REVIEW: Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes “Secret Invasion”

I am in the minority and truly loved the Marvel Comics cross over event Secret Invasion back in 2008 from April to December. There were three obvious reasons as to why I loved the event so much and they are as follows:

1) The return of Thor in to the entire Marvel Universe. It was the first time that he mingled with the other heroes on a large scale since his return from death.

2) The return of Beta Ray Bill to the Marvel Universe. His last appearance was in the “Omega Flight” mini series in which he sacrificed himself to save his team.

3) The iconic return of “The Big 3.” Even though it was Bucky Barnes in the role of Captain America, it was awesome to see Iron Man, Captain America and Thor all together and fighting side by side.

Secret Invasion #7 cover featuring “The Big 3”

So when I saw that “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” cartoon was doing a Secret Invasion event (that actually started at the end of season 1) I was very, very pumped. The groundwork that has been laid throughout season 2 thus far has been really well done and this episode was going to be the one to see it all come to a head.

As with my usual reviews I will list the PROs and CONs of the episode as I see them and will end the review with my own synopsis as well. Will the Skrulls be successful with their invasion? Will Hulk return? Will Thor return? Will Captain America finally punch Skrull Cap in the face?

“Captain America” and his Skrull shadow


– I liked the idea of the Skrulls being an amalgamation of multiple heroes, and not just one hero. I know the traditional Skrulls during the comic Secret Invasion each replicated a specific hero, but the idea of having a Skrull have the powers of two heroes at once made it feel fresh and different than the comic book event. The Cyclops/Wolverine Skrull just looked bad ass.

– The Skrull that had infiltrated A.I.M. set the tone for the entire episode and was a great way to kick off the show. It cemented that they were a serious threat and were capable of wiping out who they wanted.

– I really like how they portray Ms. Marvel in the show. Carol is powerful and displays a warrior’s spirit. She is on par with Thor and Hulk for power levels on the team and is more or less a combination of the two in one character although with a female twist.

– The Skrull Queen, Veranke, was was written beautifully. I really liked how she would use the proper names of those she spoke with. Tony Stark was called Anthony, Steve Rogers was called Steven and Nick Fury was called Nicholas. It gave her a sense of royalty.

– How awesome has Hawkeye been this season? The answer….. immensely! He was pretty much a throw away character for most of last year but this season has really stepped up to really be the most important member of the team as he is the one constant that has driven them.

– The speech from Skrull Cap was really well written and even though it was out of character for Captain America, I liked that the Skrull Queen knew that if one person could unite the United States and have them fall under Skrull control it was him.

Thor brought the thunder!!!!!!!

– How freaking epic was the return of Thor!!! I was so excited to see him finally interact with the rest of his team mates again that I was literally bouncing up and down in my chair. His appearance heralded the battle with the Skrulls was about to sway in the Avengers direction.

– I know this is about Thor as well, but I just have to mention how awesome it was to see him in his Olivier Coipel costume. I love the costume and it is my favorite costume for Thor as it really taps into the Norse myth and Viking world.

– Another Thor moment….I know….there are a few but…..I have been waiting to hear him say “Avengers Assemble!” to start a huge battle and I was not disappointed! His bellowing of “For Migard!!!!” also made Thor fans very happy!

– How powerful and impactful was Thor? By himself he took down the Skrull command ship, but also single handedly took out 5 of the Super Skrulls and delivered the final blow to the end the battle.

– The Captain America versus Skrull Cap fight was well done. Even though the Skrull had the upper hand throughout the fight, it was Captain America’s inability to yield that drove home the point of how strong we as human beings are.

– I bet you can tell I enjoyed Thor having to be the one to destroy the Skrulls failsafe plan of using Earth’s satellites against itself right? I was surprised that the writers gave Thor the respect to not be affected due to being Asgardian. That was a plus, but also having him be the one to take them all out was great.

– “The Skrulls turned you against each other. Broken bones, destroyed buildings…these things are easily repaired. But broken friendships, broken trust…wounds such as these take much longer to heal.” – Thor to Ms Marvel to end the episode as Captain America walks off alone to come to terms with the Skrulls exploiting his likeness. Amazing line!


– I know that they were using the moment of Tony passing out and Maria not knowing what wire to attach for dramatic purposes but it felt flat to me. She had two wires to choose from and had a 50 / 50 chance at getting it right. If there would have been more possible chances for her to get it wrong, it would have made the moment she guessed and had it right more impactful.

– I was a little miffed that Thor did not show up until the final third of the episode. I know that waiting that long made it more important and powerful but as a Thor fan I wanted more Thunder God. A small gripe as he was the key player even though Fury said it would be Iron Man.

Ms Marvel is my second favourite Avenger in this show!

 SCORE:            9.5/10


This is by far the best episode of the show and is Thor’s best showing as well. That may be part of the reason why I like it so much. I know that Hulk was out of the picture but his absence allowed Thor to be treated more like the big gun for the team that he should be.

The constant highlights of season 2 continue to be Hawkeye and Ms Marvel, as both characters have been the driving force behind the Avengers each episode. I like the character development that both have received and they really shine here in “Secret Invasion.”

I am really bummed that the series will be cancelled after this season and we may not see the conclusion of “The Surtur Saga” that they have been laying the groundwork for but before they reboot the series into “Avengers Assemble,” I was glad to see an event of the magnitude of Secret Invasion.


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  1. this sounds awesome. haven’t ever watched it before but i liked secret invasion as well so ill have to check it out

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