Goodbye Old Friend…….

It is with a heavy heart that I sat down and pen this “Rant.” Little did I know that when I awoke on the morning of August 31st that I would be hit with the news of the only MMO I have ever really loved would be going away. You see NCSoft announced that they were going to complete a restructuring and shuffling, and the result would see Paragon Studios closed. Since Paragon Studios is the developmental team behind City Of Heroes, it means that on November 30th the game will be turned off forever.

Why is this such a big deal you are probably thinking? Well, I will explain. About 7 and a 1/2 years ago I was searching for cool super hero game. I have always been a comic book junkie and when I discovered the PC game “Freedom Force,” I thought I found the game for me. Then one day I was flipping through a video game magazine and saw a 2 paragraph teaser for a game titled “City Of Heroes” was in development. That day I decided I would own that game.

When I first started to play the game, I realized right away that creating a character was something that would be the strength of the game for many years. I saw my time in game as  playing my character’s story. Out of all the characters I created, there were 2 that remained the focus of my attention. I stayed with these 2 characters throughout my entire time with the game.

The Fallen Angel, The Ruinous Angel and The Debauched Angel

My main character (and original) was named The Fallen Angel. He is an energy/energy/energy blaster. He is a character  that was a story in my head that I had tried to write out on paper but never could. City Of Heroes gave me an avenue to not just create this character and have him evolve.

The Fallen Angel was my first level 5o and the first that I explored the content of COH with. I then had the idea that Fallen’s story was not technically done even though he was at the level cap. I thought of the idea that his powers would evolve, since he was a mutant, and they would grow stronger. So I then crafted the idea that with the increase in power that his name would change as well. The Ruinous Angel was the name that he adopted. With the addition of the “Going Rogue” content, I created a Fallen Angel from the alternate Earth of Praetoria. He was not born with powers but was evil. Being a complete opposite he took the name The Debauched Angel.

I have always said that my time in COH was paved by the story of Fallen. He is/was the lynch pin that kept me in the game. When COH announced “City Of Villains” I knew I needed to find a way to tie Fallen into that world as well. After many false starts, I did find a way to do it.

The Decadent Angel, The Nefarious Angel and The Ethereal Amgel

The new villain character would be the twin brother of Fallen who was born powerless, he was jealous of his brother’s power and joined Arachnos. The character also followed the same progression as Fallen himself, in that he would evolve and also have an alternate Earth counterpart as well. Taking the name The Decadent Angel, he would then have powers given to him by Arachnos that would be augmented and increased over time. When he reached his evolved form he took the name The Nefarious Angel and went completely insane. His Praetorian counterpart was a member of the Resistance named The Ethereal Angel.

As you can see, I love COH. I may not have been as active the last few years as I was during the first 5+ years I was in the game but for over 7 years my characters in Paragon City were always there for me. That is, until now.

The Facebook group “Save City Of Heroes” is a place where all the players on Facebook have gravitated to during this time. The players are not giving up on the game and started a petition and a second one here, contacted Big Bang Theory (as the game is featured there frequently in the comic book shop they frequent and the core crew at the Titan Network are trying to see if they can purchase the IP themselves and run the game independently.

Whether COH is saved or not, I will never forget my time I have spent in the game. It allowed me to live out my superhero/comic book fantasies and allowed me to fly.

R.I.P. City Of Heroes…..I will miss you…..

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It does make me sad


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