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There is a completely lazy mood settling in for me today but I feel the urge to write after recording, editing and uploading my 5th “Random Rants The Pod Cast” today. The pod casts appear to be a success as they are steadily getting listeners and I have not found an issue in maintaining the schedule of one per week. It really is a different way to express myself creatively and to be a little more casual. I do have a new headset/mic on it’s way, as I have been just using a standard stick microphone like a band uses.

I decided to do a random collection of thoughts type of “Rant” today as I do not have any certain topic in mind. I have 4 topics I will discuss briefly as well as a plug for the new episode of the Pod cast.

Check out the 5th episode of the “Random Rants The Pod Cast” that features my experience and love of Nightwish. There is an interview with Anette and one with Marco and Tuomas. Check it out!!


Faceless No More.......

During a press conference recently, The Avengers director Joss Whedon finally revealed the identity of the army Loki’s army. Who are the aliens??? Skrulls??? Badoons??? Badoon Skrulls??? Nope. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you The Chitauri. Pronounced Cheet-tar-ee, the group of aliens rose to prominence in the Marvel Ultimate Universe, which is an alternate and modern version of the Marvel Universe.

Now previously, we have stated how the Marvel Cinematic Universe had dipped into the Ultimate Universe for some inspiration  and I am ok with this being the army. What are the Chitauri??? Well, according to Whedon himself:

“The alien race are the Chitauri — or a version of them — because they are not one of the key races and they don’t have a storied history. That wasn’t the point. I know this debate will go on long after I’m dead. I would say it was the Kree-Skrull race.”

So basically they are the Skrulls of the Ultimate Universe and this sets up interesting options for a sequel.

The Pens Continue To Struggle

Well......helloooooooooooooooooooo nurse! (image by Atom-Bomb Bikini)

I have not had the “pleasure” of watching the Penguins lose because of come from behind wins by the Flyers so far in the play offs. Today is the first game I will be able to take in but I have had some great insight from people who have watched the game and also from reading post game reports.

Right now the Penguins are reeling and they need to dig in their heels and make a stand against the Flyers today. What I am about to say next is the truth…..the longers the series goes on for Philly, the tougher it will be to close it out. The Pens were down like this before in 2009 and rallied off 4 wins to take the series.

The defense needs to step up and help out Marc-Andre Fleury and the top line of Malkin-Neal and Kunitz need to show up. They were a combined -13 last game and that is completely unacceptable. I was afraid of Malkin regressing once Sid returned as he has been guilty of it in the past. Right now the best player in the NHL needs to assert himself or all the points he scored in the regular season means nothing.


The new season of Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is under way and after watching the first two episodes I am loving the season so far. My only real gripe with the show is that Thor hasn’t returned yet to the team but he may arrive in episode 3 that is titled “Acts of Vengeance” as it is about the Asgardian vixen Amora The Enchantress and her thirst for revenger against Baron Zemo.

If he is not back in episode 3, he will for sure be back in episiode 8 which is titled “The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill.” This is a character I never thought I would ever see in the show and I am very curious how this will play out. Bill is a Korbinite alien who was augmented by his people with cybernetics and deemed their champion. He engaged Thor in battle and defeated him, which as per Odin’s terms allowed him to claim Mjolnir. The battle was supposed to be to the death but when Bill showed his honor and refused to kill Thor, Odin created a hammer for Bill very similar to Mjolnior. It’s name was Stormbreaker.

I am not sure how they will explain Bill’s origin but I can not wait!!


My vacation destination in a few weeks

I will be spending a week in Halifax. Nova Scotia in a few weeks and I really can not wait. Last year this time, I had also scheduled a vacation so I could go to Halifax and view Thor in IMAX3D and I am doing the same thing with the Avengers this May.

This is not just a  chance to see the Avengers but also a chance to spend time with family and friends that I wish I could see more. It also allows me to just enjoy myself and get away from the daily life which is needed once in awhile. The ability to see the Halifax water front, visit the Halifax Shopping Centre and also the chance to explore downtown Halifax is always something I am up for.

I will continue to blog, as I am going to take my latop with me and when I return home, I will do a pod cast that will review The Avengers.


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