Avengers Trivia #50 to 47

I decided that when we hit the 50 day mark on the countdown for The Avengers movie, that I would post a piece of trivia every day to celebrate. I have also decided to collect the trivia in groups of 4 and publish them here as a Rant.

Hope you have enjoy!!!!

Avengers Trivia #50 (50 days until the movie is released!)

In last summer’s movie “Captain America: The First Avenger” there is a scene where Bucky Barnes picks up Cap’s shield and has a hand gun in his other hand. As he is firing at the Hydra solider, he advances using the shield for protection. This scene is a reference to what was going on at the time for both Bucky and Captain America in the comic books.

In the comics at that time Bucky was the “new” Captain America as Steve Rogers gave up the mantle to him when he became the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. One of his most iconic “poses” was advancing on an enem,y with his hand gun drawn and the shield at the ready.

Avengers Trivia #49

Who are the “Big 3” in Marvel Comics? In DC Comics it is Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, so many assume that the “Big 3” at Marvel is Spider-Man, Wolverine and The Hulk. They are incorrect. Marvel’s “Big 3” are Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. All heroes who bring something different and all important members of The Avengers. Marvel acknowledges this.

Captain America is the leader and there is no doubt about that. He considers Iron Man “The Big Gun” of the group for fire power. Thor however, has been labelled “The Bigger Gun” for his immense power.

The three heroes usually will gain the respect of others as they are seen as people who have survived wars and immense battles. They have seen it all and one of them show up to fight, the other heroes usually rally around them. The dynamic the three create when they are together is unique in the Marvel Universe.

Avengers Trivia Fact #48

Did you know that there have been two people known as Thor in the Avengers? The original Thor was a founding member and is still a member of the team but who was the other?

When Thor killed Loki, Odin banished Thor and gave his powers and his hammer Mjolnir to mortal Eric Masterson. A friend of Thor’s Masterson swore to become Earth’s protector in Thor’s place. When needed, Masterson would slam his walking stick (Mjolnir in disguise) on the ground and would turn into Thor.

There is a difference though as Masterson looked nothing like Thor and had a full beard as Thor. So he took the masked helmet of Thor’s battle armour and hid his identity, but carried on Thor’s name until he found the true Thunder God.

Avengers Trivia Fact #47

There has been 3 Cosmic Cubes in the Marvel Comic Universe? In the movies, there has been one that has been teased from Iron Man II, Thor, Captain America and will be present in this Summer’s The Avengers.

However in the comics, the original cube debuted in Tales of Suspense #79–81 (July–Sept. 1966) and was created by the group A.I.M. The second cosmic cube appeared in Super-Villain Team-Up #16–17 (May 1979, June 1980) and was powerless for over 20 years before it showed signs of life. The third cube was first seen in Captain America #386–388 (May–July 1995) but this cube was unstable and sealed away in a containment unit and has not been seen again.

In the Marvel movie universe it has been called “Tesseract” and was one of the items you can see in Odin’s Vault in the movie Thor.


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