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The first thing I want to discuss is that I have opened a Facebook group for this blog in an attempt to make it a little more accessible.  Not just to read, but also so people can see what I am actually thinking as I am putting these together. I will sometimes toss ideas out there and ask the group to critique ideas, will ask for input and will also post the blog there. Anyone can join the group. Just request to be added and I will add you as soon as I get the chance. The group is here:

You can also subscribe with your email address to the blog and receive a notification every time I publish a rant. Look down the right hand side of the page for a box to input your e-mail address. I onky have around a half a dozen subs right now, so any more would be great!!!

Now on to business. Here are four topics I want to touch on.


Sidney Crosby

With the news breaking over the past week that Pittsburgh Penguin captain and Canadian Olympic hero Sidney Crosby was cleared for contact in practice, the fans of the Penguins cheered while the anti-Crosby marks jeered. Yes I just used a wrestling term, deal with it. However, this is the second time this season that we, as I am a Penguin fan myself, have had to go through this.

Hopefully this time, Sidney can continue his career for longer than a handful of games and return to the form that saw him take the next step and leave the rest of the NHL a step behind him. I truly believe that Crosby is the best player in the NHL when healthy (Sorry Geno) because he works hard to improve his game constantly and plays both ends of the ice. Even if he is not putting up points, he is back checking hard to stifle the scoring opportunities of the opposition and doing the little things right that win games.

I have decided to take this second return a little more cautiously, until we see how Sid handles the rigours of an actual NHL schedule, albeit a shorter slate of games.


Mario Lemieux And His Statue

I am very glad to see Mario Lemieux honored with a statue outside the Consol Energy Center on Thursday March 7. I do not hide the fact that Mario Lemieux is the reason I root for the Penguins to this day. I can not tell you how many nights I would be outside in the dark shooting a puck or a hockey ball into an empty net pretending to be #66 growing up.

Now I had some “passionate” discussions with people about the look of the statue, as a picture of the statue leaked online. People were upset that he had not one, but two defensemen with him. I read and heard many other ideas for the statue but a lot of them were either too generic or cliche. This is Mario Lemieux, a unique talent, he deserved a unique statue.

The thing to me is, I said then and still say it now, the statue is what I remember about Mario. To most people if you ask what do you remember about Mario Lemeiux, they will either answer that his career could have been so much more but he was injured/ill and was robbed of it or they will reply how they remember the way he carved up defenses as he stickhandled through them. So in my mind, I don’t think a statue of him injured in the press box would be a good idea.

This statue is based on an actual goal that freezes an amazing moment in time by an artist. He may not have shared his art on a tapestry or paper, but he did it on the ice. There is no player in the history of the NHL that had his talent and one on one ability and this statue represents that. Here is the goal that the statue is from:


So I read the other day that the special edition of the new Nightwish cd “Imaginaerum” will  be reissued as a “concert” edition with a bonus DVD that will detail the making of the CD and the full length motion picture of the same name. Am I getting this??? You bet your ass I am!!! I was really hoping that since this is the “tour” edition that it would contain the secret show they did at the Key Club in Los Angeles this past January as fan filmed footage shows pro shot cameras recording the show.

Nightwish is one of the greatest bands in the world right now and I swore many years ago to support the band in any way, shape or form that I could. I spread the gospel of their music with this blog and in other ways and I buy their cds. It is really a no brainer to me!!!


IN 56 DAYS THE ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there is this movie coming out on May 4th that I may be just a little excited about. I don’t know, maybe a smidgen I guess. Well to be honest, The Avengers means more to me right now than anything other than my daughter. This movie sits on top of a pyramid that contains things such as “Seeing Nightwish in concert,” “The Penguins winning the Stanley Cup,” and “Seeing KISS in concert again.”

Now the reason I am excited is that I came across some spoilers of the first act of the film that were shared by someone who had in their possession a copy of a children’s book that translated the movie into a story book. That is where the picture of Thor above, and Loki below, came from.

I swore I wouldn’t read any spoilers but could not help myself and my goodness am I ever glad I did. The writing in question put to ease my fear of how Thor would be handled in this movie in regards to his power level and his characterization that Kenneth Branagh did such a fantastic job of establishing it in Thor’s solo film last year.  The spoilers have me very excited, which should be a good sign for Thor fans! It seems only the first third of the movie was covered in the book, so I still have lots of surprises left!!!



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