Hey DJ……….Drop Me A Beat……

Ok I know that the title to this Rant is a little misleading, especially if you were expecting this to be about a rave and a DJ dropping killer beats on a set of turntables. I know it is entrapment but we all just need to deal with it ok? This blog is instead about one of my favourite guitar players. Who is this man? Well, he is currently the lead guitarist for the “current” Guns ‘N’ Roses and Sixx A.M……. DJ Ashba.

Two things were very evident when I first discovered the music of Ashba for the very first time, the man can play a killer guitar and he has a very unique style that is entirely his own. So it is really quite easy to remember him when you encounter him for the very first time.

DJ Ashba rocking it

In 2007, Ashba played on “The Heroin Diaries” CD under the name “SIXX A.M.” with Nikki Sixx and James Michael. At first Nikki had stated that the group was never going to be a touring band but would just be a studio side project outside of Motley Crue. After the success of the single “Life Is Beautiful,” Nikki took the band on the road with Motley Crue on “Crue Fest” in 2008.

The band is still recording and released the CD “This Is Gonna Hurt” in 2011 and there is talk of once again hitting the road this year at some point. It will be a tough tour to set up logistically as Motley Crue is on tour all summer with KISS and Guns ‘N’ Roses is touring Europe right now as well.

Ashba playing the solo during “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

During a SIXX A.M. hiatus (so Motley Crue could play a series of Las Vegas shows) Ashba was named the new lead guitarist of Axl Rose’s “Current” Guns ‘N’ Roses line-up. Ever since he brought back the GnR name, Axl has had a rotating cast of band members and Ashba was brought into the fold to replace Robin Fink in 2009.

He was a huge improvement over Fink and seemed to add not just stellar guitar playing to the band but also a personality and charisma that was missing from the band since the original line-up was together. He brings a swagger to the band that was lacking as well.

Ashba has a unique look and sound

Not just resting on his musical laurels, Ashba also has founded two companies that work in different areas. The creative agency, Ashba Media Inc, designs every Virgin Mega Store in their look and vibe but also has the clients Royal Underground (Nikki Sixx’s clothing line,) Ovation Guitars and many, many more.

He also has the company named Ashbaland Inc that handles the music side of the business. The studio is where he dabbles with demos and projects outside of the two bands that he is a part of.

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