The Uncanny Avengers????

The Uncanny Avengers

As I was quickly scanning the Thor Message Board over at Alvaro’s Comic Boards, I came across a very interesting post from a long time member that I found perplexing. He stated that he was over at the website Comic Book Resources and there was an article about the fall out from the latest (and huge) Marvel event “Avengers vs X-Men.”

Apparently Marvel is launching a new team book in October that will combine members of both teams and will be titled “The Uncanny Avengers.” I have included the picture that the person uploaded at the Thor board and I have to say I have mixed feelings on the idea.

First of all I am not a huge fan of all the costume changes. I do not mind Thor wearing a helmet that is more based on his movie helmet but I do not like the dual swords he has on his back. It just really does not sit well with me at all and it gives him way more of an Area vibe than Thor.

I am also not sure why The Hulk needs to wear purple armor. I suppose they will probably explain the situation in which he has to in the story but it just seems odd to me. Just like Havok’s look (or who I assume is Havok) in the Cyclops/Daredevil cross bred costume.

The only other thing that truly stands out is the return of Jean Grey in her classic “Marvel Girl” costume. This is something that has been teased and rumoured for the entire event, and as in comic books, we know it was bound to happen sooner or later.

What are your thoughts??



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