He Picked Denver….I Guess I Do Too….

Peyton Manning Of The Denver Broncos

So I was tossing around an idea the last few weeks for a really different and unique (to me atleast) blog idea for myself. I thought that since I am a newbie when it comes to the National Football League and I was looking for a good jumping on point, that I would do something different. I would cheer for whatever team that Peyton Manning signed with.

I respect Manning. For how he played the game, how he carried himself and especially for how he handled the situation of his release from his contract with the Indianapolis Colts. I do not know of too many athletes that would have handled it with the class and professionalism that he did. Most would whine and cause a scene on any format of media available but not Manning. He thanked the team, his team mates and the fans. He did the right thing.

So I have decided that if I am going to give this “NFL fan” thing a serious attempt, I have to be invested in not just the team but also a player that I will want to tune in to see. I will be honest, I find it hard to sit through a football game. I always have and even though I have tried getting into the sport, I constantly become bored with it and it becomes a forgotten attempt.

This may be the hook to keep me interested. There is a good story here, a great player and a team that is giving up on one of the most polarising players in the NFL today in Tim Tebow. If anything, it will be an interesting experiment for me on a personal level to try to keep my interest in a sport I would like to someday get into.


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