A Mummy Who Breaks Down The Walls…….


 It is so refreshing to see celebrities not just encourage interaction with their loyal fans but also take part in it as well. One of the most accessible musicians I have encountered as a fan is the guitarist for the heavy metal band Lordi. He is the Egyptian mummy from hell…..Amen!

The amazingly talented guitarist from Finland is always interacting with his fans over his twitter account @AmenOfficial and they love him for it. I have had two interactions with Amen over the past little while. The first time was a Sunday morning when I had just finished watching Lordi music videos, specifically the Wacken 2003 performance of “Would You Love A Monsterman,” and I decided to see what was happening on Twitter.

A Mummy Who Will Kick Your Ass!!!!

I saw that Amen was active on Twitter and after building up the courage, tossed him a tweet that simply said “Amen….you rock!!!!!  \m/” I was not expecting any reply in return and was extremely surprised when he replied to the tweet by posting his signature double horn hand gesture “\mm/” It not only made my day but also was a very cool brush with one of my favourite musicians.

Then today I decided to toss Amen another tweet after an intense listening session of music by Lordi and Nightwish. Now I know what you are thinking, “Jason, if you are Canadian….why do you listen to a lot of bands from Finland?” The answer is quite simple actually, the music kicks major ass and it like nothing I have ever heard before. To get this back on track. I sent the following tweet to Amen, that he then retweeted for everyone in the world to see.

@AmenOfficial I would love to see you and Marco Hietala of Nightwish collaborate on a song together!!! 2 of my fav bands and musicians!!

Retweeted by Amen

Amen rocking out in one of his older costumes.

Amen is one of the most underrated guitar players in the world today and he is also a member of one of the most underrated bands in the world. Lordi has such a unique sound and Amen adds the “soul” to the band and to their sound. When you experience a guitar solo, like he plays in “It Snows In Hell,” it really captures your attention. His skill and passion radiates from his play and it truly adds a depth to the music that Lordi creates.

This is my little tribute to a great guitar player, a great creative mind and a great person. It really shows that there are those musicians and celebrities who do actually appreciate their fans. If you are reading this and have no idea “Who the Mummy is?” Do yourself a favor. Stop reading this. Go to search for the band online and listen to their music. Then buy their cds. Thank me later.


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1 Response to A Mummy Who Breaks Down The Walls…….

  1. Thijs Kivits says:

    Hello Jason,

    Amen seems like a nice guy to me. Despite I’m not a metal fan, I do like some Lordi songs like Devil Is A Loser, Hard Rock Hallelujah, Rock The Hell Outta You and Bringing Back The Balls To Rock (and a few more).

    Maybe it’s good to know that Amen doesn’t play the solo on It Snows In Hell. That was Bruce Kulick from KISS. Mr. Lordi is a huge KISS fan and so am I.

    Regards from the Netherlands!

    – Thijs

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