Vacation Is Winding Down….

Walking To The Halifax Waterfront

As I am sitting here on this Sunday morning, I am dealing with the terrible realization that my vacation is starting to quickly wind down. I am here until Tuesday morning in the beautiful city of Halifax, but like other visits to this city….I do not think I am ready to leave just yet.

The days I have been able to spend with my sister Kelsie and my nephews (Jayden and Cian) that live here, as well as spend some time with my sister Tasha and her boyfriend Paul who came in to join us a few days after I got here, made this a very memorable vacation.

Getting to see The Avengers (TWICE!!!!….so far) was such an amazing experience and it was fun to do it with people I enjoy being around. It was one of the main reasons I booked the vacation when I did back in January and it did not disappoint at all. If anything, it blew away my very high expectations.

At the Waterfront

The day that really seemed to pull it all together was yesterday, as Kelsie, Tasha, Paul and I spent the afternoon at the Halifax Waterfront. It is so surreal to see all the very tall buildings lining the immediate skyline as boats bob about the wharf they are tied to. We were not the only ones who wanted to experience it however, as there were many, many people there as well.

For our supper we decided to visit Stayner’s Wharf Pub and Restaurant and it was an amazing experience to be sure. There was a 5 piece swing band playing as we delved into our very generous sized Moo-chachos, which for the uneducated is chilli and cheese nachos with chicken and beef. I can not stress how good these were.


What is the point of a fantastic supper if we do not have a fantastic dessert right? So we hit up the Coldstone Creamery that is on the Waterfront as well as I was bragging about how amazing the ice-cream is there. If anyone has ever had ice-cream from Coldstone, then they know that it is prepared on a cold stone (literally) by someone who mixes everything in by hand. I ended up choosing the “Cookie  dough’nt ya want it” and it was awesome!

Cookie dough’nt ya want it

I was also able to snag two things I never ever thought I would get for less than 50.00 each. One thing I love (LOVE) about Halifax is that there are 3 different comic book stores. There is nothing like being able to walk into a store and browse through the merchandise first hand when you are used to buying everything online and having it mailed to you.

So imagine my surprise when I went to “Giant Robot Comics” ( and saw this fellow staring at me from the very far corner of a wall of action figures.

Loki Marvel Select Movie Figure

The Loki and Thor figures go for around 50.00 on average on eBay and are hard to get your hands on in Nova Scotia. So imagine my delight when I saw he was price at 20.00! I snapped him up so quick I am sure I made his little horned head spin in circles. The sculpt on the figure is amazing and it actually does look like Tom Hiddleston who played him in “Thor” and “The Avengers.”

The only issue is there is a Thor figure of this line as well that they did not have and have been sold out of for a year. I put it in the back of my mind for awhile and then visited “Strange Adventures Comics” ( and as I was looking for back issues noticed something hidden amongst other figures on the the back wall.

Thor Marvel Select Movie Figure

SCORE!!! I was very happy to once again only pay 20.00 for the figure and I never thought I would see the day I would own both for less than the price of one on eBay. This made the trip even better for me. I also visited an amazing comic store named “Quantum Frontier Games and Comic” ( that had a huge figure selection but limited back issue selection.

Well to be honest, all three locations did not dabble a whole lot in back issues as I was only able to find one I needed of Thor out of 3 stores and maybe 15 older issues to choose from between those three locations. So I guess I still have to use eBay for some shopping after all.

I will really miss Halifax when I leave on Tuesday, I always do really, as it is a place that stimulates you in so many ways and has so much to offer. I will enjoy the next 2 and a half days as much as possible.


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