Daredevil Is Coming Home…..

Something that I have been watching closely is the tug of war that had started a few months ago over the rights in the movie medium of “Daredevil.” Before Marvel established their own movie production company, they had licensed some of their properties out to other production companies and Daredevil was snapped up by Fox. The only criteria they need to achieve is to release a movie in a certain time frame over a few years to keep the rights. Well, Fox has only had a few months left to do this.

Marvel realized that Fox had already invested some resources in making this movie happen, instead of just taking the easy way out and releasing a direct to DVD movie that would probably be terrible but would allow them to keep the rights. So as the pressure mounted and Marvel offered a trade to appease both parties. They offered the rights to Daredevil to Fox for the chance to acquire to the movie rights to Galactus and the Silver Surfer, as Fox owns both due to owning the Fantastic Four rights as well.

Ben Affleck as Daredevil

Thinking that they had a chance at getting the project off the ground, Fox refused the trade and once again tried to pursue the opportunity to get the movie made. However, it was all for nothing as Fox pulled the plug on the film  and this allowed the rights to come back home to Marvel.

This has pluses and minuses of course. The big plus is Marvel can now integrate Daredevil into their Cinematic Universe that contains Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and that will soon include The Guardians Of The Galaxy and Ant Man. This could be a huge addition and means he could be involved with an Avengers sequel at some point.

It could also be a bad thing though. The reason for this is that Marvel has their proverbial plate full with movie projects for the foreseeable future. There is Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ant Man and of course Avengers 2 all coming down the pipe in the next 3 years.

Will they have time for Daredevil??

I think they will but they have an opportunity to do something different with Daredevil. They really have two great options to pursue in bringing the character to life under their own roof. Develop a dark and gritty movie that is not like anything Marvel has done so far. Make it more like Nolan’s trilogy of Batman movies. The character has all the theatrical elements that serve Batman well, also the setting of Hell’s Kitchen would provide the proper atmosphere.

The other option they have is to develop the character into a gritty television show. They could focus on the courtroom that Matt Murdoch deals with in his every day life, which would bring in the more casual viewer who loves crime drama. The super hero vigilante would allow Marvel to present what happens when the system fails.

The Man Without Fear

We know that Joss Whedon has been tapped to develop a Marvel television show and what better universe to give him to play with than Daredevil’s!


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1 Response to Daredevil Is Coming Home…..

  1. wwayne says:

    You hit the nail on the head with the Daredevil/Batman comparison: Daredevil has always been Marvel’s Batman in a lot of ways (psychological deepness of the character, costume design, dark atmosphere, and so on).
    Also, I don’t think that Daredevil could be integrated in Marvel cinematic universe, become an Avenger and so on: even in Marvel comics universe, he’s always been a lone wolf. Marvel has always published smiling superheroes, sunny settings and stories filled with irony, while DC has always published serious superheroes, dark settings and thoughtful stories: think about the unforgettable “Seduction of the Gun”, or the arc about the Green Arrow sidekick become drug addicted. Yes, of course each publisher made some exceptions (Superman has a sunny setting, for example), but their trend has always been the one I just described. Well, Daredevil is one of Marvel’s exceptions, since he is a dark superhero. That’s why Marvel often didn’t make him interact with the rest of the Marvel universe: he was too different from the other ones, so as an Avenger, for example, he would have been a fish out of water.
    Both the projects you imagined for Daredevil (a Nolan – like movie or a Law & Order – like tv show) are intriguing. : )

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