My Batman Begins Sequel Attempt

This is a small screenplay treatment I originally wrote back in 2005 a few days after I saw “Batman Begins” in theatre. I went with the idea of The Joker as the main villain due to the last scene in “Begins” when Gordan shows Batman the Joker playing card, but I knew I wanted more. I thought there needed to be a character that would toe the line between hero and villain. So I included Two-Face, before he was officially announced for the Nolan sequel. It is ironic I also named the movie before Nolan announced his title for his third film.

It was the one of the more thought out screen play treatments I have done but I never did get around to finishing it. I instead burned it on CD and stored it on a spindle. As I was going through old back up CDs the other day, I stumbled acrossed it. My intention was to send the finished screenplay to Warner Brothers and DC Comics but that never happened.


***Batman and all related characters are owned by DC Comics. This was strictly a fan written script***


(Screen play treatment by Jason Huskins)


Rain heavily falls from the sky as 4 men hurry to move large items into a waiting truck. The rain combined with the darkness of the night hinders vision as one stubs his toe on the sidewalk. Two security guards are laying unconscious on either side of the door.

Awww. C’mon Joey, Geez! Youse gonna break it.

Sorry Mikey. Don’t worry. I won’t drop nuthin’. The Boss won’t lose any ‘dis stuff.

The two men exchange glances as a third and fourth man come into view carrying a large box. The only writing that is visible on the box is the name Wayne. Mikey turns to the two men.

Easy wit’ dat gadget stuff boys. The boss said he needs it all in one piece. Dis place is the only place we can git it.

ANGLE ON – A shadowy figure is noticeable watching the men from the rooftops. He ducks behind a gargoyle structure.

The four men, unaware of the person on the roof, continue to loot the warehouse quickly and quietly. The rain continues to fall but at a more feverish pace as thunder and lightning ravage the sky. As one of the men takes off his baseball cap to look up at the sky, the outline of a figure with a cape fills his view.

CUT TO – Mikey and Joey emerge from the building with the third man. They recognize their comrade is hanging upside down from a lamp post that is nearby the truck. Panicking, they start to breath frantically and twist and turn, gazing skyward as if looking for something. Mikey regains composure and fiddles around in his jacket, searching for something.

Damn it Mikey. HE”S HERE!!!

If that is the case Joey.
Mikey reaches into his dark coat and pulls out an automatic weapon. He makes sure a full clip of ammo is in the gun and takes the gun off of the safety. Mikey motions for the men to prepare their weapons and to fan out.

Mikey (CONT.)
Then he’s already dead.

ANGLE ON – The third man moves left and starts to search around the side of the building. Nervously he scans every crook and cranny that he can, looking for someone. Wiping his brow of sweat with the back of his hand which holds his gun, he stops and spins around quickly to see if anyone is following him. A pair of gloved hands emerge from the shadows. One grabs the man’s hand, knocking the weapon loose, the other tightens around his mouth pulling him back into the shadows.

CUT TO – Joey stops and lights a cigarette. His hands are shaky but he is determined to have a smoke. Finally he gets the match to light the cigarette and he inhales deeply, savoring the flavor.

O.S.- The sounds of a struggle become louder as Joey turns to his right. He can hear the sound of the third man yelling, as if in battle. One of the man’s cries is interrupted by a loud crash of glass shattering. Jumping back a few steps, Joey peers around the corner and sees the third man’s leg and arm hanging out of the window as he groans. Spinning quickly to run from the scene, he runs directly into something.


ANGLE ON – Joey is on all fours as rain continues to fall. He raises he head slowly, the expression on his face changing drastically as he does. From confidence to pure fear.

No. Damn….no……NOT YOU!!!

The view pans up as the rain and darkness of the night gives way to a familiar form and face. That of The Batman. He stares at Joey, almost as if he is burning a hole into the thug’s soul.

The Batman (raspy voice)
Stealing equipment from a warehouse that belongs to Wayne Enterprises? Not on my watch.

CUT TO – Mikey watches as The Batman and Joey exchange punches. Blocking all of the Joey’s best shots, The Batman strikes him with an open hand strike. The palm of his hand catches Joey on the end of the chin and drops him to the ground. Landing with a thud and a loud groan, Joey moans softly in pain. Mikey quickly grabs a gasoline jug from their getaway truck and sticks a rag in it, soaking it entirely. Sticking it into the open spout of the canister, he lights the rag and tosses it at The Batman. As soon as the container hits the ground, Mikey jumps in the truck and speeds off. The Batman quickly wraps his cape around him to protect him from the heat, fire and smoke. The explosion of the impact of the canister hitting the ground knocks The Batman into a side alley where he reaches for a small device off of his utility belt. Pressing a button, he slowly gets to his feet. Using the wall as support he watches as his black Tumbler speeds to him. Smoke rolls off of him as the rain extinguishes his cape. Slumping into the car, he drives off, as the sound of emergency vehicle sirens wail in the distance.


O.S. – The sound a large wooden door creaks open as a large bed with a canopy comes into view. In the bed, sound asleep is Bruce Wayne. Oblivious to everything around him, he sleeps quietly. Alfred sits in a chair next to the bed and clears his throat loudly, while holding a serving tray that holds a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, fried eggs, bacon and a muffin.

Rise and shine Master Bruce.

Bruce startled by the firmness of Alfred’s voice, opens his eyes slowly and sits up. His well conditioned upper body covered in bruises and scars. Alfred winces noticeably as the young man grabs the muffin and takes a bite.

Alfred CONT.
I’d wish you a good morning Sir, but it is almost dinner time. Really Master Bruce, this type of sleeping pattern is not one I believe is healthy. As well, how can I explain you waking up this time of day ?

Bruce stops eating the muffin and stares at Alfred, his look devoid of emotion. Then he quickly reaches out and grabs the cup of coffee. He swallows as much as he can in gulp.

But Alfred. I am a billionaire single playboy. I can not help if my partying “lifestyle” has me out all hours.

Bruce winks and chuckles softly as Alfred sighs aloud and watches as Bruce starts stretching to warm up his muscles for a work out. Alfred turns to leave and lays the day’s newspaper on the bed.

I have never experienced a party that leaves a participant so wounded and exhausted Sir.

A CLOSE UP – To the newspaper on the bed that shows a headline on the front page that reads “The Batman prevents heist.” To the side of the article is a picture of the 3 men that were unconscious at the scene of the attempted crime.
CUT TO – A run down office where a large wooden desk is visible in the dank room. A large and weathered leather chair sits back to at the desk. A large man walks into the room and hands the same newspaper to a gloved hand that is in the chair.

Large Man
Mikey got away Boss. He is downstairs. You wanna talk to him ?

The large leather chair rocks side to side slightly, almost showing a glimpse of who is in the chair. The large man stands still as someone murmurs to themselves as they read the article on The Batman.

Unidentified Man
Yes Rocco. Please.

Rocco shakes his head yes and then lumbers out of the office. As he closes the door behind him, a loud and insane cackling laughter echoes throughout the hallway.

EXT. GOTHAM CITY NATIONAL PARK – A very distinguished and handsome man in his late twenties walks through a large crowd of applauding people towards a stage. The man smiles and waves to the crowd as many flashbulbs light up, documenting his every step. Sings are sprinkled throughout the crowd that bears the name Dent. He stops in front of the stage and turns to face the crowd. He then raises both of his arms and waves both hands in a polite way to acknowledge the applause coming from the crowd. He then makes his way on to the stage and behind a podium which has a sign that states: Gotham needs Justice. Harvey Dent for D.A.! He then raises his hand and motions politely for the crowd to quiet down.

Harvey Dent
People of Gotham City. Today you have the chance. A chance to stand up to the thugs and misfits that ransack and plunder this beautiful home of ours. The police do all they can but still the captured are able to walk free. This is not fair to you, to your families….to your children. Your children deserve a safe neighborhood to grow up in. They deserve to live without fear. People of Gotham we need to take back our streets.

Large Crowd

Harvey Dent then once again motions for the crowd to quiet down so he can continue.

Harvey Dent CONT.
I hear your cries of suffering and pain. I see what you all have to put up with. I am also damned determined to clean up our great city. We see Metropolis in all their splendor, and yet we ask…..what about Gotham. When will Gotham get the respect and recognition it deserves. Well my friends…..Today is that day. This Friday when the polls open… have two choices. Vote to let the low lifes continue to run this city…….or vote for Harvey Dent for District Attorney. Together you and I can save this city !!!!

Once again the crowds chants grow louder as Harvey makes his way off of the stage. He starts to shake hands of some men dressed in Italian business suits. From the right, Bruce Wayne emerges and lays his hand on Harvey’s shoulder. Harvey turns around and smiles from ear to ear.

Harvey Dent
Bruce Wayne! My god it’s been ages. When was the last time we saw each other ?!?!?!

Bruce Wayne
Well Harvey, I believe it was graduation from High School. It seems that life has treated you well.

Harvey Dent
Old friend, it appears life has been kind to both of us. Well, according to the newspaper atleast.

Bruce very noticeably chuckles and looks very uncomfortable. The mention of the newspaper appeared to really have bothered Bruce.

How do you mean Harvey?

Well Bruce, here you returned to Gotham after all those years that we all thought you to be dead. I may have been away at University earning my law degree but I still read the local headlines. I am very glad to see you take your place atop Wayne Enterprises. Your father would be very proud.

FLASHBACK – Bruce as a young boy, maybe 8 or 9, is tossing a football back and forth to his father. Both parent and child are very happy to seem to have a great relationship. Bruce’s mother then brings them each a glass of Lemonade on a serving tray. They all talk amongst themselves and although no words can be heard, you can see that they are enjoying their time together.

Well, I did make a promise to come back to Gotham and to make things right. It is a very daunting task but one I take seriously.

Well, according to last Thursday’s newspaper you were not taking anything all that seriously. How many times did you flip that sports car ?

Six or seven times Harvey.

Six or seven. My god Bruce, you should be dead!! You need a cause Bruce. Something to dedicate yourself to. I tell you , since I have decided to run for D.A. in Gotham I have been more focused and serious than any other time in my life. You need something to give you meaning, other than wrecking sports cars.

Well, I do have the company and but I will be honest. It can be a bit over my head at times. You are right though Harvey. I need something to make my life worthwhile. It was great seeing you again Harvey.

Drop by the charity dinner tomorrow night. $1000.00 a plate and all proceeds go to wives and children of Policemen who were killed in the line of duty. A great cause and unfortunately there are a lot of people needing it.

I’ll be there for sure Harvey. Be safe.

INT. OLD ABANDONED OFFICE – Rocco quietly and slowly opens the door to the large office. The shadow of a woman sitting on the edge of the desk is visible and the large, old leather chair is once again back to. Mikey sheepishly follows Rocco into the office. He is extremely agitated.

Boss, here’s Mikey. I gotta go scare up some protection money.

Thank You Rocco my boy. You are……dismissed.

Rocco turns and quickly exits the room. Mikey stands awkwardly in silence as the woman hums softly. The large chair once again swings somewhat from side to side, teasing to show the face of the man who controls these men but it always just stops before it can.

Mikey my boy. Pull up a chair. I heard you just went through quite an ordeal.

Mikey grabs a chair that is off to the right of the desk and sits down. He nervously clears his throat and fiddles with the lapel of his dirty and wet dress shirt. The woman continues to hum.

Tell me Mikey. What happened?

Boss. It was the damn Bat. He came out of nowhere and beat down Joey, Freddy and Jimmy. I was lucky to get away.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. You disappoint me. Harley my dear, please assist our friend with sticking around for awhile.

The woman emerges from the shadows and Mikey looks very uncomfortable. The woman is wearing a black and red Jester outfit. Her face is painted white and black. She grabs 4 links of the chain and using locks, locks the man’s arms and legs in place.

There ya go Puddin’

She then skips away humming to stand beside the chair as it slowly starts to turn to face Mikey.

ANGLE ON MIKEY’S FACE. Small beads of sweat start to form on his brow as his eyes are alive with fear.

CUT TO- The chair slowly turns around and faces Mikey. The Joker is smiling as the chair is turning but once he sees the look on Mikey’s face, he begins to pout. He then places his elbows on his desk and his head in his hands.

Mikey! You are in agony. I see the disappointment in your eyes. You we afraid of failing me ……..(more sinister) which you did. (More whimsical) But…..I like ya kiddo. The Batman has been sniffing around my roost for far too long. Maybe I should introduce myself to him. What do you think kitten?

The Joker turns and faces Harley Quinn. She smiles at him and runs her fingers through his hair as they stare lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Oh Mr. J. I do think it will be fun. Can I get his autograph?

The Joker looks at the woman and starts to chuckle softly. The laughter begins to become louder and as it does, he starts to pound on the desk harder each time. Harley smiles and winks at Mikey as The Joker continues to cackle, as he makes way to leaning against the desk facing Mikey on the chair. Mikey laughs uncomfortably as well. Until The Joker stops laughing immediately.

The Batman. The Batman. THE BATMAN! First a costumed nutcase stalks the nights and then this hotshot Dent wants to clean up MY city. What is the world coming to Mikey.

Harley then turns and walks towards the door as The Joker smells a flower in the lapel of his purple sports jacket.

You and I are a dying breed Mikey. We are kindred souls, two peas in a pod, two moths attracted to the same flame. However Mikey, remember…..if you are not careful with fire…you get burned.

ANGLE ON- The Joker’s face slowly moves towards Mikey as he begins to cackle loudly again. Mikey can be heard struggling to get free but the Joker continues to fill his immediate view.

CUT TO-Outside the office the sounds of screams and insane laughter can be heard. Harley Quinn walks back towards the office pushing a mop bucket on wheels, humming gleefully as she does.


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