The Vampire Countess Fades Into The Night

Lady Awa De Paysant

It is with a heavy heart that I write this “Rant.” I know you are thinking “Why so glum chum?” and yes, everyone in my head talks like Adam West’s interpretation of Batman. It is rather simple I suppose. A mere 8 days ago Lady Awa played her final show with Lordi. Now I know that Lordi has had many membership changes over the years but is with a heavy heart I wish Awa all the best and most success in her endeavors.

Yes, it is true that a new drummer (R.I.P. Otus) and a new keyboard player will join the band, have kick ass costumes and gel with Mr. Lordi, Amen and Ox but there is something about Awa that is unique to her. Even though she wore dark costumes, she had a vibrancy to her personality that can never be replaced.

Yes, I am in Nova Scotia, Canada but I bought Lordi’s CDs and DVDs just to experience the band. One thing stood out to me, that there is a playfulness and innocence to the way that Awa carried herself in the band. Any interview I watched online was filled with her laughter, her playfulness with the interviewer or cameraman and a genuine love of her fans that you do not see all the time with musicians.

To my surprise, Lady Awa added me on Facebook as a friend a few days ago. She created the account to allow fans of Lordi and of her music to have a place to come together. She is interactive on the account and actually “liked” my thank you for the add comment. I realized I was now ready to write a blog to say goodbye to Awa, whereas before I was trying to find the words to do it.

Even though a new member will step into the role of keyboard player with Lordi, no one will ever truly replace her. I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to someone who carved her own niche in a band that was full of over the top characters. She knew when the time was right to walk away, rather than stay and burn out. I guess I just want to say goodbye to an amazing musician who is also an amazing person.

Farewell Lady Awa…..we will miss you!!!!!


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