Spring Training Is Upon Us!!!

As the winter days continue to pass by, we are inching ever closer to spring and that means one thing. Players will be reporting to their Spring Training facilities to start their preparation for the upcoming Major League Baseball season. Well pitchers and catchers have reported already, so we are well on our way!!

I wanted to write a small blog about the top 5 things that I am intrigued by for the upcoming Major League Baseball season. There has been alot of different stories that happened after the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers last season in the Fall Classic. What has caught my eye?

Jose Bautista

#1 – Can Jose Bautista Power His Way To The Top Again?

The past two seasons we have witnessed Toronto Blue Jays Third baseman/Outfielder Jose Bautista hit more home runs than anyone else in baseball. His 97 home runs had the people in Canada buzzing but he also raised his batting average from .260 to .302 during that span as well. It is scary to think how many home runs Joey Bats may hit if he had solid protection in the line up but there is no reason to think he will not post 40 to 55 home runs again this season. His RBIs and batting average may in crease if he is not pitched around as much if the Jays can find a threat to hit behind him.

New....ummmm....Old Logo!!!

#2 – The Toronto Blue Jays Go Back To Their Roots!

I can not tell you how excited I was to see the Toronto Blue Jays go back to the their old logo and uniform design for the upcoming season. As a kid, I remember constantly drawing this logo as it was my favorite logo in the Majors. I think that the stylized logo and the black and dark grey uniforms were cool but it just didn’t feel like the Blue Jays to me. They could keep the stylized logo and uniform for a third jersey, but I eagerly await seeing these uniforms in action.

Albert's Angels

#3 – Albert Pujols Leaves St. Louis A Winner, Heads West.

I never thought Albert Pujols would leave the St. Louis Cardinals after they defeated the Texas Rangers in the World Series last year. I mean, the Cards were Albert’s team. The only way I could see him moving would be that the New York Yankees would throw a city full of money at him and he would be crazy to refuse it but the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim snuck in their and lured big #5 to California. How will he adjust to the American League? Has the balance of power in the American League West shifted? Will he win a second straight World Series?

The Prince Looks To Take The Throne

#4 – Like Father…………Like Son……….

I thought I was shocked when Albert Pujols landed in Anaheim but I was seriously thrown for a loop when I read that Prince Fielder signed with the Detroit Tigers. Yes, the Detroit Tigers. Yes, the same Detroit Tigers that his estranged father Cecil Fielder played for. Will Detroit have the same magic for Prince as it did Cecil? Papa Fielder hit 50 home runs in the Motor City and went on to be one of the most feared power hitters in baseball for a few seasons. I seriously think Prince could follow in his father’s footsteps and bring a boatload of home runs to Detroit.

My eyes......they burn!!!!

#5 – The Marlins…….oh my the Marlins…..

The Marlins decided that they had to make some huge changes in the off season. First they changed the team name from the Florida Marlins to the Miami Marlins, then they announced plans for a new ball park, they swapped out some neat looking teal uniforms for an ungodly orange and they signed NL batting champ Jose Reyes. I detest, greatly, the uniform colour scheme. I can understand for changing things up but these are hideous. I find it difficult to take the Marlins seriously, especially in those clown outfits, but they have some good pieces and could surprise some teams this season.

So there you have it! What are some thing that you are excited or intrigued for this upcoming season??


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