a voice in his head say it is ok. He then turned to Sister Pysche who winked at him. She then smiled and kissed his forhead and told him to get better soon, while Synapse can heard asking why doens;t he ever get a kiss.

The battle that day was done, but the war was far from over. After seeing his brother’s powers mutate and evolve during the course of the battle, Adam stormed to the lair of Ghost Widow. Ignoring the guards at her door, he pushed his way past and walked up to her. He glared at his mentor, their eyes only inches apart. His full of rage, hers devoid of life. He then lowered his gaze and dropped to one knee.

“Mistress. He can not be more powerful than me. I can not let this increase in his power go unanswered. ”

Ghost Widow looked down at the young man and removed his hood. She then beckoned for him to stand. Again the two are eye to eye and nose to nose. He felt inner calm and also fear at the same time.

“Little one, you need not worry. The time will come soon enough that you will feel an increase in power that you so eagerly desire. I will not tell you when. As you need to prove to me that I am wise to do this for you.”

Adam nodded and realized that he needed to prove to Arachnos, Ghost Widow and Lord Recluse himself that he was ready for this. That day he vowed to do whatever he needed to make this come to pass.


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