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As I was searching Google to see how this blog turned up in different searches, I stumbled across a column I penned as a guest columnist for Canada’s largest news/sports/entertainment website Canoe. The column was titled “Kane should be WWF champ” and was the very first published written work I had ever done.

Inspired by this piece of history I decided to list my 10 all time favorite wrestlers, along with a little blurb on why they are the top of my list. I am not going to number the positions in the list as I like each of these wrestlers and found it very difficult to try and grade them.

Let’s get going! Making their way to the ring……..


Once Sting dropped the surfer boy look and became “The Crow” more or less, I was hooked right away. However, no matter what version of the character he has developed, Sting is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. He combined athleticism, great promo skills and the ability to tell a story in the ring to make himself a legend and a true icon.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart

The most exciting wrestling matches I can remember watching are Bret Hart matches. Being a patriotic Canadian, I supported Bret right away as he is from the hotbed of pro wrestling. That is of course Calgary, Alberta Canada. Small for a Heavyweight champion and having average mic skills, Bret made up for it by being one of the most technically sound wrestlers ever. He also could put on 5 star matches with anyone in the locker room, no matter their limitations.


I have always been a fan of the “characters” of wrestlers, along with the actual wrestler themselves and Kane is a perfect example of it. The inspiration of my very first written article that was published online 12 years ago, the character may have been the most developed since it’s inception many years ago. For a near 7 foot man, Kane moved like a smaller man but also was fantastic at making believe he was a legit monster.


One thing I  really enjoyed about ECW Wrestling back in the day was the wrestler known as Raven. He looked like a grunge musician but spoke like a gothic poet and wrestled a hardcore style. Raven excelled in his use of ring psychology and is one of the brightest minds in the business. While in WCW, I could not wait for his Nirvana-esque theme to play and to hear him spew out an Edgar Allen Poe like promo.

Ax and Smash of Demolition

No tag team caught my eye growing up more than Ax and Smash of Demolition. They were deemed “Road Warrior” rip-offs but Demolition is my favorite tag team of all time and they carved their own identity in the world of pro wrestling. From the amazing entrance theme (that I admit to buying the Piledriver cassette for) to their awesome face paint and their brutal power moves, Demolition should be held in a higher regard for what they accomplished.

Hawk and Animal of The Road Warriors

One of the tag teams that used to captivate me as a youngster was The Road Warriors. I used to buy Pro-Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler magazines just so I could read about them. They are arguably the greatest tag team of all time as they have held gold in the major organizations back when titles meant more and the talent did not jump from company to company. I remember watching their scaffold match as a kid and being blown away by the spectacle.

CM Punk

The only wrestler I truly find entertaining right now in the current state of wrestling is CM Punk. One of the best talkers in the industry (and all time), a fantastic worker who can make any match feel “big” and a wrestler who seems to be able to have a 5 star match with a broom….CM Punk is currently “The Man.” A year ago he started engaging the audience with promos that were “shoots,” meaning their were about what was really going on in the WWE. We as fans ate it up as it was new and the the year of Punk has us wanting more.

The Undertaker

The first time I saw the Undertaker was when I was a youngster and my grandfather and I were watching the Saturday WWF Wrestling show that was on Saturdays. When Taker started to walk down the aisle to dispatch of random jobber guy, my grandfather turned to me and said “That is a bad man.” He was 100% right! Taker has had maybe the best gimmick of all time and even to this day I can’t wait to see him wrestle. He is one of the last few true legends in wrestling and continues to entertain us to this day.

Mick Foley

No matter what persona Mick Foley has used in the ring, he has been one of the hardest working wrestlers in the business. I was first introduced to Cactus Jack back when he was in WCW but he never truly broke through until he signed with the then WWF and developed the character of Mankind. A true hardcore icon, Foley put his body through hell to entertain the fans and became the face of hardcore wrestling. he also is the first wrestler to have a book published that he wrote himself and ushered in an era of everyone then releasing books. Foley is the man.

Mike Awesome

I can remember the first time I saw Mike Awesome in the Friday night ECW broadcast on TNN. He was wrestling a smaller opponent and was tossing him around like a bean bag. The first thing I noticed about Awesome though was that he was moving around the ring like a lightweight and could pull off top rope moves easily but then he had my complete attention when he “Awesome-bombed” ( a power bomb) his smaller opponent over the top rope and into the first and sometimes second row of the crowd. Mike Awesome was truly awesome!

Who was/is your favorite wrestler(s) and why??


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