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I was sifting through my Facebook news feed yesterday looking for anything Avengers related, due to the new trailer being released (but that is a rant for another day) and I came across a tidbit of information concerning the rumoured “Deadpool” movie. This film has been stuck in development hell (an actual place…google it kiddies!!) but when out doing press for the movie “Safe House,” Ryan Reynolds had the following to say:

“The script is in place and it’s great, it has nothing to do with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the film will definitely be R-rated.”

I am totally behind breaking it away from the hideous Deadpool character that was in Wolverine Origins, well let me clarify this. Pre-groteque Franken-pool, Reynolds did a good job of conveying Deadpool pre-crazy. He still had the one liners but was an elite assassin. It was not until they butchered the character for the film’s climax that they messed up.

I have written why I enjoy the character during a previous rant here:

Wolverine: Origins – Deadpool

How I Think They Should Handle The Movie:

The first thing I think you really need to do is have Deadpool off his nut crazy right at the start of the movie. Explain his origin in the title sequence, as it would actually be something that would slow the film down. We have to look at facts, people want to see the Deadpool they know in the comic books, and why not have him in the film in that mold as much as possible.

The film also needs to address the Deadpool appearance in “Wolverine” Origins.” This is not that difficult to do in reality, as all you have to do is use on the of the strength’s of the Wade Wilson character, his insanity. Have Deadpool either daydreaming about the character that was fighting Wolverine or have him in an actual dream experiencing. I lean towards the actual dream iyself, as he can react as if he had a terrible Nightmare.

You have to have Deadpool break the fourth wall in the film, as it is already an established part of the character. I would have him make quips to the audience about how great that explosion was, how much long it took to create the CGI for a scene or anything else that could be seen as crossing that barrier. Hell, I say do the traditional “Shut off your cell phone” spiel before the feature starts and have Deadpool interrupt it and say “The man said turn off your damn phones people! Aw hell,too late now….showtime!!!!!”

Two words….BAD ASS!!!!!!!

Give Deadpool his costume. I am not saying that he has to be in it throughout the entire film but please do the right thing and have him in it as much as you can. The mask is something he will take off in the comic book, even if others object to his disfigured face, but have him wear it during the action scenes.

Make him the odd looking character that we know and love in the comic books. His face looks like it was put through hell and I think he shouldn’t be a pretty boy on the big screen. Do some flash backs of him looking normal, I am ok with that but rough looking Wade Wilson part of what makes Deadpool who he is.

Since Fox owns the movie rights to the Mutant franchises, I say allow Deadpool mention the X-Men movie franchises and characters. It would be something to see him taking three butter knives, saying “Snkit!” and then have him acting like Wolverine. It would really allow the character to have a chance to interact with the X-Men movie universe at some point.

No CGI Costumes……….For The Love Of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan Reynolds has pretty much hinted that there will not be a Green Lantern sequel due to the poor reception of the original movie and for the lack of success financially. We know that an actor is not “tied” to one character as Chris Evans went from a poorly recieved movie franchise as Johnny Storm in “The Fantastic Four” to a very good movie as Steve Rogers in “Captain America – The First Avenger.”

If fans are willing to look past the rushed pacing and terrible CGI costume of his previous comic book movie, Reynolds could really do a great job as Wade Wilson. He seems destined to play the role and has the chops with both the comedy and the action that this character and movie would need.

Do you want to see “Deadpool the movie?”


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