The Podcast………

This is a quick rant to announce the debut of my weekly podcast. It will of course have the super clever name of “The Random Rants Pod Cast.” Can you tell I spent a lot of time working on that name? You are probably wondering why I would decide to do this and I do have an answer for you.

I thought that the idea of a once a week audio podcast of 30 minutes would be a fun way to continue to push my creative buttons, as well as push me out of my comfort zone and help me grow as a writer. I would continue to write my blog 2 to 3 times a week in the same fashion that I have done in the past but I would add one audio pod cast per week to be a less formal and free flowing experience.

The website allows me to create a free radio show that will allow 5 live listeners to tune in and 5 callers if I decided to open the show up for people to call in. I know what you are thinking “Well 5 listeners is not a lot Jason!” and you are 167% correct. The site will archive the show the moment it is over into a pod cast format that I can share with as many people as I want. So even though only 5 people can listen to it live as it happens, countless can listen the minute it is over. win-win baby!

I am thinking of keeping the live broadcast restricted to a time frame that allows me the most uninterrupted time (usually very early morning on a day off work) and it would allow me to listen to the audio and see if I like it enough to share.

The set up to broadcast the radio show is interesting as it gives me a long distance number to dial into but since I have Gmail, I can dial the number for free as it is an American number through my laptop. I then use a microphone to speak and viola!

I really think that if it is as much fun as I think it will be, I could see me opening it up to twice a week but right now I think once a week will be sufficient. I also hope to maybe one day be able to have people I interview in the written blog call in on the pod cast. How cool would that be?

I will share the podcast through this blog, my Facebook account and twitter when it is ready to go.

Wish me luck!!!!!


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