The “Guest” Avengers I Want To See!

I have been really wanting to write a Rant concerning the Avengers ever since I laid eyes on the masterpiece that is the newest trailer. Breaking the trailer down and reviewing it was my original intent but I then realized that everyone and their dog is doing that. I don’t find doing the same thing as everyone else once in awhile but I figured I would do something just a little bit different. I would look at the 4 characters that could easily make cameos in the upcoming Avengers movie, which in turn, would allow them to have much larger roles in the sequels. Yes, there will be sequels.

I will explain a little bit about each character and how I think they could shoe horn them into the current Avengers movie-verse. I will say though that people will need to understand that some changes would need to be made for this to all fit together.

Name: Henry “Hank” Pym aka Ant Man aka Giant Man aka Yellowjacket aka Goliath aka Wasp II

History: Hank Pym was a founding member of The Avengers in the Marvel comics universe. He was  a biochemist who created “Pym Particles” that allowed him to come up with a size changing formula. This allows him to shrink to the size of ant or grow to the size of a size scrapper. He has had more super hero identities than almost any comic book character in creation but is best known for his Ant Man/Giant Man costume as it is basically the same costume but Ant Man has a cybernetic helmet.

How I Would Incorporate Him: Why not have him as a small cameo in The Avengers in May as a biochemist under contract from S.H.I.E.L.D. They could be looking for any edge in the battle with Loki and have Dr. Pym working on experiments to create his “Pym Particles” and just show/mention him in passing.

 Name: Janet Van Dyne aka Wasp

History: After her father was murdered, Janet wanted to avenge him and became the partner of  Dr. Hank Pym. As she worked with Pym, she falls in love with him and was hoping if she stayed that he would realize he felt the same way about her. Janet also used “Pym Particles” to shrink her size to that an insect and also used “stings” that were sharp blasts of energy to attack her foes. Janet was killed during the Skrull infestation of Secret Invasion, she realized that a Skrull had turned her into a living “bio-bomb” that would destroy the planet. She knew she was doomed and didn’t want innocents hurt. Thor put her out of her misery and saved the world by killing her and vowed to avenge her.

How I Would Incorporate Her: The exact same way I would Hank Pym. Have her in a small cameo that would show her working in the back ground as she is contracted by S.H.I.E.L.D. or have Agent Coulson or Mario Hill mentioned her name as helping Pym to being close to a break through with their research.

Name: Carol Danvers aka Ms Marvel

History: Carol Danvers was an officer in the United States Air Force and Security Chief of a restricted military base, where she met Dr, Walter Lawson. She was unaware that Dr. Lawson was in reality Kree warrior “Captain Marvel.” She was caught in an explosion of a Kree device in which she sustain serious injuries but is saved by Captain Marvel. Danvers then resurfaces years later with super powers and takes the name Ms Marvel. Her powers include flight, super strength, super durability, the ability to project energy blasts, as well as having a “7th sense” that gives her limited ESP.

How I Would Incorporate Her:  Once again I would change it up from the comics a bit and have Danvers still as an officer of the United States Air force but I would have her chosen to test fly the S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjets that we have seen in the trailers. She does not have to be super powered at all during this movie but having her there in this capacity would introduce her to the audience.

Name: Dane Whitman aka The Black Knight

History: Even though he was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, he is best known as the current person to be “The Black Knight.” Whitman is a descendant of Sir Percy of Scandia, who lived during the reign of King Arthur. Once Sir Percy was murdered by his arch enemy, Modred, the title of “The Black Knight” was passed down through his descendants until reaching Whitman. Even though he is adept at hand to hand combat, his true weapon was the Ebony Blade. Once he was forced to give up the blade, he constructed a photonic sword that delivers a massive jolt to the  central nervous system that can incapacitate someone.

How I Would Incorporate Him: This one is a little tougher to do a cameo of, as The Black Knight can not be as easily tied down to S.H.I.E.L.D. or any of the Avengers for that matter but I do have an idea. If the attack that Loki is commencing on New York, does it also happen throughout the rest of the world as well? If so and they show a quick montage of the battle being fought on different fronts, why not show The Black Knight in England, where he inherited a castle from Sir Percy. He could be protecting civilians from the aliens in a quick cameo.


So there you have it! Do you agree with who I would like to see? Do you disagree? What about your own choices?


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