While on vacation last week in Halifax, I was finally able to find the movie Immortals on blu ray and picked it up previously viewed. I had good expectations for this movie as I am a huge history and mythology buff, and I knew that Zeus and the Greek Pantheon were heavily featured in this movie.

I am going to use my now familiar review format of PROS and CONS to describe my viewing experience of the movie and will also assign a numerical score based on how much I enjoyed the film.

Will “Immortals” truly stand the test of time?

Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion


– The story that was told in the movie was interesting in concept and it really hit every “nail” it could to get my attention. We have seen this type of story played out before on film but I was emotionally involved from the get go.

– Another movie in which Mickey Rourke was simply amazing and I could not wait to see his character, “King Hyperion,” on screen. He was very brutal, vicious and honest in his evil intentions from the very start of the movie.

– I also really enjoyed the character of Theseus, played by Henry Cavill. The character was a little too straight forward and cliche but he still played the role extremely well and had you feeling his anger and pain.

– The use of the Greek Pantheon of Gods was cool. I will find something redeeming and interesting in any movie or book that uses mythology and this movie fits that mould. I also like that they kind of used some the myths in a practical sense as well.

Henry Cavill as Theseus


– I was really excited for this movie based on the Pantheon used but the way the Gods were portrayed was very disappointing. Zeus really should have been played by someone so young. I know that they stated that they were in their mortal forms but the look of Zeus just seemed “off” and he did not have the sense of power that he needed to have.

– Any scenes of the Gods fighting were terrible. They used a “Matrix” style of slow motion that was supposed to add drama to the scene but I found it killed any momentum that the scene had built up to that point. I do not mind slow motion once in awhile, as it will heighten a battle scene if used correctly but it was so overused here that it became painful to watch.

– The ending of the movie left me unfulfilled and uneasy. I know we were supposed to feel a sense of “epic” at the end of the movie when the son of Theseus was looking at the monument to his father, I did not feel anything… all. Usually during that type of scene I would feel emotions as the scene unfolds. For this movie the scene felt flat and forced to me.

– The armour of Hyperion and of the Greek Pantheon looked rather ridiculous to me. I liked the helmet that Zeus and Athena wore but Hyperion’s helmet was so terrible looking that it actually killed any sense of dread that Rourke created in his performance.

– The CGI gore looked a little cheap in this movie. I know that more and more movies are using this type of effect but it just came off really campy and I got the feeling that they were really just trying to make it more and more ridiculous as the story progressed.

– The movie is set up to make you believe that “The Titans” are the most vicious and dangerous fighting force in existence. They could stand toe to toe with the Gods, even kill them but when they were finally released they did not seem all that stupendous to me. There is nothing special about them at all and I felt cheated .

Isabel Lucas as Athena

SCORE:       6/10

I really, really wanted to like this movie. It is cut from the same cloth as a lot of movies  have enjoyed in the past and are a part of my Blu Ray / DVD library but it just did not deliver.

The story was interesting and had my attention but the execution of the film and the effect just turned me off and I actually had to break the viewing of the film up in to 2 separate days as I could not sit through one viewing in full.


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