MOVIE REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man

I have literally just walked in the door from seeing the second Comic Book, and Marvel, movie this year. As I have stated previously, The Avengers has been the best comic book/super hero movie I have ever seen. I scored that movie at an unprecedented 11/10. It is the first perfect score that I have ever applied to any review I have done whether it be movies, television, music or anything else I felt the need to dissect.

I will follow my tried and true review format of listing PROs and CONs that will be followed by my parting thoughts and then a score out of 10. I find this format allowed me to have some creativity, find a really great flow in the writing process and also allow me to add my own touch to the review.

So strap on those webshooters, slide into that skin tight red and blue costume and let’s websling right into the thick of it!!!

He Does Whatever A Spider can!!!


– The actors and actresses that were cast for this movie were “Amazing!” (Yes the pun was intended.) Andrew Garfield gave the most accurate performance of Peter Parker/Spider-Man to date and Emma Stone was everything that Kirstin Dunst wasn’t as his love interest. There was a real chemistry between the two young actors and Stone’s Gwen Stacy was one of the most well rounded female characters in a comic book movie. Rhys Ifan was very good as Dr. Curt Connors/The lizard and the supporting cast of Dennis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field really added to the movie and made it special.

– The CGI was fantastic and never came off campy at all. The movements of Spider-Man, the look and movements of The Lizard and even the small animated animals were very well done. I do want to note that they did use real actors and stunt doubles as often as they could to allow the characters to be more real.

– How cool was it to see Spidey using webshooters!!!!!! I do not know why, but this was one of the things that I looked forward to the most as it presents many different story options for the character than if he generated the webbing himself.

– Having Oscorp and Norman Osborn mentioned (but not seen) made the movie feel like it was on a grander stage than the previous three movies. It was very similar (and as effective) as the end of Batman Begins when Batman is handed a Joker playing card by Gordon. It really adds a lot of depth to the universe and expands the universe of that character right away.

– I truly was captivated by how slowly Peter came to the decision to create Spider-Man, even in his most primitive sense, and the story never seemed to drag at all during this. Peter is the true underdog and you really get behind him during this film and you root for him the entire time.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

– The depth that they added to the character by fleshing out his back story was fantastic and a major highlight of the film. There is just a whole new dimension when a layer of this magnitude was scripted for this film. You felt like you really got to know Peter Parker and what made him tick.

– Andrew Garfield made Spider-Man be his old smart ass self and I gladly thank him for it!! Hearing Spidey spout of his one liners with his trade marked humor was something I was craving since Tobey Maguire’s performance was lacking this aspect.

– Even though the film was emotionally intense, darker and more gritty than the previous Spider-Man movies I found that the humor was fantastic. It was delivered in such a fantastic way and really gave us a breather from some of the most emotionally investing story I have had the pleasure of sitting through.

– I really enjoyed the first person views of Spider-Man doing his thing admist the skyscrappers of New York City. It was really a unique perspective that he had a glimpse of in The Avengers when Iron Man had that one scene where he was blasting the Chitauri. Even though some may find it too cheesy, I sat in the 2D showing thinking “Man, I wish this was 3D!!!!!”

– I was really wondering how they would try to create a difference between the movements and fighting styles of Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Boy did they step up to the plate! The fighting style in this film was much more of what I would expect from Spider-Man in the comics. He was constantly using his webbing and surroundings to his advantage.

– I really liked that the way the movie ended, as it presents the possibility of many different things happening. The one thing with Peter Parker as a character is that he is most interesting when he is struggling or viewed as the lovable loser. He is a character that seems fated to be always having to give up what he really wants for what is best for others.


– We all know from the trailers that Oscorp would be in the movie, even if Norman Osborn would only be mentioned and not shown. I was really hoping for their to be more references to other characters as well. Nothing as blatant as cameos but even vague moments would have been awesome.

– Is being emotionally drained from such an investing movie a CON? As I really became that emotionally invested in the story that was being told to us in the theatre. It really drew you in and I will admit that I cried twice during the movie.


I went into my viewing of The Amazing Spider-Man with very low expectations. I really did not like Spider-Man 3, even though Venom is one of my favorite comic book characters, and it left a terrible and bitter taste in my mouth. I was hoping for a good movie but never dreamed I would get a great movie.

This Spider-Man reboot succeeds because it does not try to modernize the character but it takes the character and places him in a modern setting and time. It also has many nods to things that are known to be in and/or happen in the comic books. It is also a rare time when a reboot is a better movie and story than the original.

SCORE:    9 / 10


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