The Random Rants 1st Anniversary!!!!!!

On the fateful day of July 6th 2011, I decided to take a stab at writing again but this time in a much different format. Previously I had mostly written poems, short stories, attempted (but rarely completed) novels and screen plays but not this time. That day I decided to create a blog that I could share my opinions and had the foresight to keep the theme random so I could discuss any topic under a much larger umbrella.

On that day “The Random Rants” blog was born. I have covered many topics in the past 12 months that have taken many formats and I felt it was time to celebrate this milestone. Well actually, I am celebrating 2 milestones, as I also just achieved a lifetime milestone of 50 000 views all time. I also destroyed my previous single day high of views of 448 back on May 28th 2012 with an incredible 884. The blog has slowly grown and has now settled in at 300 to 500 views a day. I never envisioned these numbers when I was first lucky enough to hit 50 to 100 views a day.

So I decided to share my top 10 memorable moments in the history of this blog to commemorate the 50 000 all time views and the 1 year anniversary of it’s creation. These will be numbered and starting from #10 and ending at #1 of course.

Monster High

10 – Monster High And Why I Support It

This blog was something I wrote on a day that I missed my daughter….a lot. She is as infatuated with Monster High and it’s characters/dolls as I was with Transformers when I was growing up. The big reason why I had to include this blog on my list is that it is responsible for two milestones for this blog. Firstly, it had almost 400 views on it’s on May 28th 2012, which was a single day high for any blog I have written. Secondly, it was the reason I achieved 884 views and a single day high for the blog on that day.

Azrael from DC Comics

9 – Azrael The Avenging Angel – The Screenplay

I originally started this screenplay treatment back on Jabuary 22nd 2010. I have always been a huge fan of the DC Comics character Azrael and feel that he would make an interesting movie project if DC ever attempted it. I took it upon myself to get the ball rolling and hammered out the pages you can see in the blog post for the project. It makes the list as I received very positive feedback from both professional writers and long suffering Azrael fans, who were happy to see one of their favorite characters getting some attention.

Why I Love Deadpool

8 – Why I Love Deadpool

Deadpool is a comic book character that people either love or hate. There is really no in between with him at all. Since I am a huge fan, I wrote a small blog about why the character appeals to me and it must have struck a chord with readers as well. For this one single blog has been the most viewed article on this blog for an entire year. Almost every day it has topped the most viewed blog for the day, I think I can count on one hand when it wasn’t, and I realize that it has to be in this list as well as it continues to bring new readers to my little section of the web.

REVIEW: Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes “Secret Invasion”

7 – REVIEW: Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes “Secret Invasion”

I have been a huge supporter, fan and viewer of the Marvel Comics cartoon show “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” After a long delay of Season 2, I was extremely excited to see the conclusion of the Skrull Secret Invasion story arc that was started at the end of Season 1. The episode was such a big deal to me as it was the first episode that Thor returned to Earth to rejoin The Avengers and he also wore his current Olivier Coipel designed costume. Even though the final episode “Avengers Assemble” is my favorite of both seasons, this one had some great Thor moments.

CD Review: Imaginaerum by Nightwish

6 – CD Review: Imaginaerum by Nightwish

I do think i have ever been so excited for a CD release as I was for the newest Nightwish album “Imaginaerum.” The day I received my Collectors Edition 2 Disc set in the mail, I cleared my agenda to do a track by track listen session / review for the blog. The review that you can read by clicking the link above was written real time as I was listening to the CD and is my honest feelings about each song as I heard them for the very first time. The effort from the band is not just their best album ever, but also one of the best I have ever heard.

Tarja vs Anette – The Nightwish Debate

5 – Tarja vs Anette – The Nightwish Debate

Ever since she was first selected to replace Tarja Turunen, no one has endured the amount of criticism as Anette Olzon. I am a fan of both female vocalists but find I am drawn more to Anette for her rock and roll background. Nightwish fans are split on the topic of who should be singer, instead of just accepting who IS the singer, and I thought I would take a stab at the debate. The blog was well received and appeared on the website for one of the top Anette Olzon fansites on the web Anette Olzon Central, as well as it was used in a Nightwish fan forum in Russia to debate the topic.



I was anticipating this movie since the very first Iron Man movie hit the big screen back in 2008. From thenb on, marvel painstakingly created a huge movie universe that saw all their major character cross over into one giant team franchise movie. This type of project was never attempted before and it changed the comic book movie and movies in general from here on out. I wrote this movie review after watching The Avengers in Imax 3D, which was a first for me, and it was penned when I was emotionally drained from the experience. It is a real and raw view of the film moments after experiencing it.

My 10,000th Blog View……8 Simple Questions….

3 – My 10,000th Blog View……8 Simple Questions….

This blog earned such a high ranking on the list for two reasons. The first reason is it was to celebrate the very first big milestone I achieved with this project and it was an all time view count of 10 000 views. The second is it allowed me to conduct my very first interview with someone I look up to as a writer, consider a mentor and a good friend. Mr. Brian Metzer covers my favorite hockey team, The Pittsburgh Penguins. I thought it would be a very interesting experience to turn the tables on Brian and have him answering questions instead of asking them.

The Best In The World………

2 –The Best In The World………

This is the first blog that garnered my little wiring project any attention. It was read by fellow Penguin fans and created a loyal audience that still follows my writing to this very day. Some of the readers thought so highly of the article that they sent it off to various Pittsburgh radio stations to be posted on their web sites. The highest praise I could receive on this piece that I had written was when Brian Metzer commented on how much he enjoyed it. This one little write up about the return of the player I currently would label as my favorite proved to me that the blogs I had written were not just for me any longer.



Anyone who knows me, knows I am deep into the rock and roll scene in Finland. One of the bands I discovered making fantastic music over there was Free Spirit. A throwback to the 1980’s hard rock scene, the band possessed a unique sound and amazing vocal harmonies. I wrote a small bit about them in a blog with other bands and noticed a spike in hits. The lead singer, Sami Alho had placed that blurb in the band’s official website and then emailed me to thank me for the kind words. I told Sami I could not purchase their debut CD “Pale Sister Of Light” anywhere and he sent me a direct link to buy it. When the CD arrived I reviewed it, was blown away and scored it an amazing 9/10. The band then used my review to on the website as well, which was simply amazing to me. To have that opportunity is something I never imagined but it got better. I put myself completely out there and inquired if I could interview the band for their first North American interview and they said yes. My mind was blown and when the answers to my questions were sent back to me by Sami, I realized I had achieved much more with this blog than I ever thought I would. It validated my desire to not just start the project but also put my opinions and myself out there. For the third time I appeared on their main page of the web site and I have been doing everything I can to spread the name of the band.


So there you have it! My top 10 posts / moments with my little section of the internet. What are your favorite posts? Let me know in the comments!!!


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