Top 10 Albums I Own

As I was watching some television today, a commercial inspired me for some reason to try to come up with the The Top 10 Albums (Cds for you younger folks) that I currently have in my music collection. I knew that this would be a difficult process but I did finally streamline all my possible choices down to 10 amazing albums that I own and still listen to on a regular basis.

Now I will say that this is my own CD collection and is my opinion that is based on my collection. There may be people who disagree with my choices and the order they rank in but it is my collection, my list and my love of the music.

Are you ready to rock and roll??   \m/  O.O   \m/

#1 – Imaginaerum by Nightwish

For the longest time, KISS Alive! was the number one album that I owned but things changed this year and it changed in a big way. This year brought the latest Nightwish album “Imaginaerum” that was nothing short of a masterpiece and became the cd I listen to the most out of all the ones I own.

The CD is the second to feature vocalist Anette Olzon, has much more vocals parts for Marco Hietala and flows from the first track on the CD to the last, but all the while the songs continue to get better as the album plays on. Each song continues to get better and that is extremely rare in the music industry today.

#2 – Alive! By KISS

This was the very first KISS cd that I owned, was the very first double CD set that I owned and was the first live CD that I owned. For those reasons alone it was a special purchase but it was so much more than that. This CD opened my eyes, mind, ears and world to a band that would go on to dominate my hobbies and my wallet.

KISS changed my life as they were the first band to be “more” than just music to me. The stage show was massive (whether during the make-up era or non make-up era,) the way they interacted with the crowd, the energy of the KISS Army in attendance….Alive! captured it all perfectly. The first time I heard this CD I joined the KISS Army for life.

#3 = Appetite For Destruction by Guns N Roses

When I was growing up, I remember that there was one cassette tape I was not allowed to own as my grandmother and mother said it was “very, very bad.” What was that evil cassette tape? “Appetite For Destruction” by Guns N Roses. The music contained on the debut effort by GnR was raw, raunchy, had some swearing and was some of the best music of the 80’s.

This CD was one of the first ones I bought when I was old enough in my families eyes to own such a masterpiece. Everything about this album was perfect from Axl’s vocals, Slash’s amazing guitar playing, Duff’s thumping bass and Steven’s brutal drums…..this CD had it all and gave us some of the biggest Rock hits of the late 80’s that still resonate today.

#4 – Once by Nightwish

Back in 2004, I was first introduced to Finnish band Nightwish from this amazing CD that spawned their massive hit “Wish I Had An Angel.” At this time I was very disenchanted in the music scene and was ready to give up hope that there was any chance of it being rejuvenated for me. Then along came Nightwish and I experienced a musical awakening.

Nightwish opened the door to a music scene I never knew existed overseas and for that this CD deserves the number one spot more than any other but how it sits at #4 after weighing the most important factor I used to rank these CDs, how much I listen to them on a regular basis. I love “Once” and realize how much of an impact it has left on me.

#5 – Hysteria by Def Leppard

It’s funny that as much as my family was against me buying “Appetite For Destruction,” they were really on board for me to buy “Hysteria.” It was just as huge as GnR’s amazing album but was on the other opposite of the spectrum completely. The CD is one from an era where there may have been 4 to 5 great tunes on an album and the rest were really nothing more than filler tunes, but “Hysteria” was a great listen from start to finish.

This CD still gets a regular rotation from me when I am listening to music as I write or just feel the need to lose myself for awhile. The song writing is top notch and the vocal harmonizing is still a thing of beauty, and of course the terrible tragedies that have followed the band also adds to the experience.

#6 – Pale Sister Of Light by Free Spirit

This band is one of my greatest discoveries when exploring the world of music over seas and is one of the by products of finding Nightwish in 2004. This debut CD for the band that dropped in 2009 is one of the tightiest and most amazing sounding debut recordings I have ever heard. They are a throw back to the 1980’s rock scene that was driven by the “hair bands” of the time.

Each song on this CD is amazing and the band sounds like a strange but simply amazing hodge podge of Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Poison. Their vocal harmonies are on par with Def Leppard and their musicianship is top notch. The guys have also been very good to me with an exclusive interview ( and review of this CD (

#7 – The Ozzman Cometh by Ozzy Osbourne

The very first Ozzy CD that I purchased, “The Ozzman Cometh” is a greatest hits cd that includes hits from his solo artist career but also his time as the front man of Black Sabbath. The track list was a great jumping on point for me as being a new Ozzy fan, as it allowed me to delve into some really great music from 2 amazing periods of his career.

Everything about this CD is awesome, and it was the actual cover that caught my eye initially. The gold cross on the black background was very simple but very effective, as it actually made me pick up the CD physically and flip the disc over and see what songs were on it. I still throw this one in when I feel the need to jump aboard the “Crazy Train” and need to go for a ride.

#8 – Revenge by KISS

The best non make-up album released by KISS, I think that “Revenge” is one of the band’s tightest albums and it also has a special place in my heart as it was the first CD to be released after the death of Eric Carr. The music contained on the CD is one of the heaviest albums in the band’s history and I feel is more of sister album to “Creatures Of The Night.”

Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick’s influence was felt in the music as it is very guitar driven and the drums were very prominent throughout. There is a great range of musical style as “Unholy” is one of the heaviest songs ever recorded by the band” and “Everytime I Look At You” is an amazing ballad that should have been a huge hit but the record label bailed on the song and the CD.

#9 – Zombilation by Lordi

Lordi was another band that was discovered by my exploring the music scene in Finland and is one of the most interesting bands I have ever seen and heard. They were heavily inspired by KISS and seeing them in concert is what turned the light on for Mr. Lordi to create his own band. Knowing that they wanted the theatrical impact of their heroes, Lordi dove into the “horror – rock” genre.

This is a greatest hits CD for the band and it contains all of their well songs but also is a great place for a new fan to start their journey with Lordi. The cover of the album really does set the tone for the music, as it is heavily inspired by the horror genre and presents a very unique listening experience.

#10 – Keep The Faith by Bon Jovi

To me, this is the best album released by Bon Jovi as it really is a documented maturation and evolution of the band musically. It is more remembered as the CD in which Jon Bon Jovi cut his long hair, but it is the music that really stands out to me. The title track off of the cd is one of my favorite songs and part of it is due to the really driving bass line and the lyrics that speaks to me.

“Keep The Faith” was the first real change in the Bon Jovi machine and it was at the right time as it showed that the band was a lot more than being an arena hair metal band and had the ability to evolve with the changes in the music scene.


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