My Top 10 Favorite Movies

I decided I felt like writing today and was torn between a Rant about the new Avengers trailer or the opportunity to look at my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I posted the debate in my “Random Rants” Facebook group (  ask to join!!!) and have decided to go with the more requested choice. Now I will warn you that after I see the Avengers in May, a few times I might add, it will be in the upper tier of this list.

Until that time however, because it will bump one movie from this list, I will list my top 10 favorite movies and why they are so amazing to me. I will post a theatrical poster and trailer for each film, along with my write up. I will list from #1 to #10……..cuz that is how I roll peeps.

#1(a) – THE CROW

First I want to say that I can have a 1(a) and a 1(b) because it is my Rant, so there!

The Crow is a movie that has stuck with me since 1992 and has been at the top of my favorite list since that day I popped the videotape into the VCR for the very first time. The idea that there is a love between two people so strong, it transcends death and allows you to avenge the love is a great story. A man and his fiancée are murdered the day before they were due to get married on Hallowe’en, the Native belief that a crow can bring an unrest soul to set the wrong things right and that man’s personal crusade to see the woman he loves is the theme of this film.

The movie is an action movie that has it’s share of supernatural and romantic moments but the acting of the late Brandon Lee (RIP Brandon) enhanced an amazing experience. I do not know if it is the make-up, the story of love and revenge or the ambience set by the soundtrack but The Crow is a movie that I still pop into the Blu Ray player every month.

#1(b) – THOR

I have been collecting Thor comics since I have been a kid and never thought I would see the day that my favorite comic book character would be ion the big screen. I had tried to keep realistic expectations but Marvel Studios blew the”Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” away. The cast was perfect and Kenneth Branagh was the right man to direct this film. It has action, mythology, history, well timed comedy and a love story that brews underneath the surface. Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anthony Hopkins (Odin) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) are worth the price of the film alone.

The story finds the Norse God of Thunder, Thor, deemed unworthy by his father to rule Asgard in his stead. Odin strips him of his power, armour, birthright and casts him to Earth powerless. The All Father then enchants Thor’s uru hammer named Mjolnir (Me-yol-neer) so that “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” The mortal Thor must redeem himself to save not just one world, but three.


I will admit that I was against the casting of Heath Ledger(RIP Heath) as The Joker in this movie. He has never displayed the acting chops to pull off being an evil, pyschotic, sadistic and chaotic villain but I am very happy that I was incorrect. The performance of the late Ledger was what drove this film and it was the first time in my life that I was rooting for the serial killer villain and against the vengeful hero. There was something unsettling, creepy and something mesmerizing about the way that he brought the character to life. It was The Joker that I was waiting my entire life to see.

The Batman was tipped off about The Joker at the end of “Batman Begins” and has to deal with his chaotic disturbances as he helps new D.A. Harvey Dent and the newly appointed Commissioner Gordon try to bring him down before it is too late. The mind games that are played by The Joker are the thing of legend and as the film moves along you really begin to believe that The Joker really has no motivation in his actions, other than causing anarchy and chaos.

#4 – ROCKY

I want to say that I am a huge fan of the entire Rocky movie franchise. I love each of them, yes even Rocky V, so much that Santa brought me the Rocky Blu Ray Box Set for Christmas. If I had to list one of the movies from the franchise to put into this list it would have to be the one that started it all. I love the underdog and always will. Stories that have a lead character who is going against the odds and after some setbacks, finally beating them. Sylvester Stallone wrote the film and I believe is the only one who could have played the role. There is something magical about this movie that many sports films have tried to capture since but none truly have.

A gifted but small time boxer is presented with the opportunity to face the World Champion in a fight for the title. The Champion, Apollo Creed, is a fighter who loves the hype of letting a comman man facing him for the title doesn’t take Rocky seriously and is pushed to his limits. As he tries to find the confidence to fight the champ, Rocky is also trying to bring a girl he is interested in out of her shell. It is a movie that I will always drop whatever I am doing to watch.


When I was a kid growing up in the 1980’s there is only one cartoon television show and one line of toys that I was absolutely nuts about and it was Transformers. I had about 100 of the toys and made sure I made it home from school to watch it everyday. I have always said that I have been fascinated with the ability to hide or change who you are. Whether it was the make-up and costumes of KISS, secret identities of super heroes or the ability to transform from a robot into something else, I was fascinated with it. I remember playing with the toys for 5 or 6 hours at a time and loved unwrapping them at Christmas time as it allowed me to add more troops to the war.

The movie was the one thing that I feel really defined my childhood. It really was one of the first moments I feel I lost a bit of my childhood innocence. The theme of the cartoon was the same here, heroic Autobots battling the evil Decepticons. It was familiar territory but I was no prepared for the amount of death I would see. In the show they shot at each other but if they actually did hit someone, that robot usually just fell over and was ok the next scene. In the movie I saw Megatron basically shoot holes through Braswl, Ironhide and Prowl. Seeing Prowl die on screen freaked me out as a kid as my favorite cartoon was now going in a direction I never saw coming. Of course I broke down and cried when Optimus Prime died. I still watch this movie quite often and can still remember the feelings of seeing it the first time.


This was one of the scariest movies I had ever seen when I was growing up. I remember seeing in theatre and literally jumped out of my chair when the librarian ghost showed her skull face. The idea behind the movie was unique, the cast was amazing and the effects were really good for the time period. I thought the gear that they used was cool, the Ecto-1 was cool and the idea of hunting ghosts was cool. As a kid, I was in awe. The movie’s story has aged well (even if the effects haven’t) and it is a staple for me to view on Hallowe’en. I am really hoping that they can soon get Bill Murray on board to do the long rumored Ghostbusters III!

A trio of parapsychologists are relieved of their duties at a university and notice that there is an increase in paranormal activity in New York. They develop the equipment and idea to become not just paranormal investigators but also paranormal exterminators. As a client’s experiences escalate, they add a fourth team member to the mix and come under siege not just by ghosts but also by the city of New York’s Environmental watch dogs. Everything leads to the biggest bust that they have ever done.


I love sports movies but there has not been too many movies that I have enjoyed. To be honest there are two hockey movies that I enjoyed, Youngblood and Mystery, Alaska. The movie is about a small town that is obsessed with hockey and it easily could be any small town in Canada or the United States but one of the best plot points of the film is that it is in a place that can be very isolated, Alaska. Russell Crowe was fantastic in the movie and I thought really added depth and “grounding to a movie that could have gotten too campy.

In the town of Mystery, Alaska they love their hockey. Every weekend two teams of amateur players engage in a game of hockey known as “The Saturday Game.” It is an event that happens every weekend and is taken seriously. When older players retire or are asked to step aside, younger players are brought in. A hometown writer comes back and write an article about the game that is published in Sports Illustrated and the NHL thinks it would be a great PR move to send the New York Rangers to the small town to play an exhibiton game against the rag tag group.


I have to say that Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors. Whether he was playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise or the romantic lead in Kate and Leopold, I dig everything that the guy is in. When I read that he would be the main hero in a monster movie that combined vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein I thought “How can this not be epic?” and it sure was. It also gives me an excuse to watch Kate Beckinsale in another skin tight costume. Oh yeah, that hits the spot! The on screen chemistry between Jackman and Beckinsale is great and so is their sense of comedic timing. Gabriel Van Helsing is an anti-hero who has no memory of his past but looks bad ass in that wardrobe.

When the Vatican wants evil and monsters dealt with, it send out their warrior to do the deed. He is tasked with the mission of taking down the most legendary vampire in existence, Count Dracula. As he enters the town that the vampires use as a personal feeding ground, Van Helsing befriends a young woman whose family has tried to defeat Dracula for years. She is the last of her family and joins Van Helsing in hunting the vampire she has been destined to face her entire life.


I have to say that this movie snuck up on me. I never, ever dreamed that I would ever enjoy it but I really did. I do not know if it is that it was about pirates or the fact that the Captain jack Sparrow character was like nothing I have ever seen before but I really did love this movie. It is by far the best in the franchise and I have to say was a great vehicle for Johnny Depp. His performance of Jack Sparrow had Disney reeling as they felt he was too feminine and too aloof. They wanted Depp to re-shoot all of his scenes but he stood by his work and Disney caved and let the performance in the movie.

The story lines that are going on throughout the film are multiple but all connected. You have a blacksmith falling in love with a Noble’s daughter, an eccentric pirate captain arriving in to port after being mutinied, a crew of cursed pirates are trying to finally shed the curse that hinders them and that same eccentric pirate that came in to port also wants to regain his most prized possession, his pirate ship named “The Black Pearl.” It has lots of action and comedy as well as a sense of mystery. This may be the best Disney movie ever made.


I have said it before and I will say it again, I love history and mythology and this movie combines both. The film has everything you could want in a movie as there is action, suspense, romance and comedy throughout. This was the first movie that I saw Brandon Fraser in and he won me over right away. He really came off as an action hero who could fire off quips at others as quickly as he could fire his pistols. Rachek Weisz and John Hannah also were fantastic in this film and they play off of each other perfectly. I also really enjoyed the character Ardeth Bay who was played by Oded Fehr. He was a complete bad ass who had a no nonsense attitude.

The story is one that sees an American who was in the French Foreign Legion be hired by a brother and sister from England to take them to the ancient city of Hamunaptra. They are looking to gain insight to the Egyptians and are looking at it from a “gaining knowledge” point of view, whereas another group of treasure hunters are looking to gathers as much loot as they can carry. When an ancient curse has been unleashed that had been laid on the dead High Priest Imhotep, they need to find a way to send the mummy back to where it came from before his darkness spreads.


So there you have it, my top 1o favorite movies in order from 1 to 10. I am fairly certain that when I finally lay eyes on the Avengers in 2 months time, it will then be a three way tie for number 1 on this list.

What is some of your favorite movies???


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