How About A Random Friday???

I have been wanting to write today but didn’t really have one topic in mind that could sustain an entire blog. So in these dire times, I once again fall back on to a very safe method for me to write but also not have to do a lot of research and thinking. I would do a random 4 topic post.

These have worked well in the past and are much more fun than I originally think they will when I envision them. The four topics are just off the top of my head as I sit here and sip a coffee on a rainy Friday in Nova Scotia.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

It is very difficult to wait patiently for another week so I can start my vacation. On Sunday May 7th, I will be catching a shuttle to Halifax and bunking with my sister Kelsie for a week. I love Halifax and it is one of my favorite places to spend some free time. Whether it is hanging with my family and friends there, going to the Halifax Waterfront, shopping in the stores or just hitting up one of the comic book stores in the city…..I love it!

This will happen a year to the weekend of my visit in which I stayed with my sister Krista last year. I booked last year’s mini 4 day weekend vacation to spend time with my sisters in the city but also to see “Thor” in 3D in theatre. I am all about multi-tasking people. This will also lead us into the next random topic………


This vacation just happens to be scheduled to include a viewing of the mega epic movie The Avengers! So it is kind of ironic that Thor was the big movie last year this time and this year it is my chance to see him in an ensemble movie. I am BEYOND stoked for this film and can not wait to experience. I already bought my ticket for Monday May 7th at 3:15pm but I didn’t skimp on it.

I went big as I bought IMAX 3D Experience tickets, as I felt that the biggest movie event of my lifetime deserved to have the biggest and best viewing experience available. The day after the movie I am going to write a review of the film and I will try to be unbiased………….I will try.

Red VS Blue

The fantastic crew at Rooster Teeth productions posted a teaser trailer for season 10 of Red VS Blue, which will start airing on Memorial Day in the USA. They also told fans that Elijah Wood was going to be a part of the cast this season and this is huge news. I have watched the exploits of Church, Caboose, Tucker, Sarge, Grif and Simmons since season 1 and having a star such as Wood involved means that the guys have finally made the big time.

I am a huge supportor of Rooster Teeth and genuinely believe that they have some of the most creative and funniest people in the world working for them. Whoever would have thought that a little web show made through an Xbox and the video game Halo would not only be supported by Microsoft but launch an entire production company.

Nightwish Imaginaerum Tour Edition

Yes, I already own the Collector’s Edition of Nightwish’s latest CD release “Imaginaerum” but when I heard that they would re-release that set with a DVD and a few other goodies, I recognized that I HAD to have it as well. I will purchase this when I am on vacation in Halifax in a few weeks, there is no doubt in my mind I will.

With Nightwish announcing all their North American concert dates and not choosing Halifax, I am a little upset as I wrote the band an open letter on why Halifax would be a great location for them to visit. I also did not expect the dates to be so soon, as I thought they would be after the holidays but it will be the fall. I wanted a little more notice to try to save some money but you never know what may happen!


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