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I just got back from watching “The Avengers” and I am going to sit back and try to write a spoiler free and objective review of the movie and then will record a spoiler full pod cast of the movie as well. I am going to just do a list of pros and cons of the film, and then give a parting thought of why I feel this movie changed the state of not just comic book movies but also blockbuster movies as well.

I went to see the movie in the IMAX 3D Experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I took a week’s  worth of vacation and decided to hit the ground running early by watching the movie at the very beginning of the week. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!

Thor In The Avengers


– Marvel upped the ante by presenting Loki as a serious bad ass villain and I have to admit I believe that he has set the bar for the comic book movie villain going forward. Tom Hiddleston was fantastic in the role and took Loki to new levels. His action, comedy and serious performances were a notch above any of his peers who have played a “bad guy” in a comic book movie.

– It appears that Thor has matured as he has been away from Migard (Earth) and this was a nice character arc that needed to happen for continuity’s sake. The character was supposed to learn humanity and humility while he was exiled in his own movie last year, and “The Avengers” displayed that he had taken those lessons to heart.

– This was by far the best looking and best characterization of The Hulk to date. I was really unsure about the casting of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner but he was great! He added a new layer and element to the character that Eric Bana and Edward Norton lacked. His performance was so investing and believable.

– The special effects and CGI was simply jaw dropping! Whether it was The Hulk, the destruction on New York City or the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, everythinbg looked absolutely fantastic. You never had the feeling that the effects detracted from the movie and it never ruined the immersion of the audience.

– I was completely blown away by the scenes of The Avengers united and fighting Loki’s army in New York City that were showing the individual members fighting but they melded into each other’s scenes. It is very hard to explain but you would see Iron Man flying and then he lands near Captain America and the perspective shifted to him. As a group flies overhead and you see Thor fighting , but the camera stays with Thor. These sequences were like nothing I have ever seen before in a movie.

– This is the first movie that has ever functioned as a stand alone film that will start it’s own franchise and also was acting as a bridge between independent movies as well. There was never a moment in which I felt the movie was doing a dis-service to any of the films that came before it. The Avengers felt like a natural transition from the previous films.

– The cast had a fantastic chemistry and you could easily see that they really enjoyed being around each other as it bled over into the performances that they put forth. There was not just an undeniable comfort in the work that the cast did together but they really played off of each other well.

– The attack on New York was out of this world, literally I guess. The Chitauri came off as a very real threat and they looked incredibly bad ass. Whoever came up with the design for the Chitauri deserves a pat on the back as they looked menacing and their weapons / vehicles were completely bad ass.

– Joss Whedon was the right man for the job and then some. He not only came up with the story but he also directed the film and his unified vision was a huge plus. He knew exactly how to not only handle the large ensemble cast but also knew exactly how to have each member of The Avengers have “their” moment.

– The way that Thor was handled in the movie was really important to me and was really well done. He had three fights that were highlights of the movie for me, and I loved seeing him interact with the other heroes. His moment with Captain America was so true to their close bond in the comic and I literally teared up a little.

– I know I am missing some other “PROs” but that is also a pro. The movie was so fantastic  that it is one massive PRO.


– Only one gripe and that is no one yelled “Avengers Assemble!” throughout the entire film. I was really hoping that Captain America would do this during the big battle.

SCORE:    11/10 (yes, you have read that correctly)

So that is my review of The Avengers and I have to say that it has raised the stakes in regards to comic book movies and Marvel is once again the innovator in this format. They have been so great at building their movies into one cohesive universe and are now reaping the rewards.

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