104 Million Reasons For Penguin Fans To Be Happy

Sidney Crosby = A Penguin For Life

The Pittsburgh Penguin are all about grabbing the headlines of late eh? After already trading long time fan favorite and star Jordan Staal, then trading dependable defenceman Zybnek Michalek and letting the world know they are seeking to sign Zach Parise, or Ryan Suter or maybe even both they once again made the news.

It appears that captain Sidney Crosby is poised to sign a new contract that will ensure that he will remain a Pittsburgh Penguins for the remainder of his NHL career. The expected deal will be a 12 years contract worth 104.4 million dollars but knowing Sidney this had to have his favorite number involved of course. As per http://www.canoe.ca:

The club announced it has agreed to terms on a 12-year contract extension with captain Sidney Crosby that will pay him $104.4 million which, conveniently, works out to a cap hit of $8.7 million a year.

Crosby, of course, was born on 8/7/87 and wears number 87.”


The one thing I will say for all those that give Sid crap is, I have a question for you. How many other franchise players will take a contract that is not even close to what they could, and maybe should,  seek on the open market in a year? Crosby stated that he wanted a contract that would allow the Penguins to surround him with talented players and possibly win a Stanley Cup. Would Alexander Ovechkin do this?

It was the right time for the Penguins to step up and do the right thing by Crosby. This is the second straight contract that he signed for far less than the market value for a player of his pedigree, skill set, talent, dedication and leadership. He has done right by the team his entire career and now it is time for them to do the same.

It also has another effect as well. If you were Evgeni Malkin and you were negotiating a new contract, would you seek more than Crosby? I do not think he will. The mad man they call “Geno” elevated his game last season but also recognizes that for his success to continue, for the accolades to come and for another championship in Pittsburgh…..he will need to fall in line with what Sidney is making. It basically provides the Penguins with a soft salary cap and allows them the chance to try and land Parise and or Suter.

What are your thoughts on the contract?


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