My Favorite Comic Book Creators Part 1

If you read this blog even somewhat regularly, you recognize that I am a very huge comic book fanatic. I have favorite characters and books with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dreamwave Comics, IDW Comics and other smaller publishers. I love to discuss all things comics and why I love them, but there has been one topic I have never addressed. That is my favorite Comic Book creators.

I have decided to just look at my 10 favourite people behind the books and characters I adore. I did not put any special criteria on the list except that they could be writers or artists, I did not want to get too specific on what determines why they make the cut.

They are not listed in any order, only as they come to me. So let’s get started!!!


Walt Simonson

I have much love for the work of Walt Simonson and there is one rather simple answer for that. The man took a struggling book named “Thor” under his pen and created maybe the greatest run in the character’s long history. Simonson is both a writer and artists, and usually completed both of these tasks on the book. He also created one of the best “new” characters in Thor’s universe, the Korbinte known as Beta Ray Bill. A character that was a risk and could have been hated by Thor fans. Uncle Walt knew how to make it work.

Beta Ray Bill

Simonson dipped heavily into the actual Norse myth and crafted some of the most complete and exciting Thor stories that still hold up to this very day with what is on the market. The reason why he was able to create such fulfilling adventures for Thor and his cast of characters is that he was a real fan of the character even before he started writing him.


Jim Aparo

I am very picky when it comes to the look of The Batman and I will admit that there are certain things I really do not like artists do when they draw him. I detest the very short “ears” on the cowl and also the very long ones as well. I also do not like the bulky utility belt, gloves and boots that some prefer to give him. To be honest, my ideal Batman is the one drawn by Jim Aparo. He was the artist on Batman when I enjoyed the character the most and I do not think that is a coincidence.

Batman holding a dead Robin

Aparo drew a Batman that could relay emotion in his facial features but at the same time presented him as a very strong character physically. He also had a knack for making Batman look more menacing by having his mask shadowed in dramatic panels, but knew how to not overuse it so it takes away from what it was meant to achieve.


Kieron Gillen

Gillen is the current writer of the Asgardian comic book “Journey Into Mystery,” which used to be also the main Thor title for many, many years. I have not seen someone work so easily with the cast of Asgardian characters, as Gillen has, since the era of Walt Simonson. While having a very strong grasp on the supporting cast of Thor’s universe, he really has excelled with writing Loki the God of Mischief. Not an easy character to write, Loki is as complex and deep a character as you can find.


What makes Gillen so successful in writing the Asgardians, is that he not only respects the past history of the characters but also puts his own touch on them. This is where a talented writer like Matt Fraction struggles deeply with writing the current Thor title and many Thor fans are begging Marvel to place Gillen on the main title.


Stan Lee

There may not be a more important creator in the history of comic books than the man of the movie cameo, Stan Lee. Whether you like the man or not, you have to respect everything that he has done in the business. Lee has had a hand in the creation of some of the most well known characters not just for Marvel Comics but in the entire comic book industry. The one thing that Lee contributed to the creation of these character is that he knew that even though they possessed super powers, they were normal people underneath and flawed.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Even though he has almost become a caricature of himself in the last few years, you can not deny how important his contribution was, and still continues to be, to the worl;d fo comic books. If Yankee Stadium was the “The House That Ruth Built” than Marvel Comics is “The House That Stan Built.”


Ed Brubaker

Once in awhile we see someone come into the writing chores on a title and right away they have a great grasp on the character and it’s universe. Walt Simonson had this happen when he took over The Mighty Thor and it happened a second time for Marvel Comics when Ed brubaker took over the writing chores on Captain America. To me, the ideal run on the book was when Brubaker was at the writing helm and his stamp on the character will not be lost any time soon.

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as Captain America

What makes Brubaker’s run on the title so amazing is that he had crafted amazing stories for two different men who were both Captain America. Rogers and Barnes were two very different characters and what they brought to the role of Cap was different, even if they ended up achieving the same result in the end. Even though he made sure to display what made each of them different, he also stressed how they were similar as well.

That is part 1 of the list! Look for part 2 soon!


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