Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 ?????

When Marvel Studios announced that there was a collector’s edition for The Avengers that would include all the lead in movies along with the big movie, a bonus blu ray of extras, a replica suitcase with Tesseract like Nick Fury had in the film and other cool extras I was on board. Heck, I pre-ordered it! The name of the set really caught my eye though as it is titled: “Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Avengers Assembled.”

This is not only a great name but also confirms that Marvel has established a groundwork for the future movies of this cinematic universe as well. We all knew that Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 would eventually be released to theatres but what also movies could join them to expand the already large world.

Well……… we know!

At San Deigo Comic Con this past weekend, Marvel made a huge impression to it’s fans. First they brought the new Iron Man armour from Iron Man 3, as well as Tony Stark’s hall of armours. The display looked freaking amazing and it served the purpose of getting the fans amped up for the first release under the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 banner.

They are Iron Man!

How could they possibly one up that amazing display? Well, they announced the official titles to Thor 2 and Captain America 2 as well as announced the two newest movies to join the MCU. Want to jump in and see what has comic book fans all excited? Sure ya do!!


The often maligned film is now officially joining the MCU and patrons of SDCC were treated to not just the announcement that the movie is “officially” going forward but were also presented some footage of the film’s effects. Here is a description:

He attacks the duo, rapidly grows to full size, and then shrinks back down, an effect that goes on throughout the fight. There’s plenty of Wright-esque humor and style involved – clear even through the green screens and wires, especially when Ant-Man runs across a gun barrel to dislodge one of the guard’s teeth. After kicking proper butt, Ant-Man steps into the elevator the men had been guarding and takes a somewhat comedic pause before pressing the button.

Ant-Man’s helmet has something of an Iron Manstyle to it, with a vintage undersea diving bent, including a mouthpiece and ventilation pipe on the left and right side, curving around to a pack on the back of his neck. The armor is dark gray with deep maroon plates in the center of his chest, legs and helmet.

Marvel also announced the newest member to the MCU was the galactic movie event known as “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” The film could be the most interesting of the five that were discussed as it could follow the comic book “The Thanos Imperative” and be the first true introduction of Thanos to the movie-verse. In that story, the Guardians are on watch duty over the imprisoned Thanos and it could lend itself favourably in this regard.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art

The movie could start with a breakout of Thanos from the Guardians and then  tell the story of their efforts to capture him. It could be a prequel to his appearance in The Avengers. At the end of the movie he could appear to be self reflecting on the entire events and be preparing his siege of Earth.

This movie potentially could be the best of the bunch and I am VERY excited for it. The return of one my favorite characters appears to be hinted at here with the title. Marvel is seriously teasing that Bucky Barnes will not only return for this movie but will also be under the name of The Winter Soldier.

The Winter Soldier is one of my favorite characters and will provide an amazing foil to Cap, and could create some amazing moments as Steve not only has to try to deal with the return of his best friend, his failure to save him originally and also his current persona of The Winter Soldier.

The emotional weight of the story could be the most intense of all the movies that they are working on for Phase 3.

The most anticipated movie of the lot was the news of Thor’s sequel. It’s name is “Thor: The Dark World” and not much was discussed about the film. The original cast, minus Josh Dallas, will be returning for the sequel and Anthony Hopkins was hinting at the possibility of Jane Foster and Odin crossing paths in this movie.

“I haven’t got a script yet but I believe Natalie and I have some scenes together this time.”

We do not know what the Dark World is but there are two immediate possibilities. It could be an interpretation of the comics volume 2 staory arc about the Dark Gods by Dan Jurgens. The other possibility is that it may be a direct reference to one of the 9 Realms. Perhaps it is a hint at us seeing Svartalfheim, the home of the Dark Elves.

This would open us up to at least one more world to explore in Thor’s universe and could be the initial gateway to many more. No matter which was they go I am super excited for this movie. More Thor!!!!


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