Post Avengers – Iron Man III News

Even though Marvel just dropped one of the most amazing and successful movies of all time into out laps this year, we will luckily not have a lot of time to wait for the next Marvel movie. As I currently write this Rant, production on the third movie in the Iron Man franchise is underway. Robert Downey Jr will once again reprise the role that he seemed destined to play in Tony Stark.

There has been a lot of news floating around about this movie and it honestly is the best movie for Marvel to lead out with after the Avengers. It is the most established franchise out of the 4 that make up the “Avengers-verse” which allows them to tweak the formula that they have used so successfully going forward.

The Iron Patriot?!?!?!?!

The biggest news to me that has broken out from the work done on Iron Man III so far is the images that have surfaced of the “Iron Patriot.” Who is the Iron Patriot you ask? Well I can help with that. As per his wikipedia page:

“Norman Osborn attempts to distance himself from his Green Goblin persona after being prescribed medication. During the “Civil War” over the Superhuman Registration Act, Osborn is appointed director of the superhero team the Thunderbolts, now tasked to apprehend anyone who resists registering. During the “Secret Invasion” by the shape-shifting alien race the Skrulls, Osborn kills the Skrull queen Veranke, leader of the invasion, by shooting her. He leverages this widely publicized success in defeating the Skrulls to replace Tony Stark as director of S.H.I.E.L.D., which he in turn replaces withH.A.M.M.E.R., a paramilitary force he uses to advance his agenda.[47] Osborn simultaneously formed an alliance called the Cabal with Doctor Doom,Emma FrostNamorLoki, and the Hood,[48] but this ‘alliance’ quickly falls apart when Namor and Frost betrayed the Cabal to aid the X-Men.

Iron Patriot from Marvel Comics “The Dark Avengers”

His attempts to exert his authority were increasingly jeopardized by various superheroes. This includes Tony Stark tricking Osborn into attacking him while Stark was suffering from brain damage in his original suit of armor- thus showing Osborn brutally assaulting a man physically and mentally incapable of even attempting to strike back-,[49] and the New Avengers using a tracking device Osborn had planted in Luke Cage to trick Osborn into blowing up his own house.[50] Osborn then creates a rationale to invade Asgard, claiming it poses a national security threat. During a pitched battle with several superheroes, the Sentry causes Asgard to fall to Earth. Stark removes the Iron Patriot’s armor remotely, revealing a maddened Osborn wearing green facepaint with yellow paint to create a goblin-like look. He tells them they are all dead as the Void is released.[51] Osborn knocks out Captain America and tries to escape, but is captured by Volstagg, and is incarcerated in The Raft penitentiary, where he blames his Green Goblin alter-ego for ruining his chance to protect the world.[52]

Of course the identity of the person in the Iron Patriot armor would not be Norman Osborn as Sony would own the rights to the character as he is a part of the Spider-Man universe, and only Sony can make a Spider-man movie. So if it isn’t crazy Norman Osborn……then who is it???

I am hoping that it is either a new character or that Marvel has decided to dust off a mostly “unknown” character that has a serious vendetta against Tony Stark. If the Extremis story is what they are adapting to the big screen, then there will need to be another person who goes through the process before Tony Stark, and would be the perfect foil to our hero.

Norman…………is that you?!?!?!?!?!?!

What if it is the Mandarin who is behind the unknown person going through the process because he wants to finally address the way Stark dismantled his “Ten Ring” gang in the very first Iron Man movie? Maybe he is a an American military hero or a highly decorated police officer that the government has chosen to go through the process to help them “police” these super powered individuals that are cropping up more frequently. Maybe it is a combination of both?

I really like the potential of the idea , as I am just speculating on the photos that have been leaked so far, as it could present a very unique avenue for the director to pursue. I really like the idea of the government sponsoring a “hero” to try to keep Iron Man in check, especially after his questionable behavior in Iron Man II, as well as he will have all the fall out from The Avengers that he will need to answer for.

Will there also be a post credits scene after this movie? I am hoping so, as Marvel has taken a very seldom used idea (previously) and truly made it their signature thing. I am hoping they do not tease the next movie to follow Iron Man III, which is Thor and it kills me to say that. I really think they could use the after credit scenes to really start establishing Thanos and his motivation for what he will do in Avengers II.


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