REVIEWS: Through The Eyes Of Grizelda / The Great Vermin

Every once in awhile I will stray from the comics being produced by Marvel, DC and Image. There are times when I want to experience something different and I find that reading the work by independent creators can be a refreshing change of pace and open me up to a world of talented people that I never knew existed.

On The Random Rants Facebook Page (click the link and like) I was approached by Mr. Jason Lenox who was the writer and artist for his own independent comic book company named Ugli Studios. He sent me 2 different issues of his work and I am going to review each one and also promote the work of a talented comic book creator.

I do not want to assign a numerical score for the review as I feel I need to have seen a bigger body of work to make it fair, so I will state if I recommend the comic book or not.

Through The Eyes Of Grizelda

I have to say that of the two comic books that Jason sent to me, that this one caught my eye and imagination the best. There is a reason for that as I am a huge fanatic of history and mythology and am happy like a clam when they intertwine into one. This comic and it’s story does that and it does it very, very well.

Without ruining the story and ending of “The Eyes Of Grizelda”, I have to say that the use of an Egyptian theme driven story, the very crisp dialogue that was presented, the addition of a supernatural element and a very unique art style that has a very “organic feel” really presents a great reading experience.

The dynamic that is created between the two main characters is one I want to see more off and is very different than anything I have ever read before, and I have read a lot of comic books in my life time. I was completely caught off guard and yet completely enthralled in the story that was being presented to me.


The Great Vermin

If there ever was a complete contrast in style from “Through The Eyes Of Grizelda”, it is the second comic book that I read titled “The Great Vermin.” Would it hold up to “Through The Eyes Of Grizelda” and my appreciation of the title?

This book is a science fiction story that centers around a group of military-esque soldiers who were sent on a mission to exterminate a species that had been plaguing them and was seen as a huge threat. They are seen as a “scourge,” and they needed to be dealt with.

The art style is different than the previous comic book and is a little more traditional. I believe it is due to the fact that “Through The Eyes Of Grizelda” was set in a time period devoid of technology but “The Great Vermin” is set in a technological world. It is more crisp, more rigid lines and it really works for the story that is being laid out for us.

This story also has a twist that really sets the reader on their head. It really adds a dramatic punch to what we are seeing and also will make you think a little bit as to the future. The story does come off very sterile and it really works. If anything, it adds a punch to the story.

“Through The Eyes Of Grizelda” was a very organic vibe as I read it and “The Great Vermin” was the exact opposite, but my enjoyment is exactly the same.


I believe that Jason Lenox has not just great talent but a knack for crafting a story that will incorporate different elements which he gets to flow into a narrative that will have you hooked. This is a comic book creator I support and want to see get his work out there to the masses.

This is part of the reason I was excited to write this blog reviewing his work. I am networked with some other writers and am averaging 300 to 400 views a day right now, so this may get his talent some much needed exposure.

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