After The Avengers…………….

Now that the movie experience known as “The Avengers” has come into our lives and changed them forever, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately concerning the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No matter what thoughts enter my mind about the movies and the characters, it all comes back to 2 very simple words…


We know that there are sequels coming for the main movie franchises. In a few weeks, Iron Man III will officially start production, August will see the start of production in Thor II and Captain America II will follow suit. Marvel has already confirmed that The Avengers II has been greenlit and work will start on the project as well.

I have already discussed what I want to see for these three franchises in the installments but I will give a brief recap. For Iron Man III, I want to see an adaptation of the Extremis story arc which was written by Warren Ellis. It would see Iron Man deal with his Extremis tech being stolen by the ( finally debuting) Mandarin. Extremis would bond the suit to Tony directly, so it would not be a separate suit of armour but an actual part of him. It is a huge change to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in regards to tech but it is feasible for it to naturally progress this way for Tony. You can read about the Extremis story arc here:

For Thor II, I would love to see an adaptation of the amazing Surtur Saga story arc which was written by Walt Simonson. The story sees the fire demon Surtur invade both Asgard and Earth, as he wants to let his sword which as known as Twilight, rest in the Eternal Flame that Odin keeps out of his reach. For if Surtur does get possession of the flame, then all existence will burn. This arc would allow two important things to happen 1) it would present a new, more powerful and potential epic villain in Surtur. This will also allow us to escape any possible Loki burnout, since he was a villain for the last two movies Thor was in. 2) In the arc, Loki arrives to stand beside his father and brother to save Asgard, as he realizes that he stands to lose as well if Surtur succeeds. He will not be a true “good guy,” but will selfishly do the right thing. It presents him in a new dynamic, keep his character fresh and allow his appearance during the final stand have a huge impact.

For Captain America II, I would want to see him have to come to terms with Hydra still existing in today’s world. You could have them be more of an underground organization under the control of Baron Zemo, who is trying to find the Red Skull. This will allow the viewers to see how Hydra has evolved, keep the potential of the character of the Red Skull in their minds, allow Zemo to make his debut and also have Cap dealing with the loss of Peggy Carter, the women he fell in lover with in his movie. The struggle to deal with his efforts to adapt to a new world, the loss of Peggy and the quietness of “peace time” would be an emotional story that would then be motivation as Cap discovers Hydra is still active and a serious threat.

The case of The Hulk is a little more….delicate. I know that Marvel and Hulk fans are chomping at the bit to have a third attempt at a successful movie franchise after the great performance of Mark Ruffalo and the character in The Avengers. Joss Whedon finally nailed the character, well both of them, and the CGI was damn near perfect. I am wondering if we should leave the Hulk as a movie character in only The Avengers franchise. This is a unique opportunity to start a “Smallville” type of show that shows a younger Bruce Banner dealing with being the Hulk in “year one” of the creatures existence. The character could be the same as Ruffalo’s but of course played by a younger actor. I would keep the perspective of The Hulk in a first person perspective whenever Banner transforms into the monster so we never really The Hulk. It would create a very unique perspective and give us the exact view of the character that Banner has.


I have heard rumors of a Black Widow or Hawkeye movie but I think it would be a huge mistake to do solo films of each character. Why not do a S.H.I.E.L.D. movie that acts as a prequel to The Avengers for all members of the group. It will allow Clark Gregg to reprise his role as Agent Coulson, we can see the history of the Black Widow and Hawkeye that was touched upon in The Avengers and we could be introduced to some potential future Avengers as Hank Pym aka Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp, Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel, as well as T’Challa aka The Black Panther and the start of the process to create The Vision android. An interesting idea would be to have the movie be current time with flashbacks to the past throughout the movie. The reason I like this idea is I think that Hank Pym could be used currently to create Vision but use the mind patterns of the deceased Agent Coulson to give the character a new life and Clark Gregg a way to still be involved.

So what do you think? Do you think the ideas I have are doable or do you have a different idea you would like to share?


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5 Responses to After The Avengers…………….

  1. If they did do solo movies for Hawkeye and Black Widow I think they should do their past or better yet put the two together. So show when the two worked together and stuff

    • I agree….I think it would work much better with them together in a movie and would be really cool to see their past…

      Especially where he is sent to kill her…they showed glimpses of their closeness in The Avengers but it would be awesome to see more…

      • I agree with that! 😀 I was curious about their past when they made a few mentions of it and showed that they were close. Think it was Budapest they mentioned as part of their past? remembering it differently 🙂 But yes I to am curious and think it be awesome to see more of what happened between the two of them and everything.

        I just can’t see the two having a solo movie :/ Seems like if they did it be missing something which would be the characters together 🙂 Even if they did do solo’s they should include Hawkeye in Black widow and Black widow in Hawkeye in some way or another even if it’s showing different versions of their past

  2. I really do not think that a solo movie for each character is a good idea either…for sure the best way to handle it would be to have them together especially if they were in Budapest but also flashed back to who they were before they met and then when he spared her…build on what was established already…kind of backwards to what they did with the other characters….they would build these two backwards…

    Renner and Johansson did the best they could to convey their special bond (with sparse screen time to do it) and it just has to be explored further ya know???

    • Yeah, they did a really good job showing their special bond but then it would also leave us hanging on the curiosity of their past and how this special bond formed and what they went through together.
      I think they should show when he went to kill her and spared her whether that part be long or not or even as you said flashbacks but also do the budapest just to see what that part was 🙂 Because I myself am curious since she said just like budapest and he said they both remember it very differently which makes me curious 🙂

      They made movies for the other avengers it would only make sense to make a movie for these two characters so we can get to know them better as well, otherwise we know the stories of all the others and understand them but with these two then we’d just be left with what little they have given us in avengers.

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