State Of The Rant Address – Vacation Style!

On this overcast Wednesday in Halifax, Nova Scotia , I am sitting here thinking about the Blog and Pod Cast and I am very excited for the future of both creative outlets for me. Even though we are apparently about to get dumped on with a lot of rain (I promise Thor, I am going to see The Avengers a second time. No need to make the weather crappy) I thought it would be a great time to do a general “State Of The Rant” address.

I will separate the written blog and the pod cast into two different categories and discuss them independent of each other. We will look at some numbers and statistics, discuss what I think they mean and also where I think these two outlets are going.

There has been something happening with the written blog since April 29th that I can not explain before that date. You see, before that date between April 19th to April 28th I averaged 237.4 views per day. This is a great average (as I thought) as I was usually around the 175 to 190 mark on average for months before that.

Then came April 29th and things changed a little. From that until May 8th I am averaging 405.9 views. That is a difference of 168.5 views a day. This has been something I originally chalked up to a fluke and anomaly after the first few days but it has held very strong and I have already hit 76 views already today.

Could it have been just a side effect of “The Avengers” movie launch that happened April 27th internationally and May 4th in North America? I have dedicated a lot of time to the movie, comic books and characters, so I thought that was a good guess. However, when I go back and check the statistics on the days in question I see a variety of blogs were read.

As you can see from the above screenshot, there is only 4 written blogs that are tied to The Avengers in any way. There is a well rounded variety of topics, with my two Deadpool blogs once again near the very top. One thing I have noticed though is that it seems a lot more people are reading the blog from the main page and not from direct links I post or linked from a photo I have used.

To me this means that people have the blog bookmarked and checking it for updates which is very, very cool! I do only have a hand full of subs to the blog directly and a hand full of people like it’s Facebook page but validates that what I am doing is worth it.

The pod cast as been a success as well, although it is much more difficult to see the numbers as I have the videos unlisted at this point and only share the link with those who read the blog. I guess I see it as a way to cater the pod cast to an audience who is already existing for me. I may at some point open them up for the general public but at this time I am really content to having them as an exclusive perk of being a reader of the written blog.

I started the pod cast as an audio only format for two reasons; 1) I am actually quite a shy person and 2) I thought it may be a little easier to record the pod cast in small sections and edit them together as I did not need to worry about continuity. That is going to change as I completed my first video pod cast , which was to be a on time deal, but I actually enjoyed the creation of it and felt it added a whole new creative avenue for me to explore.

I am not saying that every pod cast will be in a video format but I do think that if I keep the routine of 4 pod casts a month, I can do half of them as video. Save those 2 per month for topics I am passionate about, well more than others I guess, and add a new level of creativity to what I am doing.


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