My Anticipated Movies Of 2012

I do not think I have ever had a year like this year for movies that I have been anticipating. Last year I only had Thor and Captain America that were on the “must see” list but this year is way different. I thought it would be fun to list the trailers of the movies I am really wanting to see this year and also write a little blurb about each one.

The Avengers

This to me is not just the biggest comic book movie ever but one of the biggest and most ambitious movie projects ever. There has been no other movie that sought to combine 4 individual movie franchises under one banner and this results in it being a calculated risk but one that will pay off in a HUGE way. The film fills two roles as it is somewhat of a sequel and is also the start of another film franchise. I can not wait to see them assemble in 2 weeks.

The Dark Knight Rises

The last movie in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy and is promising “the end” but the end of what? I have read speculation that Batman dies or maybe gets his back broken like in the comics but I also read that maybe this is the movie where Bruce finally retires the Batman for good. All are viable and interesting options but with the Avengers taking up a lot of the limelight right now, we know little about the movie. It is still a must see to me.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I will admit that I was originally very skeptical about a reboot on a film franchise that is not really that old and was also not a huge fan of the new take on the costume but I have to say I am onboard. Andrew Garfield seems to get “it” about being Spider-Man and really seems natural in the role from the trailers and his appearance at Comic Con dressed in an inexpensive Spidey costume to thank the creators, the movie crew and the fans was sincere and heartfelt. I think this movie will erase the bad taste of Spider-Man III finally.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Still to this day I have not watched the first G.I. Joe live action film as it looked terrible and I detested the look of Cobra Commander (my fav character of the series) but this new movie gives me a lot of hope. It looks to be action packed  and Cobra Commander, as well as Cobra over-all, looks exactly like the cartoon and comics. The story looks interesting and the cast looks great. This should be fun.

The Cabin In The Woods

I have already saw this in theatre but being a Chris Hemsworth and Joss Whedon fan, I had to see this movie. It allows us to see Hemsworth as an average guy for a change instead of a god and also allows the ideas from Whedon to blossom on the big screen. It was a fun film and over a very unique look at how to craft a horror movie. Having the twist revealed in the first 5 minutes made the movie work. (embedding was disabled for the trailer)

Snow White And The Huntsman

A third Chris Hemsworth movie in theatres for a third consecutive month, this one is a darker take on the fairytale. Charlize Theron is an menacing Queen, Hemsworth is the huntsman and Kristen Stewart as Snow White. The trailer has a very dark and twisted vibe and it feels like it could cross the line into a horror movie at any moment. This is a movie I really want to see and will complete the movie viewing year for me.

Chernobyl Diaries 

The trailer for this horror movie caught my eye before “The Cabin In The Woods” played and I have to say that I am extremely intrigued. I am a huge history buff and that the movie is playing off one of the most well known moments in not just Russian history but world history has me curious. Throw in horror elements from movies like “The Hills Have Eyes” and I am ready to see this thing.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I immensely enjoyed “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy as it felt epic in every sense of the word and also mirrored the original Star Wars trilogy in some of the themes that carried over the three films. This prequel is also directed by Peter Jackson, so I have no worries that it will be every bit as entertaining as the three films that came before it. he has a great grasp on that universe.

Imaginaerum: by Nightwish

I am a HUGE Nightwish fan and was very excited that there was a movie being made based in their new CD “Imaginaerum.” The album may be their best and I am really hoping the movie is going to be in North American theatres this year. The trailer is very interesting and it looks like the film could really fit into any number of categories. One things is for sure, I am super excited to see it.


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2 Responses to My Anticipated Movies Of 2012

  1. rochpikey says:

    Definitely a solid list. I would probably toss in Prometheus and Looper as well. I love a good sci-fi action flick sometimes

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