Songs That Have Stayed With Me…

I have been in a real musical mood of late for some reason. Everything that I have been doing has been either centred around music or it has been a major part of it. It has been something that I can not explain except that it has given me “balance” and a sense of calm. My life has been quite hectic and crazy with professional and personal changes but the one constant that has been there with me is my love of music.

Today I wanted to look at 10 songs that I truly love and have stayed with me from the first minute I have heard them. Some are more recent than others but all have made an impact on me in some way. I want to list a youtube video clip of each song, as well as a brief reason of why it is listed.

These are not in any order, other than as they come to me.


There is something about hearing the duelling vocals of John Cooper and Jen Ledger that originally drew me to this song but it is the message that it delivers that has me replaying it constantly. The song has a kick ass, guitar oriented sound that just overwhelms you with the feeling of “Be thankful for what you have” and the singing of both Cooper and Ledger just draw you in to that message.


This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard and it still resonates with me the same way it did way back in 1992. There is something special going on in this song as the first 90% of itis a melodic trip that basically tries to come to terms with an unstable moment in a relationship. You can almost feel how Axl is working through it with someone as the song progresses until it hits the last part of the track. It then takes a chaotic turn that appears to be the end of the relationship.


What an amazing song this is. Really it hits so close to home when I am feeling down and it really brings me back to realize that things are not really as bad as they seem. Part of it is the life experiences that Nikki Sixx used to write this tune and even though he has been through so many good and terrible things…..he realized at some point that life is beautiful. It is a shame that some people would rather wear blinders and ignore it though.


There does not always have to be a spiritual or uplifting message in every song that we enjoy. Sometimes we just hear a song that is all about enjoying life, having fun and not taking things too seriously. This is that song for me. I can not put into words how amazing it was to be admist 90,000 people at the Halifax Commons and singing this song with all those people as KISS played it. It was freaking amazing!!!


This song will always have a very special place in my heart as it was not just the very first Nightwish song I ever heard but it also opened up a new world of musical options for me. I discovered this song and this band when I was so very disenchanted with the music scene in North America in the early 2000’s and I am very thankful that I found them. A sound and vibe like nothing else I had ever heard made me a Nightwish fan for the rest of my life.


Lordi is a band I discovered thanks to the door that Nightwish opened for me. My second favorite band that calls Finland home, Lordi is a band that combines horror themes, hard rock and a catchy beat. I love theatrics in music and Lordi is in a class all their own in that regard. Out of all the songs by the band I have kind of adopted this one as my own personal theme song. Cheesy I know but hey, it is a really valid question to ask someone. Would you love a monsterman, could you understand the beauty of the beast?


There is something about this song that speaks to me. Whether it is the lyrical content, the amazing guitars at the start or the imagery in my head as I hear it. It has stayed with me for many years and part of that may be how much I identify with the song at times. I can usually recite examples of things that have happened to me in my life that match the lyrics that James Hetfield is singing.


One of the most amazing songs I have ever encountered is this fantastic tune by Heart. I am a huge fan of the Wilson sisters and this is my favorite track that they sing. It also describes what every person goes through when they want to tell that special someone, who doesn’t even know, how much they care for them. We all go through that period of time when we have to decide to do it and build up the courage to put it out there and this song displays that.


I have to include this song for a few reasons. The first is the lyrics are so damn amazing and can be applied to different aspects of my life thus far. The second reason is that this song was used in Marvel’s movie “Thor” and I am a HUGE fan of their Thunder God. The songs fit the scene and the theme of the movie to a “T.” It also seems to describe moments in our lives when we need to start all over from scratch, almost as if we are starting to learn to walk for the first time. Poetically amazing!


I remember when I was going to school many years ago and the bus driver had this song playing on his tape deck in the bus. It is one of my all time favorite ballads and is my favorite Def Leppard song. There was something so haunting about the vocals and also there was hype that came along with the “Hysteria” album. Having their drummer go through his tragic accident also may have helped get my interest when I was younger. To this day I love to belt this one out and the title is 100% true……Love bites!


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