The “New” Random Rants Pod Cast!! Ep 1 “The Avengers”

After a few false starts and technical issues I am very proud to say that the “Random Rants” Pod Cast is alive and well on youtube!!! The original idea was to have the pod cast’s home be Blog Talk Radio but there was constant technical issues that hindered what I was wanting to accomplish. It almost had me give up on the idea but then I spoke to a pal or mine and vlogger Brandon Foster.

He suggested that I try youtube and I figured I would give it a shot. I found that using Windows voice recorder and Windows movie maker, I was able to create a pod cast that was up to the standard that I was seeking.

I like the idea that I can record the audio in “sessions” and then just lump them into the movie maker program and create the show. It is a more labour intensive format for me to use but I have to be honest and say that it is also that much more rewarding when it is finished.

I plan on recording the pod cast throughout the week and will edit and publish it once a week. I can not stress how out of my comfort zone I am, but also how much it has got the creative juices flowing!!


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