Evaluating The Pod Cast Thus Far

On this day off from work I am sitting here looking for something to do to keep me occupied, and I thought that it was a good time to try to objectively look at my “Random Rants Pod Cast” that I have been doing on Blog Talk Radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/random-rants—the-pod-cast)

So I have been sitting here and thinking about how I would rate the first 2 episodes of the pod cast and I have to be truthful here….I love doing them! It is another avenue to not just share what I have to say but it also allows the people to put a voice to the words and hear how passionate I am about what I am discussing.

The reason I have used the Blog Talk Radio site to host these pod cast’s is that it functions as an actual radio station. I am given a phone number in the USA to dial into, along with a host pin number to log into the studio but I know what you are thinking….Would it no cost long distance to call in?

The answer is no. There is a phone app option in the gmail website that allows you to make outbound phone calls and any calls for me in Canada and the USA are free to dial. The only drawback to the radio format is that if I do a “live” pod cast, I can only have 5 max listeners unless I subscribe to different packages. That 5 listener limit is only applicable to the live broadcast, as the second after the show ends it archives itself and can be listened to  by an unlimited number of people. So the 5 person cap is not that bad, as I do not plan on doing every pod cast “live.”

The other appealing option that the radio studio set up is that I can give out a call in number and actually have someone call in and do interviews or express their opinion as well. This is a very neat function and it is something I never would have thought I would use, but this is before I started networking with writers and bands. So you never know!

The only other fault to the readio station set up at Blog Talk Radio is that as a free member I can only have 15 or 30 minute shows. A paid subscription starts at 39.99 but it would open up to 2 hours worth of talk time. I really do not feel the need to pay for the service but maybe if it takes off I should open up a donation page to allow me to upgrade to the subscription.

There has been a few technical issues with either buffering or the actual equipment I am using not working properly, but I am hoping that they will be resolved very soon.

What do you guys think??


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